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    1. Get a gun, shoot them. Remind them to never try to take advantage of people gain.
    2. Not really against the rules, sorry you had a rough time.
    3. I agree, this would be a nice feature for RP purposes.
    4. https://discordapp.com/invite/4PznPVw
    5. Of course it failed for reason, mainly the lack of approved people. You have to have a large user base to support white list. No need to argue.
    6. This is called meta / power gaming. Post them under personal adds or on the auction site.
    7. Look at /apartments or post in the personal adds secontion what your looking for.
    8. That wouldn’t touch the current economy.
    9. I typically use the thinking deeply or something similar. If I’m in an active conversation, I will say I’ve got to think about something in my head. I don’t think this will ever go away. This is a public server, you are going to encounter a little bit of everything ranging from hard core grinders, people who abuse the server by hacking, and dedicated RPers. Saying that not many people try anymore is offensive and not necessary. I have been with BigCity for around a year now, and made many great friends. I can assure you those who are here to stay, try very hard. The quality of RP you experience can often be a direct result of the RP you create. If you want better RP yourself, practice and keep trying and you will eventually get a better RP experience.
    10. BigCity tried white list and it failed. Not sure why people think a new database is a good idea, why split the community in a way where people are limited to one server or set of servers. Im shocked we haven’t received any comments or insight from the owners? This thread has some really good ideas.
    11. I would create a support ticket or head into Team Speak and they will help you out.
    12. I agree with you, I honestly would not remove them. I think it would be great to charge the driver, but outside of that, I would only increase them and possibly add auto reckless driving warrants for anything 30-40 over the speed limit. Maybe the camera fines you $1,000 for every 5-10 mph over the speed limit you are going?
    13. I would submit a support ticket with the address.
    14. I have tried talking and walking and both do not seem to work to cancel the AFK timer.
    15. Good point, I’ll have to do some more testing.
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