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    1. Well nobody said they were leaving, at least I didnt. However big props to those devs that do spend the time they have working on the server, i know there arent many, but they do what they can. It mostly comes down to the quality of Rp that you are willing to put into the community, sure new things are greeted with open arms and adorned but they arent needed. You can have fun and make memories without all that, just depends on how much effort youre willing to put forth in order to achieve that. Which is something that a lot of people in this well built community could listen to. Some good RPers leave because they have nobody that will match their same energy and it sucks that nobody else is willing to try to make a story as much as they do.
    2. Time and time again I love to see these kinds of posts hoping that it hits home with the right person to actually make a change. RP in this city is nothing to be proud of, people role around with the people they know for hours and thats it, nobody is good enough to roleplay with anybody else it seems like. PD is prob the worst when it comes to this, I've been left locked in zonah 3 times now for over 30mins because PD was too lazy to come let me out. But not only that its also the community. This isnt NoPixel and it isnt a 100k or die server. You get people that are in between they aren't shitlords but they aren't die hard RPers. I had someone come up to me yesterday saying "Fuck SOB" I was like "cool" and hes like "Ohhh youre not gonna shoot me?" like what kind of RP is this? This is the people you let into the brklyn? But the biggest problem I have with bigcity is the economy, yes I know this isnt something that can be taken care of easily but like mfs have more money then i do in GTA ONLINE. I personally feel like people feel the need to donate just to fit in which isnt right by any means. Take it how you wish, maybe someone will find the need to step up and make a change.
    3. In all honesty I agree with everything you've said. For the most part constructive criticism is a big thing. I've said it many times that things need to be changed but its like it goes over everyone's head. Everybody has just come to the agreement that the server is fine and nothing needs to be done or they just go about there day knowing that the devs will fix the problems. Most things I see in the suggestions are people wanting things added, nothing should be added till everything that's already in place has been fixed. I love the point you made on Spread out and RP, however most people I interact with could care less about RP. I guess they see it as a I have more money then you so leave me alone type of thing, which is fine i could care less, but you have to think this isn't NoPixel but it isn't a 100k or die. In my eyes I see bigcity as a i have a bigger dick then you so watch out. Which isnt how it should be. Ive been left on the floor dead in handcuffs because Cops were too lazy to wait on EMS to show up, or left in Pillbox/Zonah in a locked room handcuffed for 30mins because no police wanted to show up. It just doesnt make sense, im spending my time Rping in a locked room by myself. And you dont even have to get me started on the money thing cause people have more money then I do in GTA ONLINE. Legal jobs are shit and not fun. And then the jobs that USE TO make you money ie. scanning or mining are too nerfed to where it would take you a week of in game time just to see results, I spent 3h the other day scanning and found a total of 13 parts. In no way is this pointing the finger at management but in my opinion its like they are leaving people no other option then to donate. And that's not right people shouldn't have to feel like they need to donate in order to have money like everyone else who has been playing for 4years or however long. People were showing up to the car auctions with 500+mil and auto bidding 60mil just because they could, like how fair is that to new people ? Just some things to leave on the table for someone else to have an opinion on.
    4. Over the past couple days I've thought about how cool it would be to have trailers available for purchase. This would open up so much more RP opportunities such as towing cars for drag races, quads, bikes, off-road vehicles, pulling a car to take it somewhere to sell. I'm sure there are more uses others could come up with but I think this addition would bring overall a lot more activity and RP this server needs. I specifically would love using it for bringing an off-roading vehicle to scanning locations, so you can see where some of this could be implemented. I think it would also be cool to limit what vehicles could and couldn't pull these trailers. Obviously it makes sense for bigger vehicles such as trucks to pull the trailer, but you could also go the route of saying maybe only expensive trucks such as the raptor, dually, and a few others could pull a trailer for economy purposes. Obviously this is only intended for bringing certain vehicles places, and could take away from tow drivers but some solutions to this could be making the trailer expensive or by just simply making it a rule that you can't use it as a tow if a car is broken down .I'd like to hear some other thoughts on how cool this could be and what input others have. I've linked two possibilities below, there's probably better out there or some that could be coded but i just linked these as an example. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/cartrailer-addon-fivem https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/20-foot-open-car-trailer-fivem-sp-addon-z3d
    5. SOB History Originally founded in Stockton, CA, SOB originally a local street gang would soon become a dominate power in Stockton. Warfare throughout the neighborhood lead to the gangs moniker " Strictly Only Brothers " as a sign of unity throughout the gang. SOB initially started selling any and every drug they could get their hands on. SOB's rise to domination in Stockton caught the eyes of all major gangs in the area such as Conway Crips, Westside Nortenos, as well as PBS (Surenos). Being a new gang to this city these big time gangs didn't take it lightly that SOB was trapping in their city. Multiple conflicts broke out between SOB and other neighborhood gangs. SOB soon got their hands on some of the top of line high tier weapons. This had a huge impact on how warfare within the neighborhood went down. Word got out that SOB was in possession of *multiple high tier firearms*, little did they know that SOB was recruiting many members left and right that were already ready to kill for them at any cost. At the time most members were around the age of 17. Every member was given the essentials, drugs and multiple automatic firearms. Amongst all the warfare going on SOB grew to become allies with gangs such as The Bloods, Pirus, Latin Kings, Nortenos, GD (Gangster Disciples), BD (Black Disciples), as well as the infamous Guadalajara Cartel. This gave SOB the upper hand in anything warfare, and drug related throughout Stockton. SOB dominated the area for years to come and grew its empire. Symbols and Identification SOB, like many street gangs, have created a unique form of identification including language, apparel, tattoos, graffiti, and hand signs. The gang has created an entire subculture with variations from coast to coast and set to set. The gang primarily wears Blue and Black. Colors are worn as a sign of pride in their gang affiliation as well as an intimidation factor to non-gang members and rivals. Gang members will represent their set by “flagging,” or wearing bandanas. These bandanas or “flags” can be worn around the head, face, wrist, ankles, or in their back pocket. Having a flag is very significant to a gang member; typically flags are given at the time of initiation into the gang. It is considered disrespectful to let a flag fall on the ground and rival gang members will make a show of throwing their rival’s flag on the ground and stepping on it to show disrespect. COC Allies The Bloods Guadalajara Cartel
    6. +1 Great Idea !! Everyone complains how they get bored of RP and this would definitely add to the rp experience. The possibilities that could be had with this are endless. Most definitely needs added.
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