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  1. Heartt

    The Petrov Family

    One of my favorite families!
  2. Chrome Dome has these guys on retainer for the whole shop! Great Lawyers!
  3. Heartt

    Dress as police and drive the cop car ?

    I could see this as a great implementation for whitelist when it comes about again, but other than that agreed on the recipe for disaster.
  4. Heartt

    Francesco DiSalvo

    Hope to see ya sometime Frank!
  5. Heartt


    Welcome my dude!
  6. Heartt

    Ash Real Estate

    Excited to use these gentlemen as my realtor!
  7. Heartt

    ButterHomes- Beach Bungalow 1

    Great home, great spot, not worth 25 million from all the water damage from it raining inside.....
  8. Heartt

    Add Robbing and handcuffing. Inventory system

    I believe wants an individual has a certain amount or maybe an amount of time they have been negative with the bank, assests begin to be repo'd/seized, if I'm not mistaken.
  9. Heartt

    Kani Putin

    Welcome my brotha!
  10. Heartt


    Welcome my brotha! Get out there and have fun! That's all it takes!
  11. Heartt

    Brandon Lee

    Welcome! Have fun brotha!
  12. Heartt

    Sup yall

    Welcome my brotha!
  13. Heartt

    RP purposes

    I agree and hopefully we shall move forward on this one, but I agree with Shephard I know where to look and I still can't find people sometimes.
  14. Heartt

    Joey Delvecchio

    Welcome to New York my guy! Enjoy your time!
  15. Heartt


    Awesome idea!
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