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  1. Triggered games


    for some odd reason it doesn't work for me anymore not even the five minute grace period
  2. Triggered games


    does this still work?
  3. Triggered games

    Slaughter Gang

    you have to find us in the city and be initiated to the group of us you may be you get accepted that good if you don't you don't our city is mostly Staten island if you are in town just tweet Slaughter Gang and we will meet you hope to meet you very soon
  4. Triggered games

    Slaughter Gang

    Slaughter Gang Slaughter Gang is a group of friends that meet in different ways some not so pleasant and some JUST OUT THE BLUE. Slaughter Gang was created in the year 2014 this group unfortunately fell apart years later. these 5 members are trying to bring the community back together AGAIN.THIS GANG IS TRYING STICKING THERE FINGERS INTO DIFFERENT THING EXAMPLES DRUGS, OWNING BUSINESS’S, AND OWNING LOTS AND LOTS OF NICE VEHICLES. Slaughter Gang 4L Gang We OUT See you on the streets
  5. Anthony Hixen born in the big city he was born 05/15/90 Anthony Hixen is a lawful worker trying to make it big
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