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  1. 200k - Pfister Neon 4 Door Electric Car 285k - Fully Upgraded Shitzu Hakuchou Drag 160k - 2019 Chevy 4500 Dually Sold 510k - Fully Upgraded 2016 Ford Mustang GT 18k - Fully Upgraded Declasse Sabre Turbo 425k - Fully Upgraded Itali GTB Send me offers Discord: Spensar#9172 I might even take half...
  2. Spensar

    Rework of robbery timers

    The current timers for all the robberies needs a rework. Ultimately as police we are looking for interactions. If we make the timers shorter, yes it will get more hectic but we have plenty of officers on at a time to break off and respond to different calls. Not every robbery needs 5-6 cops. Now if it escalates to that then backup can come. House - Smallest Payout, Can be done quickly or you can take more time to search more and receive a bigger payout. Maybe a 15 minute cool down unless you are doing the ones up in like paleto or great ocean since those are farther away so maybe needs a bigger cool down timer. Store - 20 minute timer (Fine with how it is but could maybe switch up how the lock is done so people can re-learn) Banks - 60 minute timer. Pacific Standard also needs to either be sped up or needs to have more prep work for crims before they even come in contact with the cops. There needs to be some kind of access card or intricate lock pick system to be able to even get down stairs. So that if you fail you cant even do the robbery. Now to get the cards or the advanced lock pick system you have to get them from a house or maybe a store robbery. Jewelry - 90 minute timer keep it as is with the current state (Dont want to mention how its done but I think it is fine.) Also another suggestion would be the more cops on duty the smaller the timers get. Not to anything crazy but not at its current state. It could have like a multiplier on the timer. If at least this amount of cops then the timer will get smaller. 2 cops - x3 4 cops - x2 6 cops - x1
  3. Spensar

    C63, Porsche, BRZ

    2017 Subaru BRZ t-S - 47500 2012 MB C63 AMG - 490000 FU 16 Porsche 911 TurboS - 470000 Hit me with an offer. Porsche is the only thing upgraded. Spensar#9172
  4. Spensar

    Looking for House/Appartment

    Ive got one for sale in mirror park. Let me know we can set up a open house showing. Spensar#9172
  5. Spensar

    The Rogers Family

    Coming soon... Unless we forget
  6. Spensar


    Agreed. When we are just on the side of the road, and want to check twitter, text the side chick, or look at 9GAG, we have to disable the radar.
  7. Spensar


    Add in golf, tennis, bowling, or maybe even a curvy racetrack. This will help create activities that are not criminal to the city. Maybe also Darts, Arm Wrestling, pool, basketball(shooting hoops), mini golf. From a quick google search. https://forum.fivem.net/t/koil-golf-updated-12-8/57957
  8. Its always kinda awkward when either the passenger or driver has to step out so that the driver can show the ID to the cop. Maybe adding a third option to print the name, DOB, height, and job in the top left would be helpful in some situations. I know traffic stops arent that common well atleast when I go patrolling but this would help in some simple situations.
  9. Fully Upgraded FU - Shitzu Hakuchou - 50k FU - Shitzu Hakuchou Drag 85k FU - 15 Challenger Hellcat 550k Sold -Not Fully Upgraded- Pfister Neon - 200k Bravado Buffalo - 40k Sold ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE Post down below or send me an email If you want any pictures, let me know. -Jim McGill
  10. Yeah I think it would be great if I could RP out that im driving to work. Also it would help in during training.
  11. Hakuchou Drag is Fully Upgraded - 150k Or best offer Bravado Buffalo that looks like a cop car all blacked out. 40k Send me an email or post below if interested. Spensar#9172
  12. Spensar

    FEW Cars for SALE!!!! ALL FULLY UPGRADED R35, Hellcat ETC.

    I messaged you for that mustang. -Jim
  13. Spensar

    Dropping notes/Special phones locations

    I wonder if Nardah was thinking like a permanent note that can be stored in your inventory cause then making the note only be available to pick up for like 5 min and then if you pick it up once you get rid of it on your screen then its gone forever unless you pick up that note again in the 5 minute window. Unless this will still require a full rework....
  14. This is just a simple suggestion to make getting out of your car a bit easier. Not that its a hassle but it would be very nice to not have to reach across my keyboard or take my hand off the mouse to take my seatbelt off to get out of a car. If I could press F once, wait a second and then press F again to get out, that would be nice
  15. Spensar

    Tow Truck Drivers

    I agree with this! Only problem is that I dont think tow truck drivers like to sit and wait for tows. It could get boring which is probably why there isnt always tow truck drivers on. That reward of towing would help with that though.
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