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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
beckylove22x beckylove22x 12/20/19 Transaction and take over went fairly smoothly and easy. Good information when recieving the car. Haseo Haseo
FA.MS FA.MS 10/01/19 Fast and easy deal. WayZe WayZe
the_mighty_duckling the_mighty_duckling 09/17/19 Serious legit buyer, pleasure doing business with him! potatr potatr
[04-06] Ladell Montana [04-06] Ladell Montana 09/15/19 Don't sell things to this guy.. I put up an auction and he bid 8 hours before I replied then basically told me to gtfo when I asked 8 hours after if he was interested accusing me of waiting 2 days to respond to him therefore cancelling his bid ruining the whole auction. LettyExpress LettyExpress
Charles Diaz Charles Diaz 09/12/19 A pleasure doing business. Serious buyer. Highly recommended. Missybiatch Missybiatch
Missybiatch Missybiatch 09/11/19 Great seller! She had multiple offers but Missy was able to hold onto the car for me to get my finances in order. Thanks for the trade! Charles Diaz Charles Diaz
[04-06] Ladell Montana [04-06] Ladell Montana 09/08/19 Fast and serious buyer. Highly recommended! Missybiatch Missybiatch
Gustapalo Gustapalo 09/05/19 Quick buyer, nice doing business with LettyExpress LettyExpress
Hernie Clanders Hernie Clanders 08/23/19 Great to do transactions with. Would buy from again. =) Jack Frost Jack Frost
Jack Frost Jack Frost 08/23/19 Great buyer ! Quick and excellent transaction! Will do business again. Hernie Clanders Hernie Clanders
Gustapalo Gustapalo 08/20/19 Serious buyer! Well recommended Missybiatch Missybiatch
Vince Bellatoni Vince Bellatoni 08/20/19 Bought my Audi R8 Quick and Efficiently. Thanks brotha! <3 <3 jdmajf jdmajf
no_lifer no_lifer 08/20/19 Quick and easy, met me at paleto and sold me the car there without any issues! Nghts Nghts
Nghts Nghts 08/19/19 no_lifer no_lifer
Daht Montana Daht Montana 08/18/19 Fast, communicated well, timely! Will do business again!! Hernie Clanders Hernie Clanders
Hernie Clanders Hernie Clanders 08/18/19 Fast and polite! Thank you very much! Daht Montana Daht Montana
Missybiatch Missybiatch 08/14/19 Quick buyer ! Exactly as described! Will do business again! Hernie Clanders Hernie Clanders
Hernie Clanders Hernie Clanders 08/14/19 Fast and serious buyer. Well recommended! Missybiatch Missybiatch
Swa Swa 08/12/19 FAST AND SERIOUS BUYER. WELL RECOMMENDED :) Missybiatch Missybiatch
Missybiatch Missybiatch 08/06/19 Great fast responds and Service and a Really nice girl! Jurrian Kwalleronius Jurrian Kwalleronius
Jurrian Kwalleronius Jurrian Kwalleronius 08/06/19 Fast and serious buyer Missybiatch Missybiatch
Justin Martine Justin Martine 08/05/19 Quick business. Well recommended! Missybiatch Missybiatch
SumTingWong SumTingWong 08/01/19 Fast Deal, Great Seller Vinny Warrens Vinny Warrens
John Warrens John Warrens 07/30/19 made a bid and ending up not buying the car Nick NaVelli Nick NaVelli
studnasty studnasty 07/29/19 good man BigJohn BigJohn
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