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  1. [1A-06] Walter "Water" Gibson

    Cops VS Crims Gameplay Topic

    Great points however they are seen only from the civilians side let me address somethings. One thing I will also say is there is a difference between playing to win. And doing your White list Job. # of Units: Crunch wants us to not have 7+ cars hauling ass to try and catch some dude running through the city. Hence why the 4 PD cars where put in, however he made it clear when the rule was put in place that other units keeping in mind the 7 rule. Can try to stop the pursuit by running parallel with the pursuit, setting up spike strips etc... as long as they are not directly trying to be behind the 4th car. Officers will also prepare for footbails. Another thing that can sometimes genuinely calls for more units to join the chase is when people start calling up friends to try join the pursuit. I see it all the time where all out of no where there is another car there trying to pick up their friend or genuinely trying to ram officers off the pursuit. At that point you bet your a** your going to get more than 4 officers on that pursuit. Air 1: No one should be looking through infrared through buildings they will get fired and banned for that. It’s something that can happen, and it should be reported if it does happen. Your solution to this is something I really don’t understand. I’m different topics to which I will get at later, you want us to be more like actual law enforcement in real life. But you also want us to not be like law enforcement in real life. Which is it? Infrared is an extremely useful tool. Especially when we have civs hauling ass up a 90 degree slope up a mountain and then ditching their car to hide in a bush. Yeah you bet we are going to use infrared to find that dude. Then the other point was removing the lock from cars again that’s actually something IRL. Plus if you want to keep up with a gauntlet that’s hauling ass at 230mph though the city with out a lock be my guest. Pitting: This has been brought up so many times by staff so much but in the end there is never a resolution because of one main factor. UNREALISM. You want us to Pit vehicles are realistic speeds. Which by the way 35 mph is only national standards but local laws trump that many municipalities have it at much higher speeds. 67-85 mph is honestly a good putting speed I agree, however, here comes the Unrealistic part. People don’t go that speed in chases ever at all. When people run from cops they get their 30 million dollar super cars that top out at 220mph and have acceleration of 0-60 in .6 seconds. The vehicles in this GAME are unrealistic period. You can’t try to make IRL rules off a game that does not have IRL mechanics. It just won’t work. 60-70 mph is the average speed people go through the city already, not even trying to run from us. One thing that I have advocated for though many times before is a PIT TIMER. You also mention NVL when people pit. I understand that but that’s why we train to make sure we don’t get hurt when we pit. Another thing when we do pit it’s because we are going to use lethal force against you. If your previous actions (ie shooting, holding up officers/civs at gunpoint/hit and runs/ etc.) warrant a pit we will absolutely go for it and we completely understand that the suspect may die from the pit. That’s why it’s a lethal use of force. Ramming: A lot of the desync rams happen when officers are trying to box a vehicle in. There is zero things we can do about it. You move a foot and you send the car flying. But if you genuinely feel like your getting rammed right off a pursuit report it. Also this may seem rude and it in no way is trying to be offensive to anyone. But if you are going to run from the cops in the servers and have shitty internet fully expect for one of us accidentally Ram the hell out of you in the city. This happens all the time, we try and let other officers know that you are lagging and rubber banding so we stay back but sometimes you may slow down and we don’t see that at all. K9: Its supposed to be over powered in the tracking point of view. That’s it’s whole point of why it’s there. If you run from a K-9 unit fully expect to get caught and bit. Pick your battles. In terms of the biting, in no way is it over powered, what’s the difference between a k9 and all the knifes/machetes I see people use now a days because of the new health system. Nothing. You may think it’s over powered but it’s only a bi product of people not knowing when to stop using crosshairs. Cop Car Durability: Honestly it’s kinda iffy sure It’s more durable than some super cars people use to try to get away and that’s to be expected. But I mean I don’t think that a cop car should have same durability of an i8. And to be fair the vehicles are only durable through the front, you back up into a pole in the wrong angle any cruiser who’ll instantly break down immediately. Spikes : lmfao ? If you see people impounding their cars to try to hide absolutely report them. But if they actually hid their cars and them selves to set spikes....sorry bud you just got out played. And no we won’t make any officer stand next to their car so they lay down spikes. That’s how they get ran over. And you might say well that’s why their car is there. That’s my point, civs will just ram right through our cars and kill us. Tyler Kingley will tell you all about that. With the speeds. We try not to spike people going to fast but if you try and pick up speed before we set the spikes down sorry bud but why are you going that fast in the first place. CDS/Shots Fired Complaints: Again lmfao. This also brings up my point about realism. So you want them to get removed because they are OP. Sorry man but if you have them removed and want cops to do patrolling by all means we are up for it but, we won’t be patrolling with 7 units per city. We bringing the whole department to make sure we get every inch of the city patrolled. I mean come on now. Plus what do you think would actually happen in real life when you shoot up a neighborhood with 3 of your buddies with ARs because someone said something bad to you. Someone is going to hear them and call 911. That’s why they are there. One actual solution to this would be a central dispatch that they could see actual shots fired and dispatch officers there to check it out. Until then those 10-10s are our dispatch. Lastly: Complaints, yeah I wouldn’t mind it being in game. But, you can use your own stream/recording if you are in front of a police vehicle OR actually have a phone out to record. You can also always ask for a supervisor in the city and they can also take complaints. Over all you made some good points but at the same time you didn’t think about what the cubs have done for us to use these tactics/things. There’s a lot of things wrong in the city at the moment a lot coming from the smaller boroughs where there is so much shootings/ absolute shit lording etc... The first step into having better criminal vs cop RP. Is increasing the punishments to shitlords. D.B Cooper really put into perspective, first week he was here he did some dumb stuff, he RDMd some dude after coming out of pillbox. He got reported and banned, what kind of ban did he get? A 24hr Ban? Nope. A 48hr Ban? Nope. He got a 7 day Ban for something people are getting warnings about now a days. My first thought when I go into any situation is “Is this dude going to be shit lord or not?” It shouldn’t be like this but at the same time it’s so common that 7/10 RP situations are just some dude screaming in your ear or trying to kill you. You want to better Crim vs Cop RP get rid of the shit lords not restrict the PD. As Micheal M. Trout would always say: Bada Bing Bada Boom.
  2. [1A-06] Walter "Water" Gibson

    Dodge Challenger Hellcat SRT for Sale


    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Looking to sell My Fully Upgraded Dodge Challenger Hellcat SRT hit me up with questions/offers. Starting Asking Price 3mil Highest offer Wins.

    3,000,000.00 IGC

  3. [1A-06] Walter "Water" Gibson

    Colin's bald head

    I fw it
  4. [1A-06] Walter "Water" Gibson

    Community Question: Should people be identified based on their plate?

    What I would like to see is a good MDT an actual one with BOLOs, actual drivers licenses (that can be revoked) that include a picture of the person, written warnings, etc... I agree with some of the things, like maybe not just putting out a warrant for a person with out any positive ID. Instead putting out a BOLO for a specific vehicle that we have to look for. That's the vehicle we are looking for and that's who are going to go after, however, I know people are going to argue "well it could have been anyone driving this car". Now I know every one is going to gasp on this one but if we go the route of having to have postie ID, we have to go the route of at some point having to permanently impounding a vehicle and scraping it. I do agree with the ALPRs though I've seen it get just lazy at this point. But again we need an actual CAD system. There's a lot of things that we need to move before completely, reworking this. Hint Hint I think the white list would be a perfect place to do so.
  5. [1A-06] Walter "Water" Gibson

    [Police] MDT - Incident Report

    This is something that would definitely be awesome, and something that should be added if we plan to go the route of a centralized dispatch.
  6. [1A-06] Walter "Water" Gibson

    Able to point whit right hand

  7. [1A-06] Walter "Water" Gibson

    Coast Guard.

    I've had discussions with several people regarding this, something like this is in the works I can tell you that.
  8. [1A-06] Walter "Water" Gibson

    Burger Shot is Hiring!

    I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.
  9. [1A-06] Walter "Water" Gibson

    Female Uniforms

    Yeah I know male officers have a lot more customization with their outfits while I know female officers only have about 2-3 outfits to chose from. Especially if they are just patrol units.
  10. [1A-06] Walter "Water" Gibson

    Car Robberies & Enabling Crime

    There is actually a faster way to get locals keys faster, find out in game tho!
  11. [1A-06] Walter "Water" Gibson

    Speed Cameras

    I agree with the stolen car thing but because people still feel the need to run from cops for going 10 over it aint really worth getting completely rid of them. Plus it helps out with the economy.
  12. [1A-06] Walter "Water" Gibson

    License system

    Idk about the written test and driving course but I definitely like the idea of actually getting strikes in your license. Also provides new RP for traffic stops.
  13. [1A-06] Walter "Water" Gibson

    Add Police SMG

    Might be a little late, but I'm just going to leave this here......https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i87aviBPVI4
  14. [1A-06] Walter "Water" Gibson


    City does actually look snowy during winter. For how long? I don't know exactly. Snowballs would be cool but I know in some servers you can actually damage cars with them so I know if that is the case in BCRP then people would use it to destroy people's cars.
  15. [1A-06] Walter "Water" Gibson

    Change the way LEOs arrest Civs

    @ItssJustJosh ahhhhhhh okay it just has happened to me on a few occasions where I thought it was an actual norm thanks for letting me know.
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