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  1. Zelda


    Think caffeine would potentially do the opposite for those. Can make you jittery. Maybe slower at lockpicking and slower on repairs, but faster at running and longer sprint duration.
  2. Zelda

    Cops VS Crims Gameplay Topic

    Crims: Gunplay over roleplay Friends randomly showing up to free their buddy from cuffs (so much magic!) Fleeing on simple traffic stops Deliberately driving fastest cars so they don't get caught Not wanting to spend time roleplaying after getting caught Specifically targeting female cops in terms of harassment Cops: Rarely showing lenience Powertrips/powerplays Not prioritizing lives over the chase of a criminal Unprofessionalism Breaking IC law to avoid RP Bias/favoritism within departments not leading to repercussions of SOP violations Both: Not always remaining IC (too much OOC shit) Not valuing life (themselves and others) Not respecting each other Not following realistic roleplay Solutions- Crims: Staff need to be stricter on punishment of anyone who is just here to play GTA Online, or don't have RP in mind in their choices. Rule-breaks or otherwise, a standard needs to be upheld, and if it's not enforced then nothing will change. Cops: Superiors in PD need to be stricter than they are, and to enforce stricter training for those who join. If a superior cannot behave or look at the complaints with a neutral, unbiased approach, then they should not be in the position to provide input.
  3. Increase fines. Increase costs of living (rent, food, water, gas, repairs). Increase bonds in trial, allow attorneys to even argue fines to be higher than what they are. If the economy is inflated, then everything else needs to follow suit, and it hasn't. There are other topics, and I've seen others complain, that RP isn't what it used to be. There needs to be consequences for our choices. Right now, in an environment where houses are an upwards of $40,000,000 for something that costs $3,500,000 government price, and cars that can reach up to $20,000,000 easily, a fine of Attempted Murder for $10,000 does not fit the bill. Right now the highest fine amount is $500,000 to do some very specific things, and everything else is vastly, vastly lower in comparison for every day crimes. I know that Lynch mentioned to me the other day that it's being worked on, so that's awesome. But I think this is a humongous part of fixing the economy, or at least evening it out.
  4. Zelda

    Cops VS Crims Gameplay Topic

    Think this was a community-effort post that Poker started for everyone else to help aid in. If you have something to say about the criminals, then say them in a constructive way.
  5. Zelda

    Selling Tug Beach Apt.

  6. Zelda

    Selling Tug Beach Apt.

    Yes, the govt. price is $500k. Still looking to sell this apartment
  7. Zelda

    Working Out Without Going To Prison

    Wouldn't it make more sense that working out at the gym just increase your strength/endurance? Carrying capacity and perhaps running speed (maybe you don't lose momentum as fast)? But that it needs to be maintained, maybe have to go x amount of times a week. There is a gym down by the beach near tug apartments. There's also one up in vinewood. If your goal is to find a way to handle injuries without having to go to EMS, then idk. That just seems counter-intuitive to roleplay.
  8. Zelda

    Selling Tug Beach Apt.

    Selling my tug beach apartment at a fair price. If I remember correctly the govt. price is ~$700k-$800k Current bid: Pics inc.
  9. Zelda

    How to improve BigcityRP.

    On a slightly different note, and more in relation to the title of this thread, my personal suggestion on how to improve BCRP would be to work on the legal jobs. Put as much care and time into what the legal jobs can offer rather than only the illegal ones. The illegal stuff is fun, but it's the only civilian job that's focused on outside of law-related opportunities. But what this is setting it up for is an environment where there is always crime and rarely actual law-abiding citizens. This could even be why there is so much gunplay. The environment is conducive to it. The legal jobs are so outdated that the clothing you wear on-duty makes your arms or legs invisible because the uniform hasn't been updated. One of the uniforms you're also wearing pajamas. It's hard enough that there's not much to it, but it just becomes further immersion breaking that it's no longer even realistic. I think a rework and rebalance of the legal jobs would allow more RP options for players and give incentive to try other things that don't result in having to shoot at someone. As it is, nearly all the legal jobs are mimics of the other, and the money is... null. The economy in the legal jobs have not kept up with the change of everything else and they are simply not fun or rewarding in either RP or monetary value.
  10. Zelda

    How to improve BigcityRP.

    I agree with a lot of what you say, I've been part of BCRP since it was known at GTA5Police and I remember storylines of gangs and how the conflict between other groups was a build-up. Although, there were always those groups that didn't. It just seems like now that's all there is. I think the idea of someone having to prove that they "can RP" is too ambiguous of a requirement. That's putting the judge onto staff to determine if someone's RP is "good enough" when 1 person's idea of what is good enough could be very different from another's. There needs to be a very obvious guideline of what people are expected to do, it can't really be up to interpretation. It just wouldn't be fair otherwise. However, one could argue that the guideline is already in place, and those are the rules. If people can't do what they're supposed to, then they shouldn't be here in the first place and staff should be handling them.
  11. Zelda

    Want to buy 1103 North Sheldon Ave!

    Yeah I've been doing it ever since government released housing. Even tried to find them via tweets, since I know their name... Just having no luck
  12. Zelda

    Jump Running / Bunny Hopping

    Facts @Vincenzo Barone
  13. Zelda

    Fix gun damage

    Damn you're cold. Knowing that someone is going to bleed out is an OOC form of knowledge, it's a mechanic. Their wellbeing should be number 1 priority, guess that's not true *shrug* If you don't see the context behind it then, okay. You can't wish with your magic wand that something will be simply because you want it. There is a reason why it was changed, and to get it reversed or altered in your favor then you need to acknowledge why it became the way it is, and present a proper argument for why it should be changed. But this is going in circles. Can bring an animal to the water but you can't make 'em drink.
  14. Zelda

    Fix gun damage

    Idk what I just read but I've been a cop elsewhere and I've been totally fine with letting a criminal get away so I can secure the scene and make sure people get medical help. Also, I stated: I feel like you're just reading what you want to read from my posts, lol.
  15. Zelda

    Fix gun damage

    No way anyone would just start blowing up a civ in front of cops, in front of a hospital, either. lol.
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