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  1. [NYSP-20] Dex Buzz

    LTB House in a remote area.

    All good
  2. [NYSP-20] Dex Buzz

    LTB House in a remote area.

  3. [NYSP-20] Dex Buzz

    500 Roy lowenstein House

    Time Left: 5 days and 20 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Selling this house, shoot some offers, government price is 350k (included) Really close to impound and garage 1, you can store up to 8 cars but can upgrade it to like 30+ Really nice house to start a family. Highest Bid:

    1.00 IGC

  4. [NYSP-20] Dex Buzz

    Ben Accardi Sandy Gun Store

    Hello, my name is Ben Accardi with the Ben Accardi Sandy gun store. At the Ben Accardi Sandy Gun store you can find many guns! Anything you are looking for we have, legal stuff only. If you're looking for a small but powerful pistol we have the SNS pistol, if you're looking for a pistol that has a big clip and puts in work we offer the heavy pistol, if you're looking for a pistol with huge amounts of fire power then we offer the Pistol 50. In order to buy guns from here you need to have a legal gun permit, so don't come here thinking we supply criminals, we are legit! I'm also a top 50 world class sniper, if you need some aiming lessons then make sure to contact 722-6267 or email at Client#8119@bigcityrp.com If there's any questions that you might have contact me, you'll most likely see me in the city going around annoying people and advertising! Thank you for shopping at the Ben Accardi Sandy Gun Store and have a blessed day! Remember we are LEGAL, just so you cops out there know.
  5. [NYSP-20] Dex Buzz

    The Royal Family

    Seems good
  6. [NYSP-20] Dex Buzz

    Selling OG Supra Upgraded

    The inside is full of cockaroaches
  7. [NYSP-20] Dex Buzz

    Wacky radical idea

    Agree 100%, we need a wipe and a whole rework of the economy, car prices, businesses and everything.
  8. [NYSP-20] Dex Buzz

    Crime Discussion

    I believe Nardah stated adding house robbing wouldn't be hard, don't quote me on that, but yeah I agree with you on most things, I believe we can do both tho, add new stuff and fix what we have. I believe we have a chop shop but no one does it and it's not good
  9. [NYSP-20] Dex Buzz

    Crime Discussion

    That'd be great too
  10. [NYSP-20] Dex Buzz

    Crime Discussion

    So we all know BigCity is probably the best public server out there RP wise, well that I've experienced. Currently what is there to do crime wise? You rob a store, you rob a bank? ect.. it's just really repetitive. I use to feel a type of way about the people that would sit at legion and do nothing, but I'm starting to understand them more. Don't get me wrong there's a lot of things to do that you can probably come up with, but when you have been here for so long you have experienced most of it. We need new stuff to do, crime wise and also non crime wise. Like there's so much things we could add, we could bring back the jewelry store and completely revamp it, we can add robbing houses, and by robbing houses I mean you'd go into a locals houses not into an actual player's house and take their stuff, you could rob locals by holding them up and they would give you random stuff like money, food, ect... I'm not sure if there's a chop shop but we could bring that in and rework it and make it a lot better. There's so many things that are already made that wouldn't be hard to implement that we need. We could get custom civ jobs, like if you wanted to be a stripper you could have stripper on your id, and before anyone says "oh this wouldn't work it's a public" well let's try it, stop saying something won't work if you don't try it. I don't think any of these things would affect the quality of RP in a bad way, if anything it would add more.
  11. [NYSP-20] Dex Buzz

    Hostage Rule

    Getting real hostages is not hard at all and I do it on my crim literally all the time so I don't know why people use that as an excuse, Fake Hostages should 100% be against the rules.
  12. [NYSP-20] Dex Buzz

    Latin Kings

    This thread
  13. [NYSP-20] Dex Buzz

    Speed Cameras

  14. [NYSP-20] Dex Buzz

    Gun Store #2 On SALE!


    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Looking for Offers! You get discounts on anything you buy, and you can store anything in there! There's no rent for owning this business. Email: Client#8119 Number: 722-6267 Name: Ben Accardi Top Bid: 11M

    1.00 IGC

  15. [NYSP-20] Dex Buzz

    Whitelist Development

    Any updates?