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  1. AllyCee2510

    Cops Vs Criminals

    I understand this on both sides. So once the hostage is safe there is literally no leverage you have and the cops no longer need to adhere to anything you requested. Once you leave the scene in your vehicles the demands are met and they are no longer going to follow them. As can be expected really, however I have seen it done before where a gang stated if they saw air1 they would return and kill the hostage and cops. Guess what they saw air1 spun the car around and lit up everyone on scene hostage and cops. So there is also a chance cops are taking by not following demands. Now when it comes to cops needing to allow crims room I agree but not all cops since most do an amazing job just not all and I see cops act very biased against some civs and then give others every chance. (again I say some not all before everyone hates). I too would prefer them to chase it out rather than add the strips to end the chase early, but also you can’t even be mad at some of the strategies cops pull to put an end to the chase. Don’t forget that it is their job at the end of the day to catch you and they will use all tools they have available, which air1 is not always available and usually not abused. I say usually cos there is always a bad apple. There are many scenarios in which I think cops need to play out longer like foot pursuits, getting out of a car and chased on foot is hella fun. But for some reason some cops like to end it with a taze in a matter of seconds (yay go you such a taze pro) rather than give people the fun in a foot pursuit and tackle. Cos at least in the big cities I see 6 cops chasing 1 guy. Come on guys he ain’t getting away so don’t taze him pull the CJ 1, 2 and tackle his ass to the ground if you can. Now if you get insta spiked as you leave then turn that bitch around and go light up the hostage the cops were warned and clearly didn’t care for the hostages life. Mainly try not to take it to the cops are just having their fun too as this is what the game is about at the end of the day. Both parties having fun
  2. AllyCee2510

    Drug overdose

    I like the sound of that, but there is no saying this needs to happen every time you take a drug. It could work on a possibility system where when you take a drug you run a chance of getting a negative instead of positive buff. EG I think crack makes you fast af, what if there was a chance that when you took it you "overdosed" and that would make you run slow and lose health slowly. Like when bleeding out. It makes taking drugs a little more realistic since there is always side effects to taking drugs. And just cos people don't seem to always want to RP with EMS doesn't mean we shouldn't add in new experiences that gives EMS a new line of RP venture. They would have new training and things to deal with this and new RP scenarios. I think it would be such a fun addition.
  3. AllyCee2510

    Custom interior

    I think rather than items since I really think people will abuse it. You could have a place to go to "upgrade" your interior, so you go in and check a catalogue. You see multiple different setups and maybe options of colour schemes. That way you can kinda customise your house but not to the extent it would kill textures from individual items. However you would have to limit so a trailer owner cant say purchase a mansion interior but a nicer small interior haha. But I defo like the idea of being able to customise a little.
  4. AllyCee2510

    GSW and ID Notifications

    Yeah I like these little additions. Just so you know 100% as a civ what is going on too.
  5. AllyCee2510

    Genuine Question

    Some RP is pre planned with regards to cops, you can reach out too a lot are really more than happen to go into a great RP storyline and will help you out.
  6. AllyCee2510

    Tow lightbars

    This is defo a good idea and maybe if the lights will effect the locals too to stop them from ramming into the tow truck. Cos that's something else I hate with the tow jobs, locals just crash into the truck like its nothing and ive been injured by that too. So lights to stop locals too or give me a traffic cone for use on the highways so I can put it behind my truck to stop locals. Lights on the tow trucks I think is a great idea altogether though.
  7. AllyCee2510

    Money Truck System

    I have seen a similar thing on another server, not the shoot on site seems ridiculous like you don't want that to ever be the answer. However I do think this could be a fun thing with the right system used. If you have to find them driving around the city then pull them over and maybe need a special item to say break into the vehicle which alerts the police to the area similar to the stolen vehicle 10-32. Then you would have to drive off with the vehicle to a drop location where you and "unload" what would probs be dirty money. So obvs if you are going to speed away the cops can and will track your ass on the reckless reports. I think it could defo be a fun thing to add when done in the right way since we don't just want a shoot out to happen but as follows many crimes will possible happen if they get caught.
  8. AllyCee2510

    Police Breaching Script

    Great idea but I would say that you will only be notified whilst in city I feel like anything going outside of the city would be meta. But letting anyone with access know then we all know the owner will soon find out lol. I think it really could be a great addition and then at least people will be aware they have been raided, as I think they should also get a message on arrival back into the city that their house was raided. I know this would lead to some gunplay but at the same time would add another level to PD raids also.
  9. AllyCee2510

    Yacht Robberies

    I have seen this on another server before. They are very fun and really do add a lot to both crims and cops since it has to be organised well. I think this would be a great addition for sure
  10. AllyCee2510

    Golf and/or Tennis

    Golf there and tennis at the country club would be amazing!
  11. AllyCee2510

    Jobs & More Things to do

    BUMP!!! I would legit like to see some of this especially the option of being a bus driver cos that would be hella funny to see and do
  12. AllyCee2510

    Robbing houses

    I agree with Jack that would be a very good way of doing it, at least make a level playing field for it. Great idea actually!
  13. AllyCee2510

    Emote menu to /e (emote)

    100% would love to be able to access those emotes from the /e option since it’s so much quicker to act out within an RP situation. I said in the least before I’d like to have a search option in f10
  14. AllyCee2510

    Colin's bald head

    100% next victim confirmed
  15. AllyCee2510

    A really Super Good Idea

    I’d legit rock a bigcity tee or hoodie
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