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    1. I apologize for a wall of text Before I go any further than this, I am not suggesting an eco wipe. This suggestion is merely a band aid to what I believe is the underlying problem. I generally just lurk on the forums and discord, but there has been something that has been percolating in the back of my mind and it made me dive into video game economics. It's actually pretty interesting, and if you have the time feel free to do some of your own research. First, I've searched within this forum for 'Economy' and ~200 results show up talking about it, but I don't think anyone really explained as to why the economy is as messed up as it is. regardless as to how the inflation started (I've heard rumors and I'm sure someone older than me will explain), hyper-inflation was always going to happen and certain things have only accelerated the rate. To go further, we need to define some things: Eco Faucets: This term is used for currency or goods being generated into the city. Some examples of eco faucets are below The regular paycheck everyone gets periodically Employment center jobs WL jobs Scanning Trucking Drugs Weapon crafting Eco Sinks: This is used for currency or goods being reclaimed by the city and getting removed. For example: Food & Drink consumables Speed traps Car repairs Gas House/Apt. payments Police assigned fines Casino (can also be a faucet, but more often it should be considered a sink) Eco Neutral: This is used for activities that generate no new currency or destroy currency that is in city. Player trading falls under this category. Now I know these lists are not complete, but I've tried to give everyone an idea. I believe that the problem with our economy stems from an issue with not only how our community RPs about these things (if we all just took a step back and negotiated realistic prices for the goods that we have, things might calm down a bit), but also we have an imbalance in regards to the money generated vs. the money flowing out of the city (a problem that most MMOs face). A lot of the eco sinks in game can actually be avoided. I've an FD character that is lawful good. The sinks that I utilize regularly are food, drink, gas, and an appt. payment. Apart from those things, I simply generate from an eco faucet without spending on anything. primarily b/c I enjoy the RP that I can get from being on duty, and there's not much I can really sink money into while off duty Even my crim characters generated more currency instead of sinking it into things primarily b/c They never really were caught trafficking the weapon parts. I dont play crim often these days though, so I cannot really comment on that side of the fence (if you do main a crim and have insight on your faucet to sink balance, I would love to hear from you). Now this is the suggestions section of the forums, so I do feel like I should suggest a possible fix. I dont know how hard this would be to implement and I know that resources are tight. However I think there should be a look into creating more ways for civs in game to sink money. For example there were some recent feature additions that could be assigned a cost to play (laser tag a prime example). Additionally, we might want to see if there could be a secondary type of currency that you can acquire through our current currency at a rate that can be adjusted admin side to help balance the economy (this one I've not completely thought through just a suggestion I got from my research into this issue). Creating a stock market of sorts could also be a fun addition where there could be a transaction fee implemented much like how it works today. I'd love to talk more about this subject, simply because this hyper-inflation might very well be one of the most realistic problems this community is RPing in and out of the city. I'd also love to get more information on the flow of currency if those numbers and statistics are able to be pulled (not sure if that is something that can be done). Thanks for reading and discussing politely! -Ezekiel Reid TL;DR Posts about economy got me interested in the underlying issue, so I did some research. you show give it a read if you have time. Some sources I used in my research (can't remember everything I looked at): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sumZLwFXJqE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W39TtF14i8I https://mises.org/library/virtual-weimar-hyperinflation-video-game-world https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qUqHehEW4k&t=230s
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