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    1. I think it'd be great to have new food items in the city given that the city has opened a bunch of new restaurants! PBBR, Bellatoni's, UWU, and of course Burgershot! I'm sure your guys are working on that, just thought I'd share. Have a Beautiful Day!!!
    2. This is awesome! This is such a great idea. It'll open up jobs and new activities for people to do. I love this!
    3. I was thinking maybe, first each drug in the city should have a benefit and a drawback. Like all the drugs be beneficial in the moment but have consequences with continuous use. I know meth does this so I heard. Maybe using drugs in excess will have you addicted and you have to go a certain amount of time without to combat the addiction. This could also open the aspect of utilizing SA treatment with FDNY in order to kick your habit. I think this would open up great roleplay for FDNY and the community.
    4. Yes yes yes! More apps too, I wanna play Candy Crunch xD! Lmao but I agree with the mouse thing so much!
    5. I was thinking the apple watches are so cool. I would like to see a little apple watch display pop up when someone calls since you cannot see who is calling when your phone rings before you pull it out. I think that would be a cool non-imperative addition.
    6. That's what you need to accept. Take your own advice. I don't know you and you don't know me...You should take a look at you previous responses to other's posts if you're confuse. Have a great day.
    7. This was soooo mature and I appreciate this reply!
    8. I honestly see you two attack EVERY suggestion and put down every thing offered. It's really sad to see you put down every suggestion that I have posted. I personally feel attacked really. So YES I am going to speak on something that I feels is offensive. Like I don't know if you're a minority or not but you sure don't act like you know what those shoes feel like. You act so high and mighty like you invented the server. Do us no do me a favor and stop combating everything someone posts on a SUGGESTION forum
    9. Don't question how someone says shot me a Nword today? Seriously? I guess if it doesn't affect you it doesn't faze you. Sad. I'm not questioning how admin do their jobs. However, I know situations where someone's stream content has gotten them in trouble as it should, but let's not pick and choose.
    10. You knew slimd was going to go along with it anyway....yet people are stream sniping to help the PD and admin are banning others from things they saw on someone else's stream...people pick and choose what to be upset about, and offense to the minority isn't one of them...smdh
    11. How was that a great post lol I literally refuted everything that he claimed. lol smh
    12. I don't like your sarcasm, however when I received my car the car was barely running, engine light on. Painted a completely different color. Completely different rims, spoiler gone as I assume it had been changed. So that was additional money out of my pocket not covered by insurance. So your comment is false! These lights fall if the wind blows too hard, come on be real. I got caught in a tornado a few days ago and it completely ripped my car to shreds, does insurance cover that? If you are more worried about the light poles and traffic lights then that needs to be like taxes not car insurance which is suppose to insure your...car from damages by you and others. Insurance is not what you make of it in this city and my post was a suggestion.
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