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    1. https://gyazo.com/20f71c54371bdb7b93ec4f6a924fccd1
    2. Nokia 3310 please Just text and snake, who's with me
    3. Textures can be updated for both interior and exterior so they will look 1000000000x nicer. IDK whats wrong on the inside as I've never seen it. Also the problem with the one you suggested will disappear from render distance . Plenty of decent Pierce trucks out there though if thats what you wanted. In terms of the other things +1 from me, would love to see FDNY doing some firefightery stuffs
    4. Unpopular opinion.... remove the raptor altogether ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    5. Just for clarity on this, I am working on the best way to have it all implemented to have the least impact on file changes and so on. Adding them actually takes a lot longer than created because I have to find a happy medium of what we can replace and what is safe to remove so we don't disturb civ clothing.
    6. Don't have a picture of it right now, but there is one
    7. https://gyazo.com/5a21d18b15f8fab58ae049674d856b8b
    8. Ill do one better and say you get a belt too
    9. I have word this is already in the works
    10. Fivem actually just stopped supporting the Casino DLC I think is what happened, regardless you are correct there are some good clothing options that rockstar keeps pumping out but it does require the server to stream them ourselves instead of the built in support of a fivem patch. This is also true for a lot of GTA cars which are part of these DLCs. Sadly streaming them takes more resources because client side our fivem wont have that stuff. It then impacts performance and means we can't have as much stuff such as cars, interiors or indeed clothing. its a horrible balancing job to get this r
    11. You're missing the point here IMO that medical RP is what FDNY specialise in. Adding any of this would limit the already limited RP FDNY get. People don't RP their injuries as it is, so adding this would only further distance people from using FDNY. Thats just my opinion though. The Idea is cool but the practicality is not sadly.
    12. Y'all are forgetting the strain this would put on DOJ. Im all for the idea if DOJ get on board and traffic court can become a viable thing
    13. +1 From a Traffic Cop
    14. https://gyazo.com/f22fe597483ee03af15b5a07d0c9bc4a https://gyazo.com/8c2782ad34d2d21f33b2fe6cba45188c Shameless self plug
    15. Addylad


      Sounds like a 4th amendment violation tbh. Unless that have reason to believe you have one, you still have the right to be safe from unlawful searches
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