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    1. Yeah, for sure. I'm definitely with the ice cream, tacos, water, burgers, etc. being bought with a menu to put in the amount.
    2. I'm assuming you're talking about buying supplies for meth? Or crack cocaine where it's one hand off at a time? If you're talking about either of those, I think they should both stay the way they are since both of those have time windows. It would be ridiculous for people to be able to buy xx amount at once because you'd be able to stock up an insane amount in 10 min and it would further tilt things in favor of the drug community. My suggestion would be to RP it out, go have someone buy your supplies when they're available then pay them 1.5x-2x the original cost for doing the grunt work.
    3. I'm fairly new still (only about a month and a half in here at BigCityRP and I gotta say, love this place. I've spent about 500 hours in that time ingame, don't judge me, I have a lot of time off. The 2 server additions since I've joined were a godsend at the time, but it looks like since numbers have gone down the playerbase is very split and I was talking with the community I play with over in Discord yesterday and we thought maybe if they temporarily close down 1 or 2 servers, it'd help bring more RP back since naturally it'd funnel everyone into less servers, making it more likely that they'd remain full throughout the day and night. I remember when I joined on March 31, there was a long queue for us to get in but we'd sit there for hours because we knew once we got in we were going to play for 8-10 hours a day and the amount of interactions we had were great. Then we thought, maybe it's just not just downtrend in GTARP, but maybe we just need new content and believe me we're very grateful for how much you guys have been adding, but we were curious if there were plans to add more intricate jobs, hobbies, activities, events, etc. that'd make the world feel more lively outside of drugs. The ice cream truck and taco truck were great additions at first glance, but playing as much as I do on my cop character, I'd say half or more of the taco and ice cream sellers I've come across were basically AFK since there was no RP to be had where they were selling and the jobs were set up to be set it and forget it until you gotta restock. I just wanna make it clear that I'm not here to complain and if it comes off as complaining, I'm very sorry because I'm in this for the long haul as a cop and a civ and I just wanna go back to having that great RP we had for the first month I was here, so I figured I'd open this suggestions thread to get some suggestions going from players who have been here much longer and who have seen the inevitable ups and downs in player numbers and how quick they recover, etc. Love you guys at BigCityRP, from the owners and dev to the players and everyone inbetween and I hope we get to do this for years to come with a growing community. tl;dr: I love this community so much I sunk an average of 12-14 hours of gameplay per day since I started playing on March 31, 2019 (except for this past week since I was traveling IRL), but I haven't been here nearly long enough to have my own suggestions on what we as the community should relay to the management team and devs on how to handle the fractured playerbase (few players in too many servers) and would love for you guys to post your suggestions which hopefully will spark some action to get everyone either back and playing or get the current userbase into fewer servers so we have full cities full of RP.
    4. It's not possible to counter the revolver, that's why we're in a thread suggesting it to be tweaked and/or removed. I played more on my civ character than my cop character and out of all the guns I've used between the 2 characters (all pistols, the shotgun, the musket, and the AR), the only one that feels broken is the revolver. It doesn't have a place in an RP community because when shootouts do occur, it's an unbelievable advantage against police and I've used it against cops on my civ character and I can honestly say that it's just unfair. One shot with no real aiming ability required through their body armor, so I would get away in any shootout because of this + the fact that police are vastly outnumbered in shootouts 99% of the time. I'd even be fine if it was wildly inaccurate past 20 feet or so, but the thing is literally a sniper rifle in pistol form. I've gotten shot by opposing gang members on my civ from so far I couldn't even tell how I was downed and I certainly had 0% chance to react. Also, I'm not quite sure you understand why people are upset about the revolver. You think it's just cops? There's so many civs that are sick of it because it takes any chance of making shootouts another RP scenario and throwing it out the window. There's a reason why you see people in whitelisted servers using the tec-9 and whatnot. With the amount of bullets to down someone, it makes something like a shootout RP as well. With the revolver, RP ends right there. Other scenarios, we could have gang shootouts that take longer due to lower damage from lower caliber weapons where police can actually arrive on scene or civilians can run away after catching a stray bullet that wounded them, etc. My point is there would be many more scenarios like this, but the revolver just makes it so all the RP (if there was any at all before the shootout) is done after 1 shot is fired basically. As far as what you said about them making the sniper rifle not one shot either, that'd be strange. Sniper rifles can only be used by ERT members and there are rarely more than 1 or 2 online at the same time during peak hours so at best there's 1-2 servers with an ERT member who can use one. The revolver on the other hand, you can fly into the city and buy one for $10k in less than an hour after making a bit of money and have the capability to down any civ and any cop (including ERT who are supposed to be heavily armored) with one shot from any range with the ability to fire another 5 rounds before you have to reload. With all that said, can you honestly say the revolver in it's current state belongs in an RP community? Because from what I can tell the only people defending the revolver the way it is right now are people who come here to grind out money via drugs and shoot at others, which are people that basically want to play GTA Online that has some mods that put value into your character, but aren't really interested in RP'ing outside of flexing their gang status and how much money they've made or cops they've put in the hospital. Also, I'm fairly certain you're part of the Clout family, and from every interaction I've had with you guys on my civ char and my cop char, you guys don't really want to RP, you're just more interested in cops vs. robbers and gang vs. gang action, which is totally cool, I dig that stuff, too, but they've got FiveM servers modded more toward what you guys are looking for. Conclusion: The revolver in it's current state is not good for an RP server in my opinion so I think a fair compromise would be to make it 2 shots to the chest with body armor. Obviously headshots are always a one hit down, so I suggest people that don't want the revolver to change to grab other pistols, put red dot sights on them and go in first person, aim down sights, then use mouse wheel up to actually aim directly down sights, and do your thing that way. It'll take a bit of practice, but at least it'll be fair. Also, to add before I end this, the 50 cal pistol is a great alternative that is still very strong but gives people a chance to react after being shot at as long as they haven't been shot in the head. edit: I just wanted to make it clear what I mean by the revolver gives people 0% chance to react whether they're a civ, cop, or anyone else being shot at. Whether you've got body armor or not, it's going to 1 shot you anywhere on the body except for the calves and feet, and forearms and hands. Think about this for a sec and then realize that people put red dot sights on these so they're able to down anyone from any distance as long as you're visible on their screen. This means your whole body is a huge target walking/running around and often times when I get shot, I don't even hear the gunshot because someone will be perched up somewhere with it about 50+ feet away. (We have holographic sights on our ARs as NYPD officers and we have to aim for the head if we wanna down someone because if the criminals are wearing body armor, shooting through their armor takes 5 shots then another 3 shots, totaling 8 shots from an AR which is fair in an RP server IMO so the shootouts aren't just over within 2 seconds) That's why I strongly argue the argument that the gun should be 2 shot waist up with body armor, so this way people that want a powerful gun can have one, but that it shouldn't kill from a shot to the thigh or upper arms, etc. Also, jack the price up to something like $100k+ or make it an illegal gun that people have to build. If you don't agree with what I've said in this post, please go test it yourself or ask people for twitch clips of it and you'll see what I mean when I say this gun is not for RP servers. And to be quite honest, it's just not realistic.
    5. Yeah for sure man, I 100% agree with you that you should be able to get the cuffs off. I really did think that lockpicks worked but it appears I'm wrong on that. Personally, I think the easiest thing for them to do that'd make a lot of sense would be to let your friend use lockpicks on them just like a car and give it the same chance as a starting a car because if someone's able to escape with cuffs on, they should be able to get them off just like IRL. Otherwise, we just have people get away, take a flight out and back in and that just takes any RP that could've come out of it and throws it out the window and forces people to break the rules of the server by disconnecting and reconnecting. I'm def with you guys on this being added!
    6. Ah, damn I'm misinformed then. I could've sworn you could've used lockpicks on handcuffs. Just because the person who told me has been playing for the long while they have, I'll still go ahead and test this myself to make sure because it would make me sad to see they don't. Quick question, how many did you use? Because my understanding was that it was like lockpicking a car where it can take 1 try all the way up to 15+ since its based on pure RNG.
    7. I'm almost certain that another person can use lockpicks on your handcuffs to get them off. Also, I think I had a run-in with you where you were cuffed and got away when we all got teleported from one hospital to another and you went to change your clothes so we couldn't positive ID you. While this is fine, keep in mind that you wouldn't technically be able to change your shirt and jacket with handcuffs on. But yeah, try lockpicks on your friend with cuffs on, I've heard it works. Let me know!
    8. I see a lot of people in this thread talking about how it's the only weapon that balances out the fact that cops have an AR, but it's just not true. An AR is far worse than a revolver. We tested it and with body armor, it takes 8 shots to the chest to down someone with an AR. A revolver is one shot with body armor anywhere (including thighs) and extremities (hands/feet) and forearms and calves takes you down from full body armor and full HP to 0% body armor and between 5-15% HP. The truth is, the revolver makes things boring because there's no chance to react against one and the person using it doesn't have to aim it well, they just have to hit you anywhere on the body to down you. My opinion: make it so body armor soaks up 1 shot from a revolver without going into HP making it a 2 hit kill gun. This way, it's still very powerful but also allows for cops/other players to try and react before that 2nd shot comes. It's probably still going to be overpowered this way, but it'd be way better than how it is now. Just my 2 cents anyway.
    9. Thanks Jack! I believe you worked on my Audi R8 if I recall correctly. Nice to see ya around!
    10. What's goin on guys, I'm Christopher Moltisanti. Born and raised in northern New Jersey. Been in NYC now for a few weeks, trying to help my family get ahead. I work for the Soprano crew led by my Uncle Tony Soprano. He's technically my cousin but I've always been a nephew to him so uncle/cousin, whatever. We're always interested in getting to know others around Staten Island. Some of you may have met me already, but just putting this out there for those of you who haven't yet.
    11. @StrikerzRyan I tried it, I think they may have removed this feature with the update possibly.
    12. Yeah, I love it too. I turned on the city notifications so it'll show at the top left when someone in my city posts, but I wish they'd stay there like the old one. Anyone else with any thoughts about it?
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