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    1. Glad to have you around my man! Always good to see someone enjoying the city!
    2. Training criminals would be a huge task, there are a ton of criminals now, and a ton more that join every month. When it comes to sharing information, there are a lot of people that do that... Rules clearly state that while you are in a city, you shouldn't be in someone's stream in that same city but that rule is widely disregarded by PD/SP/FDNY. The best training that anyone could do is to put RP > Everything else.
    3. The best way to get this taken care of is to /report them in game, submit a ticket on the forums, or bring evidence to us in TS. I can assure you we take things like this very seriously. As Crunch stated a lot of people do not use these functions, have no proof, or end up leaving because they feel things are being taken seriously. I can assure you, if you report it, we look into it. With video evidence banning these people is super easy and we can rid people like this from our community.
    4. You have a lot of good points here, honestly where do you draw the line? If you reset the economy to please players that have just joined the community what happens in a month when new players join? Do we reset it again? I agree it would just be a vicious cycle. One thing I disagree on is the fact that nobody would donate money without getting something in return...you don't have to have tangible items, IGC, or cars in order to appreciate a great community. Shit, if I got some good RP out of it I would gladly donate. To me it is more about experiences than the pixels that you can buy with
    5. I agree, you'd have to increase the amount of money that these businesses made in order to charge them a tax or rent.
    6. You actually answered your own question in the reply Jack. People would just donate for more money, there is more money coming in than going out. Yes you may take $1 billion out...but how much more is going to come in? When it comes to people being able to buy helicopters, we all know it would quickly become something that was abused...when seized that person would be very furious. It just wouldn't work in my opinion. But maybe the Devs will give their input, you never know what could happen!
    7. When dealing with people who have amassed great wealth it is a very tricky situation. In order to do a full economy reset, as some of you are hinting would honestly be a decision that has to be looked at by the owners. I personally would enjoy a whitelist server or something where we can start over with people who are actually here to create a story line. I can't tell you how many times I go into the city on my cop or civilian and it's a complete shit show of just automatic gunfire, Gunplay > RP, and a BUNCH of meta. The meta that is going on in this community right now is what is driving t
    8. I swear, I could not fucking agree more...This is the biggest fucking thing that I've noticed. Someone comes into the city and is immediately looking to shack up with someone or force RP. It should come natural as it would IRL. You aren't meeting someone, having a baby and then getting married that quickly. Some of the people don't even know each other before they are forcing themselves into story lines together. I know this is RP...but maybe at a little more realism to the story
    9. I've had a lot of fun in the community with known criminals and civilians on my cop as well as cops, other criminals, and civilians on my criminal. The thing that most people aren't realizing is that the server has become a Gunplay > RP server...most of the murders in this city could be handled without guns. You have people just going around killing because they can or are bored. You have people going around like Kennedy said saying they own shit and have been in the city 2 days. There are a lot of people that have been here way before I was, and they are known and respected...shit I'v
    10. How much for the handsome man in the picture?
    11. I also remember your partner taunting people as well I don't think either side was without blame
    12. I'll take some nice screenshots of this for you! Just toss me 5%
    13. Hi Tom! Please keep in mind that we all volunteer here! Most of us have full time jobs that we also have to work each day. If I'm at my computer and available I am always happy to answer any type of support questions. I will be available in TS for the next 3-4 hours from this posting. Thanks, Kommador
    14. Hi Jack! I know personally I am curious what people think about a few of the things on your list. One thing I would love to see is more lawyer / cop RP and more court cases. I know the Marshals currently aren't a thing as well. One thing that kills RP for me is when people take things OOC...finish the RP and then if there is an issue you can handle it afterwards. I'm curious what you mean by "Respecting Admins" as well. Thanks
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