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    1. I think we should add in a script to limit the number of public people on the server (Maybe 20-24 players & a shared 8-12 slots for PD and EMS), so cops & EMS won't have to wait for 1 person to leave. Also, I think there should be a way to auto-kick instanced people. Maybe set a way for the server to take the player count when you press Z and make sure it aligns with the main session's player count & kicks you automatically if it's one person while more than one person is connected.
    2. A must have: https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-weapondrop/49856 "Drop the weapon you are currently holding by pressing F9. Features: Complete with the weapon drop animation. Disables melee when holding any weapon other than a melee weapon. No more pistol whipping anyone! Drops weapons when player dies." -The first post of the thread
    3. Cop count has to be a certain amount on top of the number of players that was suggested. If there's 0 cops on a 15-32 person server, it shouldn't pay anything. It's like having 3 people and no cops- there's no risk of getting caught.
    4. The MDT area has nearly replaced our spreadsheet system and believe me, it's unbeatable. However, here's a list of things I'd like to see added: -Traffic Infractions. We still have to use the database on Google to do these. Suggested location in the menu: MDT Area>Charges>Add Charges>Traffic Infractions -Ride-along hour tracking. Warrants used to only be for supervisors, now anyone can do them. Same should be for any FTO. I suggest adding in an Officer II + FTO job and same for other ranks. It should be made from 2 additional tabs on the main screen of the MDT Area>M
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