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    1. Thank you so much Mr.Crunch
    2. Add Gold bars and Silver Bars to the Jewelry store Give Jewelry more of a use
    3. Can we please take a Look at this topic Again adding something to stop bleeding for cops and crims would be great or at least make it to where you dont start bleeding into your armor breaks
    4. Can we Change the preset shirt for the prison the current one is so scuffed Also can we have the cafeteria open 24/7 cause if there isn't doc you cant get food
    5. Why is it that people are getting the 9s for 3 AGG assaults' . Literally had someone that was new in the city the other day get the 9s his first time arrested cause we got in a shootout with the cops. The Crim RP here feels so limited right now It seems like if you dont lick the cops ass or your friends with them your fucked the cops walk around like they the president if I kidnaped them I get banned. So is just a lose/lose for crims right now. Had a cop the other day send my friend of from the hospital didn't even give us the RP of taking us to a police station, The worst part is that there was a supervisor there and say it all go down. I love this place but it seems like the only way to have some type of fun is playing a cop.(MY TYPING IS HORRIBLE SORRY IF YOU HAD A HARD TIME UNDERSTANDING). Ima go eat my nuggets now https://imgur.com/a/sQI1fcn
    6. +1 Also If you only started to bleed after your armor broke it would make it better and make guns fight better for crims and cops
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