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  • Looking for good hunters to take out vermin in the hillside of Chilliad. Please call the Park Rangers to get your permit today!
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    1. Postal 888, up in the hills. Hit my email Jake.#6339 for pics and stuff. Looking for 8mil my way and 2.5mil to gov.
    2. Hey, looking to sell the following cars Porsche 911 Turbo S 6.3mil F/U INSURED BMW M4 F82 4.3mil F/U INSURED Toyota Supra 3.2mil F/U INSURED Open to offers Hit my email with any inquiries Loyaltys#6339
    3. Audi RS7 - Buyout 3.8mil - C/O:0 Toyota Supra - Buyout 3.5mil - C/O:0 BMW M6 F82 - Buyout 4.7mil - C/O:0 WRX STI - Buyout 1.1mil - C/O:0 Note; all these cars are F/U and Insured. Email me @Loyaltys#6339
    4. 2015 Ferrari 488 GT F/U Insured -SOLD- Nissan GTR F/U Insured -SOLD- Sheava F/U Insured Chevy Camero F/U Insured -SOLD- Visione F/U Insured Nero F/U Insured Send offers to my email or below Loyaltys#6339
    5. F/U Insured Hit my email for some pictures Loyaltys#6339 S/B: 750K C/0:
    6. Hit my email I'm interest Loyaltys#6339
    7. I'm not sure if you're the right person to speak to this about but just looking for some extra help; how are we supposed to sell our meth/coke/weed in Manhattan and Brooklyn? Is it based as to where we have to sell to other people in the city? Thanks in advance.
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