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    1. store robberies were so jokes
    2. i know i blasted some officer a meter away and he barely bled lmao and the price is insane for something that's basically a nerf gun
    3. i dont know why but shotguns do nothing even at point blank range it would be nice if they were a little bit more realistic
    4. doing things takes longer that's why they aren't done properly
    5. if ur bounty hunting with a taser u might as well give up cus ur gonna get sprayed with an ar if u go up against any organised group lmao
    6. Happened to me relogging worked for me
    7. The doors at pillbox are very awkward to walk through especially if ur rushing after a shootout. Also for ems sometimes it’s quite annoying to drag 2 people through the doors when they get stuck
    8. Bruh scanning is so fucking tedious it’s hard enough to get ars.I guess the pd just the pd don’t like getting shot and I feel there is a different lvl of crim the people with ars know what they’re doing and then u got the average crim who prolly sells meth and has a pistol
    9. it would be nice if u could cook a variety of food cant lie maybe they could make it similar too cook meth with ingredients such as meat and potatoes to make a full meal
    10. its not my intetion to shoot people with it as its basically rdm any way u wanna see it but it would be nice if the hunting rifle was a different class weapon or had a independant hunting liscence cus half a mil is way too much for something u can only go hunting with but thats just my thoughts on it
    11. there isnt any point tbh like bikes are such a shitty thing anyway cus people use them and literally u can escape pd in 30 seconds if ur good enough if there are 1000cc bikes whats the point of even bothering trying to catch a crim just makes things so boring and u might as well not bother chasing them if ur in any car
    12. whats the point in spending 500k on a liscence if u cant shoot people with the gun and from a crims perspective i never have a gun liscence so if i get arrested for something small i loose all of the liscences and the gun. what could be done is u could move the hunting liscence to class 1-2 to balance out the price
    13. boyla


      a lot of people will sit at legion anyway so i kind of dont really see the point cus sometimes the server could be full and 80% of people are at legion but at the same time it would be nicer to have more people
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