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    1. 1. PD RAPTOR 2. PD INTERCEPTOR 1/5 3. PD BUFFALO (RARE DK QT) 4. 1 of 2 Trophy truck c/o 300 million 5. honkachu drag bike
    2. thats just false man to be honest cops break rules all the time maybe not you and dont get caught your reffering to situations that are conditonal to cops winning and shit. So my question for you is how is it gunplay over roleplay when 10 cops drop against 4 crims and cry to the gov and its called gunplay over roleplay wheres the logic in that just because your a cop, I get it but you gotta be smart about what you do tbh its the same old shit with cops.
    3. Hello I am here today to speak on what I feel to be the most important topic in the city at the moment and for all the win cops this will probably piss them off because in some form of logic in their head this is reasonable, by no means is this in regards to the pd as a whole just in regards to certain people and the mechanics of the department, so first off police body armor may not be proven to be stronger but it sure as well is protecting officers from double headshots and much more. As well as the ability to go back to the pd and replenish it rather than the pd having to come up with money
    4. last one sold for 100 mil right
    5. At least property wise not buisness and maybe a couple other things but not cash is what I think
    6. i would be down for plateless cars and bikes again to maybe steady the economy and other things but hopefully with a way to keep it exclusive so not every crim is using them 24/7
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