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  1. Maru

    Visible Gun License

    Not sure if this has been suggested already my apologies if it has but, the same way we can see our ID's and show it we can also carry our gun license around as well so it's easier for people to know whether or not they have one. Maybe even add some sort of point system so cops can take away/add points to them.
  2. Adopted by Valentina and Alexander Almestica. At a young age Anais’s biological parents ran a “house with red doors”, as Anais remembered it, in Liberty City. It was under her father’s management but her mother called the shots as she was “The Madam”. They ‘recruited’ homeless girls ages 18 and over. It was considered a safe haven for most of these girls or even boys, for Anais’s future, there were things planned out for her by her parents, something they thought will help the stay afloat. Growing up in The House with Red Doors, Anais kept to herself as she was mostly home-schooled by her mother. Fortunately for Anais, at the age of ten she was taken from the house once she was discovered by an officer, hidden in the attic. It seems like someone had tipped the police that there had been some sort of illegal activities going on inside the home with a child involved. According to police there were documents found inside of the home for bidders and it involved Anais and what was to become of her future. Both parents are charged with child endangerment and RICO charge. At her mother’s request she wanted Anais to be put under a friend’s care, someone she considered a friend, family even. Years pass since Anais’s biological parents had been arrested and the house was sold. The day marks October 31st, Anais’s 18th birthday. Anais takes it upon herself that it’s time to move on, she loves her family but she wants to explore and be her own woman. Claim that part of herself that was almost taken away from her on this day. So, she starts packing her things, setting them into the car Alexander has given to her, says her goodbyes with joyful tears in her eyes and begins her journey only never to be heard from again.
  3. Where are they from? Mavis is a New Yorker through and through. How long you been in this city? Mavis moved to Staten Island about two weeks ago, she wanted to "see something different". What are they interested in doing here in the city? Mavis isn't one to get herself into risky things but depending on who it is she may try and take some risks. The only things she seems interested is settling down in a place where she can call home for herself. She enjoys the nightlife mainly because of how quiet the city seems. Do they have a job? Mavis is currently employed as a courier and she enjoys every bit of it. Favorite hobbies? Mavis is a helper, if she has friends who needs help with something she's your girl. After work she tries looking for strays that are in need of food and if possible give them shelter. Spending time on the beach and watching the wave and the horizon is also one of her favorite pastimes so you may find her there. Character Storyline? Born and raised in the city she decided it was time for a change and "get herself out there", tuh, thats coming from a girl who barely likes to put herself out to begin with. Coming from a small family, Mavis was an only child but was never treated as such, her parents taught her how to enjoy the little things in life and take what she could. Mavis can be very trusting, maybe too trusting probably because she's never had friends who stuck around but moving Staten Island may be bound to change things for Mavis, right?
  4. Maru

    New to RP!

    Hello I'm Mari and I'm new to RPing. I saw how neat it seemed from watching all those Twitch streamers RP and it really made me want to join in. I'm hoping I can break away from being shy and really engage myself and whatever character I create! Really looking forward to meeting the community in-game!
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