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    1. Does BigCityRP still have the queens Brooklyn and all them servers like before? I keep hearing west and east coast! Wow thats awesome 100% I been watching GTAV rp on twitch lately wow how times have changed that is for sure! I like this idea of BigcityRP west coast and east coast thing!
    2. OOOOF 220? Sheeesh. I have driven that police speed unit and that thing is very fast and yea I shouldnt had a license to drive that thing tbh. My driving even the regular police cruiser I sometimes end up on the wrong side of the road just at 160 mphs. I can only imagine trying to keep up at 220. One other thing is if you are in a pursuit at that high of speed well me personally I would just call off the pursuit because thats dangerous speeds regardless of speed unit. 200 mphs? You cant pit at those speeds and ya cant spike strip so pretty much all you can do is just make sure you have persons said information plate etc and place a warrant/APB out on the said vehicle. You could also if air one is available have them fly at a high level if they have eyes on the vehicle they could follow the vehicle until it stops get visual of who/how many gets of said vehicle get as much info as they can without bein seen and then relay that info to all units and then all units make their move! Nice post here op!
    3. ' The OOC thing. Damn... I was hoping that would change bro this is sad to read. As a former COC that's right Borlez was a SGT in the PD who would have ever thought that I would be in the chain of command! The experience of that I met some many good individuals but I never took sides. If I felt something was wrong you best believe I would call that out. If a COC was in the wrong I didn't hold myself back from calling out the bs that I did see lol. Sometimes Borlez he went a bit too outta line in the COC discord when he called the bs out lmfaooooo! hope you guys are doing well in the PD and SP!
    4. Happy Holidays BigcityRP! Absolutely 100% this was one of the key things about RP that made things fun I would always look to see how severe my injury was. And let me tell you multiple times came from a vehicle lololol yep my seatbelt kept malfunctioning. I could swore I actually made sure it was on but ya know in those high speed chases and then those locals... Let me tell ya those locals on another level of aiding and abetting during those pursuits specially up in Pacific in the highway area... YEP I would get tossed from my vehicle and then I would use the commands to see how bad my injury was I wouldnt say nothing bout that I would do the /injuries thing and see my injuries and that helped me understand how bad my injury was. I wish that was more detailed or something tbh like maybe say if your leg got broken or fracture foot or broken arm or something ya know? Cause I had to guess and like play out like if it said my head was hurt I would be knocked out and I would not I dont care how long it took I would make FDNY figure out how to make me wake up again. LMFAOOO I think that got on their nerves sometimes ahaha! Oooooooooooo and memories now is coming back to me the 1st thing I was at BigcityRP was FDNY. That was a big issue with me Akira I think actually now that I think bout it. I always would try to get others to roleplay out things even when they didnt want to roleplay but I just cant let someone get up from a gunfight and just not go to the hospital if they was hit.. Or get a vehicle accident and not go to the hospital. They was I was as FDNY is if a person was knocked out on scene if they needed my assistance to help them up they going to the hospital because why I am no doctor. And the thing is BigcityRP is a serious and strict RP server its RP and thats what ppl ya know thats what they should want to do. I want to share this with you on this subject bout injury roleplay. When I was a corporal at the time I actually acted on this and was almost fired from being a officer. I had this huge issue with ppl just not roleplaying or at least trying too... No one is a absolutely best roleplayer but anyone can at least think and try to create rp. Anyways though there was this officer this guy was no rookie and he made an arrest on a person well apparently this person that the officer arrested tried to roleplay that their breathing stopped and the officer didnt stop to RP at all. 1. When any person is arrested they are the responsibility of the officer and their health though we are not medics they are too 100% give aid when it comes to medical or at least contact FDNY immediately. Damn that upset me so much right there I got offline and myself went into the PD part of discord and chewed out the person that did that. And ya know those officers now I think bout it FDNY would hold training for PD and some officers would show up but I think it should have been a requirement a mandatory thing where you get checked off on as part of training by a FDNY officer or FTO. Roleplaying arrests or roleplaying medical it should always be a thing imo. A person should never get up after getting hit by a car. Even a local... A local hits me unlucky although I can still walk... Ya know how many times they called on the radio for A-22 or One Bravo 19 Borlez and Borlez was knocked out by a local. And the last I was in PD we actually started to to RP out severe injuries and take medical leave and be off duty for a couple days or something. Had to come back talk to a shrink get cleared to go back on duty lmfaooo.
    5. About the ramming/desync. I cant say I ever had that happen lots. If it happen though and someone was upset that I rammed them I would say that damn mechanic down over in mirror park yeaaaa he was fixing my car and cut my brakes those mechanics sus let me tell ya!! But if I knew that desync was the cause of how I caught a crim in a pursuit I am letting that pursuit continue on/reset. It aint about the W its about having fun! Lolol trust those moments even the crim is like wth hes gonna let me reset? Well yea if lag/desync was the cause of me catching you well if your car still works might be a little bit smoky but hop in it and restart the pursuit Ill give ya a 10 sec start but then its game on. If my car dont work well I got your plate warrant incoming LMFAOOOOO! Going up a mountain in a pursuit... In a dodge cruiser. I'm getting PTSD just typing this A-22 dispatch send med 1 we gonna need it .. Lessons you learn as a rookie dont go up a mountain in a dodge police cruiser or an Ambulance they aint made for it. Also dont trust a cadet with a pistol in their hand at a bank robbery while looking at CCTV! The memories let me tell ya This was a nice post to read some good memories and rough ones lmfaooo! Wanted to check out how BigcityRP was doing cause this place is home of GTAV RP. Nothin better more serious than BigcityRP when it comes to roleplay. As far as cuffing instantly imo from experience is as an officer your goal is too enforce the law yes but it feels much better when ya can handle issues without the cuffs thats a W bigger than the arresting W. The levels I used to go- Verbal warning- A louder verbal warning- Call for backup- And then if things is out of control still alight lets go you going to jail lolol. Specially legion square oof! Hope all is well with everyone at BigcityRP PD and BigcityRP itself. Its good to check back and read these posts see how the city is doing!
    6. Today I get stabbed during a traffic stop. I see the suspect pulled out a knife I draw my gun and back up and have him at gunpoint suspect charges at me and well I fire a couple rounds striking him. I am not gonna go full letting off my pistol with many shots because I am in legion square I struck him a couple times and afer he stabbed me he went to go get medical himself driving away.. Now this person as soon as I pulled them over their friend pulls up in front of the traffic stop and starts to be apart of the traffic stop I tell him to leave the scene lol who pulls up in front of a traffic stop? Ok anyways I get stabbed at this traffic stop by the suspect. I get helped by FDNY medic and after I got out of pillbox the person who stabbed me who I did get identification from was arrested by PD and was at MRPD waiting for me. This suspect once I got down to MRPD took about I say 15 mins acting as if he was on drugs or something. I called down FDNY to come look at him FDNY comes down he bites the medic and then passes out FDNY takes the time to check out the suspect and somehow the suspect had notes in his pocket about him being mentally ill. The suspect awakens like 15-20 mins later saying he does not know what happened and if I could just sign and release him. I told him his charges and why he was being charged etc and made it clear to him that he knew right from wrong. Suspect gets upset and asks for a supervisor lol I radioed in for one and supervisors are busy I tell him that and he would have to wait for one to be available. Well to keep story short. Suspect wanted me to sign and release him after he just stabbed me an officer and bit a FDNY medic. He was upset I didnt sign and release him. He came into my stream saying how he was gonna take this to court lol. I was shocked that a person brought something from in city to my stream. I did hit the report button and staff took care of him/the situation. Thank you!! Not just this but the simple fact that if you stab an officer in legion square at a traffic stop and you choose to bite a FDNY medic down in the MRPD cells that person should honestly expect that they would be sent to jail/prison for time. Do the time if you commit the crime. Dont expect sign and release hell I dont even think I can sign and release anyways unless for good reasons and cleared by CoC to do so!
    7. I think joinging the teamspeak for BigcityRP would work best. And then you can talk to a admin there and they can help you see why you was ban. Evading a officer? Ooooo whats the word they used to say all the time I am trying to remember it. Code 0. If you code 0 when you get caught that could be why you was ban thats what they mean by evading a officer. Unless you did something else too to evade the officer. I would join the teamspeak and talk to the admins. Good luck!
    8. Dusting off the trooper hat.   

    9. The trooper outfit. The purple tie. The Trooper hat. The NYSP cruiser going up and down los santos to paleto and all the way back around again. Honestly when NYSP was a thing and we would patrol the city I was always asking myself why dont we as NYSP just stay on the freeways and patrol the sandy shores and paleto area. That would have been so cool. I wish it was set up where if the NYPD needed us they could request us. Hopefully one day the NYSP returns. PS: The officer uniform is awesome to. Lol.
    10. 100% this is a awesome idea! Everytime I roleplay with you it was always great rp.
    11. Oh yea you know how many times I would patrol a CDS complaint and then finally after waiting all that long for that crim to make a move they make it and then all of a sudden I am chasing a bike that can go up stairways and go through alleys. With no license plate Damn lost em waste of time! Though I will say chasing those bikes really improved my driving LMFAO! Everything you said here is true. It is hard to motivate your officers to RP if the crims are just playing GTA Online. As far as win attitude though. Every officer is different. Every story is different. There will be those officers that are straight to the point take out the cuffs and arrest and win a situation instantly. And theres those officers that try to win by not having to use cuffs. Cuffs become a last thing to go to. Verbal- Give a few warnings. Get to the point of whats going on. If all else fails then comes out the cuffs lol! I loved to see how situations would unfold in certain rp situations! Just thinking of those times. You have me missing being an officer at BigcityRP lmfao! Dammit Billy Jackson ahaha! LMFAOOOO the stuff we had to go though sometimes!! In situations like this it was hard to control staying IC lmfaooo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EULUZ49-8Vo
    12. One of the mistakes I made alot as a officer was I failed to report things man. If I was upset about something or if I felt like I was being pressured to get off duty which was barely btw but if I felt like the day was too much and I had to clock out I would just clock out and say nothing or I would bring my experience/complaints to discord and report it to ppl that had no ability to deal with the situation. Admins take care of things. If you fail to report things it wont improve things and those same ppl will keep making you want to get off duty.
    13. One major thing you mentioned here that I loved doing myself when I used to RP is the crims when I was in SP and PD I was never an immediate put the person in cuffs instantly 0 interaction kinda cop there was a reason why. Because 1 thats not RP its not fun for you then its not fun for the person you are dealing with. Every interaction in the city I ever made I always would let things unfold. Crims would always do something that made a situation evolve into more making it fun for me and the crim. There is nothing fun about getting arrested and then having to sit in a cells and wait for an officer to send you off. When I was a SGT in PD. I would do interviews I loved it absolutely loved that. But in those interviews when I would do scenario questions it would not just be standing there asking a question. I attempted to actually act as a crim and use the words crims would use to us as we would patrol and I would act how they would act. I would never hire anyone if they failed to show me they show 0 interest in Rping why? Because BigcityRP is serious RP being a officer/trooper/FDNY/Mechanic/whitelist job period you get the opportunity to represent BigcityRP and how you act out there in the city as an officer.... Ya know during my time of being an officer there was ppl who would scout RP talent at BigcityRP they would then contact em over discord asking them to join their server offering them better so they say but do you see what I am saying that PD FDNY etc they all represent BigcityRP and if ppl is seeing that oh these officers is actually Rping and actually showing up providing that kickass rp then word goes around into other places and that brings more civs into BigcityRP. If RP is lacking in PD its not because of that officer. Dont be at the PD. Be mad that whoever hired that officer failed to see that they cant Rp and if they can RP and they just are not rping well release the officer because being a officer at BigcityRP is something that is a privlege not a right. to BigcityRP. Damn this posts sucks to read man because I truly wanted to hear that things was changing and PD is getting more better. As far as RP goes itself. Word of advice. To any officer/FDNY/MECH etc that sees this RP is out there everywhere in BigcityRP but it is up to you yourself to go find it. 100% when I would patrol and things was quiet I would intentionally go into maze bank or legion square and I would patrol I would ask questions I would interact sooner or later during those convos something would happen and sometimes not. But interact! Its the best part of getting to know this community awesome 100%. And if you show ppl you can RP well the more they will bring RP to you instead of you having to find it. Knowing the ppl in the city is a big part that will improve RP absolutely. Show respect get respect. But be rude/give 0 rp well you will find that others wont RP with you.
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