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  1. Kommador

    Bring back everything,

    You have a lot of good points here, honestly where do you draw the line? If you reset the economy to please players that have just joined the community what happens in a month when new players join? Do we reset it again? I agree it would just be a vicious cycle. One thing I disagree on is the fact that nobody would donate money without getting something in return...you don't have to have tangible items, IGC, or cars in order to appreciate a great community. Shit, if I got some good RP out of it I would gladly donate. To me it is more about experiences than the pixels that you can buy with RL cash. Let's be honest, some of the donations that people have made are far higher than any of these pixels are worth. The clout chase, the meta gaming, and poor RP is what has chased a lot of people away...100% agree, bring back good RP and the community would be a lot happier!
  2. Kommador

    Business Owner Rental Fees

    I agree, you'd have to increase the amount of money that these businesses made in order to charge them a tax or rent.
  3. Kommador

    Bring back everything,

    You actually answered your own question in the reply Jack. People would just donate for more money, there is more money coming in than going out. Yes you may take $1 billion out...but how much more is going to come in? When it comes to people being able to buy helicopters, we all know it would quickly become something that was abused...when seized that person would be very furious. It just wouldn't work in my opinion. But maybe the Devs will give their input, you never know what could happen!
  4. Kommador

    Bring back everything,

    When dealing with people who have amassed great wealth it is a very tricky situation. In order to do a full economy reset, as some of you are hinting would honestly be a decision that has to be looked at by the owners. I personally would enjoy a whitelist server or something where we can start over with people who are actually here to create a story line. I can't tell you how many times I go into the city on my cop or civilian and it's a complete shit show of just automatic gunfire, Gunplay > RP, and a BUNCH of meta. The meta that is going on in this community right now is what is driving the people who were good RP'ers away. Everyone wants to pass around rumors OOC and then take those IC. And the amount of text RP that I see...I'm just like where the hell is that inside the city? Do I think that the suggestions everyone before me listed above would fix the economy? Definitely not
  5. Kommador

    Selling Vapid Flash GT (SOLD)

    How much for the handsome man in the picture?
  6. Kommador

    #1 Ammunition Store

    I'll take some nice screenshots of this for you! Just toss me 5%
  7. Kommador

    you need better support

    Hi Tom! Please keep in mind that we all volunteer here! Most of us have full time jobs that we also have to work each day. If I'm at my computer and available I am always happy to answer any type of support questions. I will be available in TS for the next 3-4 hours from this posting. Thanks, Kommador
  8. Kommador

    Dodge Viper

    Very nice car! Also...tuner shop? Not sure what you're talking about
  9. Kommador

    Valencia Clout.

    Welcome to the city Valencia! - Mitch
  10. Kommador

    RP purposes

    Fake hostages aren't as cool as real hostages...do a little more work and actually go find someone to kidnap and use...I mean after all if you get caught you'll still be charged with kidnapping. Might as well do it
  11. Hi Ralph! I am interested in viewing this property and wondering if you would be able to post photos of the interior as well! Thanks, Mitchell Teller
  12. Kommador

    Police Activity

    I think you are talking about a very small perspective here, as a trooper myself I have never actually be on duty in the same city as Jordan White or Steven Lee. I know everyone thinks that people want to be on their streams, but that isn't always the case. Plenty of cops go to cities with little police presence first and move if there isn't anything criminal going on. Keep in mind, this is a game and if there isn't anything for them to do, they end up going to a city that has more crime. Nobody likes to be bored. You have a great point here, if the community saw how many times and how much time we spend inside TS waiting to get someone deported because they are shitlords then they may change their stance. A lot of criminals do not follow gov't rules and have to be deported...could be someone underage, VDM'ing, RDM'img, etc. As long as you are properly RPing the situation your RP can be as elaborate as you make it. Think about it logically, you aren't running up to IRL cops screaming at them or harassing them during a traffic stop...but a lot of people do that when they see someone pulled over in BCRP. Closing down a section of a neighborhood is fine, as long as you have RP'd it out and it isn't just shitlording.
  13. Kommador

    FDNY Speed Camera fines?

    It would take a long time for the owners to actually catch it...they aren't able to just sit there and spectate all day every day as they are busy with other things as well. Maybe bringing it up to their attention so at least it's on their radar is the best thing to do...nobody wants power hungry people in the community and if things are being abused, its our job as members of the community to help where we can.
  14. Kommador

    FDNY Speed Camera fines?

    Have you went higher than their supervisors?
  15. Kommador

    FDNY Speed Camera fines?

    If you see a cop doing 200mph in the city you should definitely report it to his superior. I honestly am unsure of how they would be going 200mph when the top speed on the charger is like 180mph though. If you don't report instances like this, they continue to happen, cops should be clearing intersections for sure. All emergency vehicles are exempt from tickets, even IRL so not sure why they are getting them.
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