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  1. Addylad

    POLICE AUCTION - 2nd Chevrolet Tahoe

    100k - Travis
  2. Addylad

    POLICE AUCTION - Ford Explorer

  3. Addylad

    POLICE AUCTION - Ford Explorer

  4. Addylad

    POLICE AUCTION - Ford Explorer

  5. Addylad

    POLICE AUCTION - Ford Taurus

    You didnt specify a minimum starting bid..... But fine $100k
  6. Addylad

    POLICE AUCTION - Ford Taurus

  7. All on board with this, because the further implication will hopefully be more EU tow trucks as well
  8. Addylad

    Body Armor

    As far as I know its not exactly black market, but I get what you are getting at here, perhaps having it at ammunation wouldnt be a bad idea. Maybe it could also be a craftable item like the gun cleaning kits, using scrap metal and cloth, but it doesn't give you the full bar?
  9. Addylad


    Fun fact: bandages exist but you will have to ask where to get them.
  10. Addylad

    City Hall meetings?

    This is a lot harder to organise when you try and put players onto a server, there compounds so many more options where it would be easier to host a large community day once a month in TS where staff sit in a room and anyone can join and offer their POV or issues/concerns about the community.
  11. Addylad

    NYPD TED - Division Spruce up/Revamp

    @MattMonkeyyy I am intrigued to see what yourself and the NYPD have done with the TED. Again I have no idea being on the outside at the moment, but I'm sure given a few months and hoping I can get into the NYPD, I will be in the same situation as @GrimeZ. That being said I do have some ideas for how to reduce the "OP" of the air unit but I am in neither a position or place to discuss it with command due to only being a civ currently. Nor is this thread the place to do so.
  12. Addylad

    NYPD TED - Division Spruce up/Revamp

    You have highlighted the problem in it's entirety. TED Divisions never really work on servers like this because its limited as to what you can do and there isn't really much advanced training to be done. Nearly every server I have been on has tried this and then gotten rid of it because of lack of interest and generally the fact almost anyone can do it. I will be honest and say I don't know much about how the NYPD here operates, that being said I am awaiting to get in and find out, but TED has never interested me either and its something that most servers try to incorporate but can never do because the server is far from reality. Other places I have seen would attempt to appeal to people buy using your first suggestions solution. This however is combated by giving them chargers which can do 200mph, but that would mean you take it away from everyone else, giving them basics such as a taurus, CVPI, Explorer, Impala. That again brings back complications of civilian vehicles can massively exceed the likely 120-160 mph range of these vehicles. Its far beyond me to make any suggestions but I've been at this for a number of years and in my opinion a lot of people see TED exactly the same way as you have highlighted, it jsut doesn't work very well on servers as it does IRL. Perhaps an Air Division would suffice better, and I say that because I havent seen one mentioned and very few Helos around, but thats up to NYPD Chiefs to make that call.
  13. Addylad


    There are medkits you can buy that suppress the bleeding for a period of time
  14. Addylad

    Clothing changer in the jail

    Is that not for inmates working outside and blue for inside?
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