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    1. While I would LOVE to see this, I would imagine it's a FiveM limitation. If it's possible in any way, I would give my left nut for this.
    2. Yeah, I'm just trying to show you how I see FNDY as a former member, and also how the rest of the community that I interact with sees you guys! I have nothing but love for the FDNY and I try my best to give you good RP when I can. I know a lot of people don't do that, and it makes me sad.
    3. As you can see from my forum name (That I can't seem to get changed!) I used to be in the FDNY in the city. I will try to give you some reasons why I eventually left the FDNY to move on to other things. I understand that some of these may be pretty unpopular opinions, but here it goes: 1. There is almost TOO much rp. The fact that the average person will have no idea what you're talking about when you are explaining what you are doing, makes it hard to effectively RP. When EMS are treating someone, it almost feels as if they are trying to put me through medical school, rather than treat my wounds. If they don't RP like that, however, it would be kind of boring in a way. It's a catch 22. 2. Basically no compensation for the job requiring the most work and heaviest RP in the city. No matter how well I did, or how much work I put in, I felt as if I just wasn't being rewarded enough. I have the same gripe in a way with NYPD(which I'm currently in). I kind of wish we got paid "bonuses" based on each person we saved, or arrested. I understand why that's not a thing, especially for PD as it could be abused. Saved 22 people today? Oh well, here's the same compensation for your time that you would get if you sat around farming hours and doing nothing. There has to be a way to make the job more lucrative and feel rewarding in some other way than it currently is. At least PD has cool toys you can get as you progress through the ranks? 3. This one is going to be very unpopular I think(especially with the SMT). When EMS is available in the city, the entire city is "penalized" because they are on duty. Obviously even if FDNY was much more populated than it currently is, there is no way that there would be enough EMS to respond to calls AND man every hospital. This means that when someone has a problem, and they go to their local hospital, they are forced to sit there for MUCH longer than they would if EMS weren't available. Basically even if 1 single EMS is clocked in, everyone in the city is required to spend more time NOT RP'ing and sitting in a hospital bed alone somewhere. This has caused a lot of people to resent FDNY. Why would they want to join the ranks of the department they hate? 4. I've made a whole thread about this one before so I will try to not go in depth too much with it. I know how the higher-ups within FDNY feel about this one... It's become a running joke within the community about how silly the FDNY treatment is. "Oh, you got shot 9 times?! Here have 15mg of tylenol, and some laughing gas." The running joke is that FDNY is trying to save money, so they just have you lick a tylenol tablet and then put it back in the bottle. Mauled by a mountain lion? Here's some ibuprofen and a saline IV. I get not wanting to encourage too much "addict RP", but come on... I'm pretty sure FDNY thinks that Amantadine is the duct tape of the medical world. They give that stuff out like a corpsman gives out motrin. 5. FDNY was a severe lack of things to do while on duty. While the PD can do so many things(patrol, respond to different types of call, investigate, etc), FDNY basically sees the same exact wounds day after day. I felt like it got VERY monotonous VERY quickly. There was almost no variation from scene to scene, minus the occasional panic button. ANWAY! I know the post was long but I hope it helped give some insights? Thank you if you took the time to read it. I'd love to see some more people give input on this topic.
    4. With the way the system is set up currently, that would be a terrible thing. Right now, new people joining the community have to spend 2 weeks in queens. That's 2 weeks with basically no RP in a dead server. Unless you know someone from the server already, chances are you are NOT sticking around for that. If the current whitelist system doesn't change, or queens doesn't get some of it's pop back, the community will just die off. This needs to be discussed!
    5. I could get behind this, if implemented properly
    6. Hey, you shush and go get some burgershot employees sir. I need my burgershot fix.
    7. What if there were expanded medical treatment available in Brooklyn being that it's supposed to be a community restricted server? Perhaps RP with EMS could be added to the server rules in some way. If you want to abuse the EMS, or act like that, you get kicked back to queens? That could help create better roleplay in the whitelisted community in every facet, as it's supposed to be. I'm not saying you guys are doing it wrong, I'm saying there may be a better way to do this that we can all figure out together.
    8. As you can see, I used to be EMS, so really felt this one. I left EMS (and ultimately the city for quite a while) because the EMS job just didn't feel rewarding enough. I felt like I had to put in SO much work, for so little. The RP wasn't really fantastic, and the paycheck was crap. Kind of felt like a hamster on a wheel, I wasn't going to get anywhere. People asking for perc 30's everytime they stub their toe, and people trying to use "crazy" as a defense everytime they get arrested... To me it feels like this would create more realistic, in depth, and just downright BETTER RP for the department. IRL there are addicts who legit hurt themselves to get drugs. IRL there are people who try to say they are crazy to get out of stuff. Just a different perspective I guess. I remember being an EMS and running into these things daily, usually multiple times a day. To me these had the potential to be the best interactions, and if they didn't, I would give the RP I was being forced to take, and send them on their way. I know it was mentioned that people get shot 12 times and say their pain level is at a 2. Frankly I used to try to give my pain levels as realistically as possible. Now, I'm just like, what's it even matter. I get the same treatment no matter what LOL. I really appreciate both of you ladies responding, and taking so much time to do so! I really just wanted to start a dialog that could maybe enlighten the community in general as to what FDY deals with, as well as maybe find a way to make it better for those of us that DO want to RP.
    9. Ok, I have spoken to people about this before, and honestly it is just one of those things that pisses me off. For all the attempts at realism in the city, in my opinion, FDNY medical response is the biggest fail. Can we please have the EMT and paramedics administer drugs and treatments that are even remotely realistic? I got mauled by a mountain lion, my intestines were hanging out of my body... They administered like 50mg of acetaminophen. For those of you that don't know, that's Tylenol. The recommended dosage for fever or a headache is 1000mg over the counter. I got shot 2 times in the chest, and they gave me 200mg of ibuprofen. I take 3 times that for a headache. It honestly is just so laughable that it completely breaks down RP for me, and anyone else that has half a brain. I'm not saying that you should just administer morphine for every call, or any kind of narcotics... You have to admit they have a use both in real life, and also in the city. I just think we could at least TRY to make it more realistic. In real life, I went to the hospital recently for kidney stones. They wanted to give me morphine. Kidney stones = morphine but GSW or being mauled by a lion=Tylenol? I would love to hear from some of the CoC in FDNY as to why this is the current state of paramedic roleplay. I mean, it's not like you are giving drugs that are physical items?
    10. I legitimately giggled at this. I wasn't aware the charger is "OP". How so? I want to be let in on this secret! The Taurus on the other hand...It slaps!
    11. The is a HUGE difference between using the "N" word as a derogatory remark to another individual, and what it's evolved to be conversationally in the english language. Sometimes, when I read threads like this, I wonder how many people have actually gone outside in the real world. The "hard R" version of this word (for lack of a better term) is 100 percent never acceptable. The "Soft A" version (Again, lack of a better phrase) is a very mainstream thing, and generally accepted to say depending on where you are from and who you are. Does no one listen to ANY rap music that hits the top of the charts for the past 20 years? I guess not? I'm not condoning it, or trying to force the staff to handle stuff a certain way... It's just always kind of blown my mind how close minded, and sheltered some communities are I guess. If you think you could go to a real life Grove St. and NOT hear that word, you're nuts.
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