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    1. It got relisted an hour after I sold it and now its worth 50 mil?
    2. Listing will close on Friday 9pm EST. C/O 26m
    3. Looking to sell a beautiful house, walking distance from the beach. Tennis court in the backyard as well as a gate that leads to the alley way. Gov. Price NOT INCLUDED! Government Price: **not included*** Can't recall what the government price was Weekly Rent: $15,000 Garage Space: 8 Area Code: 632 Interior: Mirror Park Interior
    4. @wxnterr I don't know who you are nor have I met you in game. I can't seem to find you on discord, but please change your steam name back your own or at least not similar to mine. I don't want to get in trouble if you do stupid shit. I also think its weird that you viewed my profile last week and coincidentally have a similar steam name as well.
    5. C/O 4mill by @wxnterr Listing will be closed on Sunday 07/26 5:00 pm EST
    6. Looking to sell a beautiful house on Grove Street next to the gas station / item store. Gov. Price NOT INCLUDED! Government Price: $350,000**not included** Weekly Rent: $3,500 **Gov. Price not included** **Gov. Price not included**
    7. Looking to close Sunday. Highest bidder will receive a message. 4 Mill Buy Out. Just a reminder: this advertisement does not include government price on the final price.
    8. I just found out that the (former) Chief of Police Dante Wolf passed away. He gave me his 2013 Ford F150 Raptor one day. It still has the original Red Paint and Customization that he put on it. Taking offers, will sell for the right price. All proceeds (may possibly) go to his family that he left behind.
    9. Looking to sell a beautiful pent house apartment in Eclipse blvd. No neighbors, you own the entire building. You have your own security guy at the front door. It is also an elevator entrance. Gov. Price NOT INCLUDED! Government Price: $750,000**not included*** Weekly Rent: $7,500 Garage Space: 6 **Gov. Price not included*** Elevator Entrance.mp4 **Gov. Price not included***
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