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    1. The idea I have is to revive Brooklyn my idea is starting on a time we choose in this thread we start flying in and slowly revive it so the RP in there isnt just trash ass Mechanic RP let me know what you think
    2. I would be down actually have rp in brooklyn that isnt just trash ass mechanic RP
    3. I would love to help do that but IDK i wanna try and become staff first but I dont know where to see if I got denied or if im still pending
    4. I made an app and I dont know where to see if I get accepted or denied and how long it takes
    5. LOL nah my test server is heavily based off of np
    6. Here and also my Ambulance I showed earlier 1306762591_2021-07-1401-09-05.mp4
    7. By the way already fixed it be backwards
    8. Let me know what you think Im new to this car stuff but let me know if you like it and if theres anything you think I should fix before maybe sending it to crunch! let me know 2057298487_2021-07-1322-34-26.mp4
    9. Here you go man a tutorial made by yours truly 1013423447_2021-07-1303-20-14_1.mp4
    10. let me know what you think and if you like it ill send it to crunch and also it wont have that loud wind at the end in the actual server it was only like that in my test server because of where the character selector is. Also I did this cause the one we have is so outdated and I choose that song because it goes well with it and people who stream wont get in trouble for the song if they like it I can change it to 1530371121_2021-07-1204-51-39.mp4
    11. Love everything only thing is that the economy is so bad the only way to fix the stuff you said about prices is a restart for the eco
    12. I agree cause if I rob people which I barely do its annoying cause 9 time out of 10 they will just shoot after cause they lied about having a gun
    13. We need more stuff that signifies this is New York instead of places that dont exist IRL like burgershot but I like burgershot nut if it was stuff like that its should be Los Santos
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