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    1. Paleto Tech Shop has been added to by Phones or Radios!
    2. The economy is a ever changing thing here. We work hard to try to keep people having things to do to spend money on, and many different ways to make many different amounts of money however they would like.
    3. People can go in and type /help and it will give information on how to do everything.
    4. We do not have a Whitelisted server. We have a Restricted server that is supposed to slow people from filling it up. Not stop them completely.
    5. Even though this sounds like a good idea. We will not limit people's roleplay to only being able to play during a certain time. There are EMS / PD / DOC that come here to escape real life and because they enjoy it, we don't want to set limits on them about when they can play on the server or when they are able to do their job.
    6. So for a few things here. There are plenty of others places that people that can hang out besides at Legion. There are parks, clubs, beaches, the pier. Plenty of places that you are able to hang out and do this. And with having things that people can "sleep off" Is not a good answer either because what's stopping people that have 7 characters that already are all hanging out with the same people on multiple other characters from going to jail getting in trouble. Switching characters, and continuing to do the same thing for all 7 of their characters. Then by the time that they go to sleep everything resets and it can do 7 things again with no consequences.
    7. As a reminder. Just because you are a civilian doesn't mean that there is no way for reports to be made. If there is a police car on scene or you are somewhere that has a CCTV Camera any footage can be used.
    8. This is something that in my opinion will never and should never happen. Every single situation is different from all cases and nothing will ever be the same and clear cut. The closure should come from actually taking the time to report it and know that the staff team is going to take care of it. It will create drama that is not needed in the community.
    9. This is something that i have been attempting to get set up for a while. The idea behind it would be that you would buy for the Exterior of the house, then when you went in it everything would be completely empty except for a preset Storage Location for the house that would be the same for everyone. Then you would get to buy items and decorate the house however you wanted.
    10. If you look in the bottom right of the screen it tells you the information that you are saying. But still a good idea.
    11. https://reee.me/queens Try Clicking that link to join.
    12. A suggestion which people have been able to do in the past to get around this. Is make the checkpoints just overlap with the ones from the previous lap. how ever many times you want the laps to be. So for example if you want 3 laps. You would have 3 checkpoints at each spot.
    13. The PD is working on something like this. You may see officers up there more and more
    14. I've been through many different variations of this rule the 4 1/2 years i've been in the community. I'd have to say that the attitude that people have had towards PD recently about it being a secondary job is getting dangerously close to going back to how we were before where no civs were allowed in PD which is how it was before. I think the 5 hours is a more then fair enough amount of time for someone to be able to make sure. It would be extremely unfair if this was created as a way for people to get around not wanting to do 5 hours every week. I would say as Police officers we are extremely lucky to be able to have civilians and be able to have another whitelist job as a side job. With how the community is right now i do not think that having people that can just play whenever they want is the right move. If someone doesn't want to commit to the requirements of being a Police Officer they should wait until they are ready to commit to it.
    15. So when the hold up script was first put out it would have people running around in low pop servers with no cops. Kill someone and rob them of their stuff even if they were complying. It got way out of hand way to fast as people weren't trusted to handle it. Do i think that there is potential eventually? Sure but there needs to be limited stuff you can get off someone when they are done. So it makes people want to not shoot people right away.
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