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  1. Johnson Muppet

    Knowing a Character

    Excatly, Being a corrupt cop and such is allowed. but if you decide to take shit from criminals on your cop and swap it over to your best "Cousin" then you get banned lmao
  2. Johnson Muppet

    People getting stressed out over RP.

    Simple. If you are not having fun on the game, then take a break, or take 10 minutes to gather your thoughts real quick, before you go and Role-Play with anger and involve those around you
  3. Johnson Muppet


    Do one
  4. Johnson Muppet


    LTB Tempesta Let me know Slimothy#6194 or 596-1017
  5. Johnson Muppet

    Yellow Page

    Would be cool, Have Mechs/Tows/Lawyers/Taxis/Ubers and what not post on there when they are in a city. Should be a thing only allowed for those listed jobs. just so it doesn't get flooded with Bullshit and nonsense
  6. Johnson Muppet

    More character slots/animal characters

    For me personally, I keep 1 cop, 1 Criminal then i have my 3rd Character which i really dont care about, a character that was made for a Roleplaying purpose, as soon as that Roleplay ends im DOA'ing and making a new one for a new Roleplay scenario
  7. Johnson Muppet

    Tow lightbars

    I've started to make my Tow truck pink. to stand out. or something.
  8. Johnson Muppet

    Mclaren P1

    3 packs of Lay's barbecue ships, a wristy, 3 dimes, 5 after eights, a trip to tesco with a 10$ maximum allowance, and I'll put in a good word with my sister
  9. Johnson Muppet

    GSW and ID Notifications

    Excatly, it feels unfair to be a Criminal that doesn’t even know if his ID/ or finger has been swabbed/taken. Works for taking DNA, should be easy to implement
  10. Johnson Muppet

    GSW and ID Notifications

    A lot of cops use /me2’s but a person should physically feel when their ID has been taken off them, so mayabe have the Message say “Your Identification has been taken.” Or something along those lines
  11. Johnson Muppet

    Custom interior

    Definitely limit what someone can buy, i aint trynna see someone ruin my textures with 56 couches in his mansion
  12. Johnson Muppet

    Cruise Control

    This is what i suggested, but some people said it lowered the top speeds? unsure, but i currently use this method
  13. Johnson Muppet

    GSW and ID Notifications

    As some of us know, when you get swabbed for a DNA you(The person being swabbed) gets a little message on your text box saying you have been swabbed for DNA, This is quite a good idea this way it's not abuse-able and cops just take Dna's without people knowing it. But i think that a similar message should be implemented when you get your Gun shot tested or your ID taken, just so people know when a cop actually swabs them or takes their ID
  14. Johnson Muppet

    Knowing a Character

  15. Johnson Muppet

    House database for Cops

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