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    1. This is why It took me so long to perfect the Emergency Services Uniforms like 2 years ago, the time it takes to find the correct pieces to replace is a nightmare.
    2. Honestly what most people don't know or even remember was that a while ago PD couldn't give more than 60 minutes jail time no matter the charges. Exceptions were made on a case by case basis by supervisors and 9s done by Detectives, perhaps that should be a start. Bring back restrictions on how long people can be put in for. I have no idea where along the way that got removed but when I left the PD not long over a year ago it was still in place. Way back when we had this is place everything was done on a pseudo strike system, so commit like 3 violent felonies in 7 days then expect the officer to be asking to put you in for more than 60. IDK just an idea that might actually help if it was brought back. There is still the punishment side of a 60 minute time out with the possibility of going more, but it would mean a lot less people get put in for more than 60 on a regular basis.
    3. Being on 3 sides of this here is my view: From a Criminal perspective, times and fines are never going to be accepted as it feels unjustified to spend a large amount of time in jail for one small crime. However I do think that the criminal mindset for a lot of people if "I'm doing this for fun" then when hit with the consequences (which are publically available) they tend to dispute and hate on the system. We have all heard the phrase "if you can't do the crime, then don't do the time" and that has never been truer, people need to be more aware of what they are doing "for fun" before they end up committing offences against half the penal code. From a DOC perspective, I get asked almost all the time about individual scenarios and how or why a charge may have been added, and quite frankly I have no explanation. I wont bash all cops for this but a lot of the time I tell inmates to fight it because most of the time arrest reports contain little to no information pertaining as to why a charge may have been applied. I see it a lot that a large portion of the police hide behind a DOJ that is incapable of giving the public the justice they deserve and having charges dropped. Now I haven't been a Cop for over a year however in my previous experiences I never put warrants out unless I had PID. I only charged people with crimes I knew without a doubt would hold up in court, and not once was I ever questioned about any of my arrests. I always made sure my suspects knew why they were being charged with certain charges and it was made explicitly clear in my notes. Can I say all cops do this? They didn't when I was one, and based on my experiences as DOC now, I can see that it continues. Now in going back to the original point about Jail times, honestly I believe them to be more fair now than they have been in the 2 or more years I've been here. We are seeing overall a reduction in crime and more specifically a reduction in 9s inmates because the system is starting to work. No matter what changes get made you will never please the masses, but those who are on limited time to come into the city, that's kind of on you to not rack up hours of jail time if you can't do it. Even with DOC present there is a limit that we will reduce you down per hour, so again it's a case of be mindful of what you do before you do it. To tag onto the other convo that kinda got derailed onto here, #BringbackTED. Pursuits should always only have max 4 units, But again I'm not longer a cop, I just hear what the inmates tell me and how pursuits seem to be now. Again I am not bashing or calling anyone out but I hear regularly that lots of units end up in or around the pursuit, people literally smashing cars at over 100MPH, to me that shouldn't be happening (if it even is at all). I think the bigger overall issue would be to improve the quality of policing and perhaps they should be taught the penal code and how you can apply it. I know I had to figure most of it out, but with the fact that nearly everybody has access to some sort of dashcam nowadays, surely it would be better to have everybody understand the law and how it applies. As a cop I believe you should be explaining to the arrestee why certain charges were applied instead of them getting put in Rikers and then having to ask DOC about it when we have little to no information to go off other than what the inmates tells us.
    4. I have done extensive work with character models and unless somebody 3D renders this character to add more stuff it is impossible to add anything. Rockstar didn't plan on these characters being used like this so their options are limited enough to make them look slightly different when you zoom around in either SP or GTAO. As Dino said it would be best to use an MP ped and try to recreate them which would give you more options.
    5. Perhaps allowing DOC to become its own department again would be able to facilitate this
    6. Kinda like an IRS system If you are depositing more money that It makes sense for you to make from your job then perhaps an alert is sent. This wouldnt be something the police would look into. It would likely have to be some other government entity.
    7. Its not as easy as making on. Honestly IMO we should get rid of all the add on stuff and start over. This is something I am trying to approach the devs with. But more vanilla GTA clothing rather than add on is always good
    8. Its from the casino heist DLC I think and we havent added that dlc to the server yet. There is plenty of clothing options from newer dlcs that we can add.
    9. So this topic got railroaded but I hope that as someone who has been an ECOP and an EDOJ member for over 4 years I hope I can apply some logic here. Barring in mind this is opinion not fact. Back when I came here CID were known to be "do whatever I want and get away with it" style of cops. Which is what I think Crunch was eluding to. Now I for sure can say the entire department and still to this day is shrouded in mystery which creates that viewpoint. CID or DU.... As far as I can tell some of you are complaining about a simple name change, yes I have no idea what went on during closed door conversations but I see no reason to be complaining about "Bring back CID" when all that was done was change the name of them and putt hem properly under the NYPD umbrella so they can be accountable to the NYPD as a whole. What I am seeing more so here is not the whole CID > DU its a fact RP as a whole has gotten lazy. Detectives not up to the same grade as what was expected during the CID heights. Now do I know this for fact? Of course not but its easy to see and understand its not just Detectives that are the issue. Now lets touch on the very obvious.... we have incident reports, in all my time here has Detectives ever looking into any of those? Again I can't answer for certain but I've always been told they don't. It is my believe that this is where we need to start. Lower ranked detectives taking the reports that Patrol cops file and working them to see if they can find a case or not. Now do I know the heavy restrictions that Du are under? Nope but can I be honest and tell you this is why most communities don't utilise DU because of the issues it creates, you essentially dissolve into "do whatever I want and get away with it" cops. Has that happened here? Of course it must have done for Owners to step in. I have always maintained a personal opinion that a DU or CID unit wasn't useful, until I came here. I can see its use here however it needs to be utilised in the correct way. One thing that supported this viewpoint was legally I was allowed to jail anyone for 9s. Legally as a patrol cop I have that right to do so if I believe that the suspect met the criteria. 9s has been an issue from the start due to evidently clear cases that could warrant it never getting pushed up because CID didn't want to do it. ( I can back this up from a few months ago before the Penal code was changed) So how do we solve this? The solution will never be simple. People here are talking about how much "RP" was created from CID. What is stopping the current DU from doing the same? If its a case of leadership that is up to those who are here making the claim to step up and take over. If you want to fix the issue you need to become the solution to the problem rather than stating there is an issue. Or DU just gets removed for the time being. (Not an Ideal solution) This would mitigate some issues, but the larger issue here is the DOJ. Talking about the DOJ and its current state is another issue entirely that needs to be addressed not as a justification as to why "CID is better".
    10. The issue with 911/311 would mean only 1 person can have that phone at any time, due to limitations back end and not allowing people to have the same number. Would also be hella annoying being on duty and getting a 911 call every couple of mins to everyone thats on duty. Maybe with a dispatcher that can be mitigated. In terms of tow and taxi, the way it is generates competition so personally I wouldnt like to see it changed. However going on Dino's idea being able to respond to the alerts created by the phone would be a nice feature as there is often times when calls go unanswered for a while and it would be nice to respond and ask if assistance is still needed.
    11. https://gyazo.com/20f71c54371bdb7b93ec4f6a924fccd1
    12. Nokia 3310 please Just text and snake, who's with me
    13. Textures can be updated for both interior and exterior so they will look 1000000000x nicer. IDK whats wrong on the inside as I've never seen it. Also the problem with the one you suggested will disappear from render distance . Plenty of decent Pierce trucks out there though if thats what you wanted. In terms of the other things +1 from me, would love to see FDNY doing some firefightery stuffs
    14. Unpopular opinion.... remove the raptor altogether ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    15. Just for clarity on this, I am working on the best way to have it all implemented to have the least impact on file changes and so on. Adding them actually takes a lot longer than created because I have to find a happy medium of what we can replace and what is safe to remove so we don't disturb civ clothing.
    16. Don't have a picture of it right now, but there is one
    17. https://gyazo.com/5a21d18b15f8fab58ae049674d856b8b
    18. Ill do one better and say you get a belt too
    19. I have word this is already in the works
    20. Fivem actually just stopped supporting the Casino DLC I think is what happened, regardless you are correct there are some good clothing options that rockstar keeps pumping out but it does require the server to stream them ourselves instead of the built in support of a fivem patch. This is also true for a lot of GTA cars which are part of these DLCs. Sadly streaming them takes more resources because client side our fivem wont have that stuff. It then impacts performance and means we can't have as much stuff such as cars, interiors or indeed clothing. its a horrible balancing job to get this right. IDK how it looks from the back end but I'm not so sure we can add a lot of clothing right now unless a compromise is made to remove some other stuff. Perhaps it can be done, but the more we add the more potential problems we will have with texture loss and stuff.
    21. You're missing the point here IMO that medical RP is what FDNY specialise in. Adding any of this would limit the already limited RP FDNY get. People don't RP their injuries as it is, so adding this would only further distance people from using FDNY. Thats just my opinion though. The Idea is cool but the practicality is not sadly.
    22. Y'all are forgetting the strain this would put on DOJ. Im all for the idea if DOJ get on board and traffic court can become a viable thing
    23. https://gyazo.com/f22fe597483ee03af15b5a07d0c9bc4a https://gyazo.com/8c2782ad34d2d21f33b2fe6cba45188c Shameless self plug
    • Upcoming Events

      • August 20, 2022 04:00 PM Until 06:00 PM
        The Department of Justice is declaring the opening of the Municipal Courts as of Saturday, the 6th August. 
        The Court will allow citizens to appeal violations and traffic offenses received within the last 90 days in court through self-representation or with the representation of their legal counsel.
        The following has been approved for appealing in the Municipal Court:
        Violations issued that were neither a misdemeanor or a felonious charge. 
        Traffic offenses  that were neither a misdemeanor or a felonious charge. 
        The Municipal Court System is available between 12pm and 4pm (Eastern Standard Time) on Saturdays and will be open to the public to bring their cases forward to present to the court. All citizens wishing to present their cases to the court will be asked to dress in respectable clothing whilst court is in session.
        No weapons of any kind will be permitted inside the courthouse at any time with exclusion to courthouse bailiffs and requested law enforcement.
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