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  1. Dex Buzz

    Business stash

    So as you guys know we have permissions in houses where we can give people permission to use the clothing changer, the stash unit, ect.. I was wondering if we could also get this implemented into shops like a gun store so you can give access to people so they are able to access the inventory ect.
  2. Dex Buzz

    ROLEPLAY! - The art of good roleplay

    Johnson muppet best rper oh yeah
  3. Dex Buzz

    LTB M5 BMW 4 door

    Gotta add me back on the emails
  4. Dex Buzz

    Cable cars to go up Mt. Chiliad

    Good suggestion bot!
  5. Dex Buzz

    Make lawyers more worth it and create more rp with it

    Doesnt matter how much you increase it certain people will still not care, why? Because they could just sit afk in jail working out pressing e once in a while and get out, easy. People mostly care about money, especially the people that don't have much so when you tell them that they'll get a 20% discount for having a lawyer, people will start requesting lawyers a lot more often. It's a great idea and i dont see why anyone would have a problem with it, unless they didnt want lawyer rp.
  6. Dex Buzz

    [Police] MDT - Incident Report

    Not a cop but this seems like it would really benefit the city
  7. Dex Buzz


  8. Dex Buzz


  9. Dex Buzz


  10. Dex Buzz

    Legalize Body Armor

    New York - Body Armor Law. In New York, any adult can purchase and use a bulletproof vest, unless that adult has been convicted of a felony. Bulletproof vests and all other body armor can be purchased online or face-to-face. ... The unlawful wearing of a vest is a class E felony.
  11. Dex Buzz

    Selling The Crib SOLD

    House well taken care of and smells nice.
  12. Dex Buzz

    Community meetings

    Completely Agree
  13. Dex Buzz

    Bank Robbery/Robbery RP

    My take on this. -False license plates. [ Would get abused]-Aiming from vehicles (no shooting) [Completely agree I have even suggested this before]-a nerf or complete ban on motorcycles used for robberies. [ Completely agree, if you're using a bike you're in it for the win not the rp ]-Promoting the use of using a local vehicle. [ If you've ever ran into me or any of my friends / family, we never use bikes only stolen vehicles, I feel like some local vehicle need buffs too because they are pretty shit, and they are also picked up too easy by the ALPR so maybe a change in that.]-More rewarding robberies, that take time.(store robbery shouldnt take 15 seconds) [ I agree, I feel like there should be a system of cards, where you need a certain card to rob a bank, and these cards you can get from robbing stores/robbing houses and other stuff.]-heavier punishments on people using their own vehicles to commit crimes ( 3-7-14 day police impounds, authorised by COC/ Judges) If the suspect gets caught using his own vehicle (not when they scan license plate with alpr) [I agree but I feel like a lot of people would get really salty over this, but I agree no one should be using their own vehicle to rob banks, stores or anything]-more focus on making plans vs, trying to win (this relies heavily on the criminals themselves) [ Agree ]-an ID that people can leave at home, and have people identify them at the police station, via fingerprints/ DNA Database (something that would have to be implemented) -this creates a chance for a gang/group of people (for a max of 5 still ofcourse) to try and get their buddies out of the problems
  14. Dex Buzz



    • FOR SALE
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    Title says it all, only about 15k miles, it is non og, came right from the store, insured. Impound fee is like 90k, I've rarely gotten it impounded, as long as you don't do crime in it you'll be fine. Custom plate too which you could probably change. Store price is 7.5M, fully upgraded and everything. Send Offers # : 722-6267 Email: Client#8119

    1.00 IGC

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