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    1. I scanned today at the same spot... this happened again.
    2. When is the next community meeting? can we scheduling these for every 2-3 months?
    3. When is the next meeting ?
    4. People "in the know" (admins) understand things are being worked on and to just wait. The average person doesn't know this, they have little to anticipate. Any transparency is helpful, if something larger is being worked on and it shouldn't be disclosed, then that's fine. I'm sure people are still hoping for another community meeting. these should happen every 2-3 months. +1 for more community interaction
    5. at the last meeting we brought this up as well... we need to have another meeting.
    6. we have some things going in this post as well ... https://bigcityrp.com/forums/index.php?/topic/35908-paleto-and-sandy-love/
    7. Voice is not supposed to be used to determine who anyone is if they have on a disguise..... the way they sound shouldn't matter. i understand what you're saying, but NO ONE should be going off of the way people sound. " oh he sounds like this JOHN person... now, lets go to X where john hangs and wait for them to show up "
    8. I want to suggest showing Paleto and Sandy love ... - Large public garage - 32 (there are 3 or more 32 spot garages in the city) - Digital den - Electronics should be available in sandy and paleto - Gun license - Gun licenses should be purchasable in paleto and sandy. - Car Shop will come back to paleto - it was disappointing seeing this removed. - Place to transfer cars - Gas station at the docks for boats (paleto and sandy) - - Boat impound in sandy or paleto - Places to sit and eat in sandy and paleto - - Pawn shop in paleto or sandy - - Motorcycle shop in paleto or sandy - Oil fields in sandy should be repairable for gun oil similarly to the city oil fields. - Maybe scuba diving can be added up north as well at the hunting store or somewhere else - Shooting range - Recording studio - sandy paleto - Some form of off road - racing/ tracks - I put in a ticket to fix the issue getting seeds from the weed plants close to grape seed (not the door). - ADD a place where dirty money can be used to purchase black market legal and illegal items. People dont have a reason to sell drugs anymore, and the risk outweighs the profit. - if anyone else has suggestions for paleto and sandy we can add on.. thank you -
    9. I kind of wanted an unbiased opinion on the the two cars before saying anything is "wrong" the 2012 range rover will flip over even when going slow through corners. Porsche cayenne ((5m) performs like a 200k local car. golf cart breaks down after barely bumping it into a wall a few times at slow speeds.
    10. Ive driven these two and noticed they need a closer look...
    11. I was in Queens the other day only a few people and there was no prompt to call ems. ONLY the prompt to pay that's it
    12. most of the time im in the hospital it's because of falling through the map or something random... sometimes it says 25k and i just leave who wants to pay 25k after falling through the map
    13. is the answer no? Dont have a whole lot or dont have any? is it possible for anyone to check? any extra would be nice, i dont want to make a younger person
    14. Hello is it possible to add more clothing items / hairstyles for my character? he only has 1 hat. 1 hairstyle. 3 shirts thank you in advance I can look up the actual ped number and provide it, if needed.
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