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      • Does BigCityRP still have the queens Brooklyn and all them servers like before?  I keep hearing west and east coast!  Wow thats awesome 100% I been watching GTAV rp on twitch lately wow how times have changed that is for sure!  I like this idea of BigcityRP west coast and east coast thing! 
      • So from the day 1 when west opened myself and about 20 others held it down  for month’s alone and was some of the best role play I have ever been in. Spent 3 years in east and never had anything close to what the west offers. It’s kinda like driving that same old 2009 car when everyone else is driving 2023 no one wants to keep driving like that is how I compare it. I tried to go back to the east coast the 2 hours I was there I was taken down by a hacker, robbed for no reason and ran over for no reason. It was vr chat there was 42 players and I could not find one if I did they was all sitting at dmv shooting the crap for hours and not actually building role play. I’m not saying east is bad I just think that there is way more actual role play being pumped out on the other side and that’s what I’m here to do and others I can talk to my friends any time but when we in city I wanna role play. Crunch said it best tho let’s be honest it was slowly dying on it’s on so why wait and loose a entire community we all love when there was a way to keep this community going we all want to be apart idc how it’s done just as long as it’s alive and there is actually rp 
      • You cant build a server period without players. You certainly cant entice people to want to get WL when 10 people are playing in it. We tried forcing people to play in East for 5 months just going off applications of people with 30 days or more in East. Almost all the apps we got from players that either left years ago or months ago felt that was more of a punishment then anything, due to them leaving this community do to the state of East. Gun play consistently, same players in and out of bans, lack of RP from some and other issues forced alot of players to leave. Asking them to go back into East for 30 days was just silly. Even during closed times most of these people were not active or even apart of Brooklyn, still East is down bad. Opening WL isnt something that is forever, we are building a player base of new players daily, players that never been to east at all, players that wouldnt go play in East to begin with as they came from communities and servers that are competitive to the West. Instead of people posting pictures of Brooklyn from 2020, why not get in game? No one is going to join a server with no one in it, regardless if thats east or west. Stop posting about how it was and get in game so others can see and they will start to follow. You cant RP by yourself, same reason we were forced to open west to get new players to try it out. So sorry you feel this way, we are not forcing you to play in the West, no one can make you do something you dont want to. Gather the people posting pictures and videos and get them in game. We have updated and have been adding more stuff, most all these people havent even seen yet. Also, we have had a total of 7 bans over 45 days in west, no serious issues and the RP has been extremely good. Maybe its luck, maybe people just want something different. But being open these few days is a chance to give players and opportunity to try it out and apps have increased. These are not East coast players and these are players we would have never attracted before. East dying but not as fast is a crazy statement. So we wait till its totally dead before doing something different? No sorry that wouldnt work at all. For me its not about east or west, its BCRP the community im trying to keep alive.
      • Yeah, I completely understand the side that East is very old and is struggling to keep up and whilst East was definitely dying, it wasnt dying as quick as it was when West opened up. We were told West was going to be a brand new start that focuses on RP and is whitelist. I don't see how we can have that quality RP when the doors are open majority of the week. Myself and many others would love to continue in Eastcoast but feel forced to West when the doors are open. I think many of us would love to spend some time here, some time there. And whilst I do agree the RP on East can be sometimes lackluster, when you get the numbers in and stuff starts happening its great.    Of course it's going to be difficult for east to keep up these days, but it's being made more difficult by West being so freely available. And not getting this quality as promised 
      • Appreciate the post and I 100% agree with you, no one wants to let East die, things are being added and changed.. But here is the issue, even before West was a thing. Many servers are very similar to the West and have a lot more to offer than the East. Players have been leaving this community to try other servers that offer more and its no surprise. East is struggling because its built on a 7 year old framework that would take lots of work to get up to par with the other 3,000 servers on fiveM. Comparing East back in the day, it was much more competitive to other servers on what was offered in other communities, FiveM didn't have 3k servers to choose from, and they didn't have 2k developers working on one specific framework either. So East was strong, unique, and competitive to other servers during that time. But a lot has changed, players leave for one reason or another, players get banned, then take 5-10 friends elsewhere.. These are things we cannot control. If the West didnt exist atm, the East would still continue to bleed players, most of the players on West are people that were either going elsewhere due to the lack of new things or because of how players treated other players in east. Disagreements with how things are run, like PD, or gun play is non-stop.. People are just sick of the same old crap each day and no matter how hard staff works to clean it up, the negative effect is banning a person that broke the rules, then have 5 of their friends leave cause they got banned. Its a never-ending cycle, till only a few are left in the server. West only exists because people were sick of dealing with stuff like that, it was much easier to write all the wrongs on a new framework that offered more and can continue to be competitive with the other 3k server out here. I see all these people talking about make East great again. Well, sorry to say no script is going to do that, but I can tell you a much quicker and simpler way, if all the people were screaming about it and posting about it and writing about it in general chat. If all those people actually got on East coast? That would be a start. No script, no Dev, no Owner can make East great again by themselves, you need PLAYERS, thats all, then thats a start to turning it around. Even if West stayed closed as its been for 3 days straight, East seen 12 people at one point, 2 people currently. Most of the people in West atm either havent been in East in a long time or left the community months ago, some years and only now playing in the West. So I wish we had an easy way to get both servers running like old times, but alot has changed and alot of new communities exist and people look for new things unfortunately. We either do nothing and dye slowly, or try and offer something different to have this community stand a chance and thats all we are doing atm.. Sorry writing from my phone I can hardly see atm. But no one has given up, The devs are working on stuff, we have made changes, but no matter how many changes are made you need players to get in game not just post pictures of how it use to be.
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