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      • From a realism POV, officers responding to shots fired are generally going to know the general type of weapon being used. On top of that, I can already see this resulting in SO many use of force issues with smaller automatics like APs and Tecs. Automatic shots fired are also much higher priority as it is always (for now) illegal firearms that can do much more damage. I think we'd get much less automatics off the streets, and much more officers go down out of not knowing which gun to use if we combined the two calls
      • So this is a quick suggestion on the cop RP side of things. I see the new update with calls. I think it would bring alot more RP if automatic shots fired and normal shots fired were the same call. It would make alot more since if the primary officer was the one to call on radio weather or not it was auto shots fired.    Having 3-4 cops turn up on a scene with ars already drawn is a tad overkill. I feel like if all shots fired calls were the same call, It would keep officers and crims more on their toes. Because the police are gonna be opening pandoras box on every shooting scene.
      • I'll fix the cars, I gotcha
      • Another suggestion I would like to add is to sort/tune cars into categories based on price and or real life performance. The categories would be X, S+, S, A+, A, B, C, D and the vehicles combination of accelerating, speed, braking, handling, and other factors would determine what category the car would be in   X Class: This would be the main category for the very very few cars that would not fit in the below categories like the bugatti S+ Class: This would be the main category for the high end super cars ferrari f40, lamborghini aventador, etc S Class: This would be the main category for the faster end of sports cars and the majority of super cars like most ferraris, tempesta, etc A+ Class: This would be the main category for the majority of sports cars, cars like the comet custom, C7 corvette, etc A Class: This would be the main category for the entry level sports cars, stuff like buffalo stx, base charger, comet 3, etc B Class: This would be the main category for the majority of sedans, coupes, hatchbacks, etc all the average city cars like camrys, buffalos, etc C Class: This would be the main category for vans, trucks, and suvs excluding sport/high end trucks, vans, and suvs D Class: These would be the lowest category including everything from tractors to the slower end of trucks & vans   The list above is based on how I would sort them not how they are currently since atm I would put the bugatti as an A+ and the comet custom as an X.  If Crunch, Jake, or any other of you important people are reading this feel free to dm me I am happy to help with this since I know it would be a huge task and will easily take a month or two even with a group of people all working on it.
      • In the last meeting we talked about balance, yes some cars are just extremely too fast while others that should be faster, are extremely slow for what they are. So hoping at some point soon an easy solution will be a type of governor enabled and I will explain why..... When we add cars, they are tested stock and then with simple upgrades like engine and such. We don't test with a tuner chip because its based on users experience. Unfortunately ways exist to manipulate the ratios and settings to make certain cars fast as shit (not our intention at all) We feel the best way to combat this is installing a governor system, so regardless if a car tuned normally can get to 180-200, someone capable and experienced with manipulating its speed based on the tune, still wont be able to get the car faster then the speed its limited or intended to. No matter what car it is in game, if its exceeding those speeds? It was never supposed to be that fast. If we had a list of cars that were able to break these speeds or cars that should be doing these speeds, simply provide it here or to me, staff and we will see to it this gets done quickly.  
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