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    1. We've used this system before and it worked, but after a short time every officer who had the ability to issue them became burnt out of doing it because people were always requesting one. I assume that if this system was reimplemented it would be most likely be corporals and higher authorized to issue them which there are a lot of so it would work better than before. But even still there may be some times that cpl+s want to just go out and patrol instead of desk duty for an hour.
    2. ANSI class 2 high visibility retroreflective traffic safety vests are an absolute necessity for not only first responders, but also any personnel operating in the public roads so it is imperative for safety and PESH compliance that we take care of our tow drivers.
    3. Whether you agree with it or not the panic button works two ways. The officer manually presses it. Or it utilizes what's called a PASS device (personal alert safety system) that after X amount of time of no movement it activates automatically--so even if the officer has been shot in the head it will still activate without them touching it. Personally I'm not a fan of the PASS system because we're police officers not firefighters but that's just the way it is.
    4. Hello! So with Traffic Enforcement/Highway Patrol division being disbanded and therefore the Police Mustang no longer restricted to the NYPD Highway Patrol Division, it would be super sweet if there was a State Police livery for it like there is for every other vehicle. Also, since the primary focus of PD Mustang is on the highways it would be more immersive to see a State Trooper on the highways so far outside of the city in the northern parts of the map.
    5. Here's some food for thought. The hunger and thirst script has been around since as long as I can remember but how much does it really do for RP? Not much. Maybe a little dehydration RP for EMS here and there but nowhere near its potential. No matter what character you play you are going to need food and water so it's a business that will reach everybody. We already have restaurant interiors so it's only a matter of filling them with staff and customers. But it could go even further and involve more already existing legal jobs i.e. needing hunters to deliver meat, farmers to deliver bread, truck drivers to deliver other materials, etc. Obviously convenient stores could continue to sell foods like chips and other snacks for when restaurants are closed but cooked food would be worth more in the sense of satisfying hunger.
    6. We did indeed use this system some time ago, and it was nice that it put RP into acquiring weapons. The issue with it however was police supervisors not being around, or being around and being too busy with other things going on to be able to issue them. The main reason we used this system was so that we could verify they were not a felon and therefore eligible to be issued a gun license but when that became automated by the script it was no longer necessary. I think what would be cool and another way of incorporating roleplay into gun license purchases would be to give that ability to the owners of gun stores. They could hire people on as firearms instructors and put applicants through a short gun safety class or something. That would be much more immersive than a new character coming in for the first time and 10 minutes later they have a license and gun.
    7. Hey everybody! Our current police charger with the vector bar is great and all, but it's not a very high quality model compared to some of the other vehicles in our fleet. I would like to suggest upgrading it to the 2018 charger from the same pack by Redneck our taurus, tahoe, explorer, and durango came from. It's a much nicer model in my opinion and it would give officers more options with extras and such. Also since the charger is by far the most used police vehicle amongst the department it would be cool to replace the vector explorer that nobody uses with a 2014 charger (or even a caprice) for even more options! I'd love to hear some thoughts. Thank you and happy holidays!
    8. Here's what I don't understand about that. A player gets their granted access tag removed when they are providing low/no quality RP on the restricted access server. Whatever their RP was, it was not up to the standards for the restricted server. But why then subject the players of the public server to their low quality RP? While I understand that it is a public server which is open to public obviously, but the players on it in theory should be gaining experience roleplaying in this community and "proving themselves" so to speak to be allowed into the restricted servers. How is flooding the public server with low quality roleplayers who weren't good enough for the restricted server going to help them achieve that goal? It's almost one per week that owners and/or senior management are posting announcements threatening removal from the community for providing low quality roleplay. If the goal is to remove the players who consistently are providing garbage roleplay, then why are we only removing their granted access tag and letting them wreak havoc in the public server? Removing them all together would also solve the issue of their friends who still have their tag following them into the public server and stacking the queue.
    9. +1 for the immersion. Not having my RadioFX like I do on teamspeak decreases my policeyman immersion by 10% and that makes me sad.
    10. Update: Crosshairs are now toggleable via M menu > Settings. A step in the right direction, at least for the roleplayers who do not want their immersion broken.
    11. I understand that there are players who use crosshairs via 3rd party programs that are completely undetectable, and I understand the desire to 'level the playing field' so to speak. But this is still a roleplay community at the end of the day and some of us prefer to have the most immersive roleplay possible (i.e. not having crosshairs on our guns). A large part of what makes shootouts interesting is the skill involved in knowing where to aim both straight down sights and at different angles but now with crosshairs it literally becomes a game of point and shoot which I feel will really subtract from the quality of roleplay in shootouts. If someone wants to try and decimate people in shootouts so bad that they go as far as to install a crosshair on their screen, good for them. As roleplayers our main concern should be the quality of roleplay we are providing; not if parties in a shootout have an unfair advantage because of 3rd party software. It just seems unfair that, once again, everyone has to have these roleplay unfriendly changes forced onto them as a result from a few bad apples. At the very least make it a toggleable feature so we are able to choose if we want a crosshair on our guns or not. TL;DR: There are instances where fighting fire with fire is appropriate, but this was not one of those instances.
    12. Does it have to be a raptor? I agree we definitely need a new PD truck but I think an F250 or F350 would look even better!
    13. What you're describing sounds very much like a menu server and menu servers aren't exactly known for their outstanding roleplay...
    14. We've had an application/test similar to this in the past and it was extremely ineffective. The problem with it is that it only tests their reading comprehension ability--that they can read the server rules and apply the knowledge they gained to the specific question in the 'test' they taking. That does not in any way verify their ability to create a character with a backstory and expand that story though roleplaying on the server. Scenario questions are also impractical because candidates know what the acceptable answers are regardless of if it's what they plan to do so they will just write that. The application for the restricted servers is not a very aggressive application. It just asks for basic information because we are giving the applicant the benefit of the doubt that they can follow the rules and provide the community with engaging roleplay. In all reality adding reading comprehension and scenario based questions to the application would just make processing those application require much more effort for the same results we're currently getting with the current application.
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