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  1. GREEN

    Speed Cameras

    There aren't many around the city......just memorize where they are and either avoid them, slow down at those intersections.....or don't speed. I do agree with the whole stolen vehicle thing though.
  2. GREEN

    Visible Gun License

    Oh ok, that makes sense. I like the graphic idea, and the point system as well.
  3. GREEN

    Visible Gun License

    It shows in the police Mobile Database Terminal (MDT) if a person has a license, as well as the level (1 or 2). The weapon license is removed from anyone who commits a felony; however it's only for 7 days. After that time, you need to purchase one again at Ammunation.
  4. GREEN


    Hello & welcome!
  5. GREEN

    name change

    I believe you need to create a support ticket.
  6. GREEN

    Wacky radical idea

    ...there would be riots in the streets if that happened. Not with weapons of course, because no one could afford them at first.....lol
  7. GREEN

    Animal Cruelty Charge

    lol sure, I get hunting is for meat.......but killing an animal is killing an animal. I guess it depends on how this would be brought into the city.
  8. GREEN

    Animal Cruelty Charge

    What about the hunting job then? How would that play into this?
  9. GREEN

    Adding mech shop 6 on the map

    I was only aware of mech shops 1 - 5......
  10. GREEN

    Mirror Park LTD Gas Station

    What's the current offer? Assuming this is still for sale.
  11. GREEN

    Item Store #1 for sale.

    What kind of revenue does this store produce on a weekly or monthly basis?
  12. GREEN

    Shooting Range

    Ok fair enough. Then I suggest simply placing a /311 call before you start shooting to ensure police on duty are aware....as well as expect a visit at the range itself.
  13. GREEN

    Shooting Range

    I thought the same, but I witnessed someone respond to a shots fired there recently; however perhaps it could have occurred on the exterior of the building.....but making it seem like it was coming from inside.
  14. GREEN

    Shooting Range

    This would be a good idea to have, as the current shooting ranges don't actually have anything to shoot at. Also be advised that anyone can use the shooting ranges in the city. Just make sure /311 to let all law enforcement on duty know that is your intention. Note that even if you do notify everyone, you will likely have police respond to a shots fired call as they cannot be ignored. Simply put your weapon away when you see Law Enforcement Officers enter, and politely show them your weapon's license (and obviously don't go there will illegal firearms).
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