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    1. Its been 3+ Years, Love you all to those who remember me. want all of you to be nothing but great, want you all to succeed.
    2. Hope i get another shot at PD

    3. If possible could we get a Bean Bag shotgun for PD that could be used for non-lethal situations such as takedowns or breaching without having to use deadly force we could just take them down on the ground and be able to cuff them instead of having to use lethal force for 10-11's and such things or for example this reaches farther than the taser. If not its fine but I think this would be a useful add-on for PD and intriguing. https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/less-lethal-shotgun-bean-bag-shotgun
    4. I never saw you post this anywhere sorry... So I was unaware of your statement in a whole.
    5. THESE ARE VEHICLES THAT I WOULD LIKE TO BE IMPLEMENTED INTO THE SERVER FOR CIVILIANS TO BE ABLE TO USE. IF SO PLEASE TAKE THIS INTO CONSIDERATION, I WOULD REALLY ENJOY BEING ABLE TO SEE EVERYONE DRIVING NEW VEHICLES NOT JUST THE OLD ONES... IF YOU GUYS WANT EVEN ONE OF THESE VEHICLES TO THOSE WHO ARE READING THIS JUST REACT UPON IT OR REPLY WITH WHAT VEHICLE YOU'D LIKE TO BE PUT IT IN WITHIN THIS LIST!!! HOPEFULLY, THIS POST WILL GET NOTICED AND WE COULD GET SOME NEW VEHICLES, WE HAVEN'T HAD ANY NEW ONES IN A WHILE!!! 1. Mercedes Sprinter Van https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/mercedes-benz-sprinter-erdemdnmz 2. Nissan 370z https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/nissan-370z 3. McLaren 570s https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2015-mclaren-570s 4. Lamborghini Centenario https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/lamborghini-centenario-roadster 5. Bentley Continental GT https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2014-bentley-continental-gt-add-on 6. Rolls Royce Phantom https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/rolls-royce-phantom-2012 7. La Ferrari Aperta https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/ferrari-laferrari-aperta-2017 8. Porsche Panamera https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/porsche-panamera-2017-add 9. Honda GL1800 Goldwing https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2018-honda-gl1800-goldwing
    6. you both have to agree on it
    7. Whoever is reading this you should install realistic weapon sounds it would make things more realistic and sound better to make any kinds of shots fired sound real instead of a stock gta5 shot. I know that if you guys install this you will really enjoy this and like it to so much to the point you might get yourself to the ammunition range to go ahead and test the sounds out for yourself.... However here is a video for you to see what kinds of sounds I would like to be implemented and how to install them. If you guys just trust me on this one and go ahead and listen to the video or go ahead and check it out I can assure you guys that this would be a great add-on for you. https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/realistic-weapons-sounds If there was a way the developers could make this default for everyone this would be better instead of having to make everyone download it or just people who want it.
    8. We should make Pink slipping a thing If you don't know what Pink Slipping is... Pretty Much Pink Slipping is a thing where takes place in a race people would agree on Pink Slipping one of their vehicles for one of the other persons vehicle and however if they agree it'd be sorted out we'd have a flagger and then we'd start the race as the flagger puts his hands up then down they'd take off and first one to the end wins... Meaning The winner will now own the other person vehicle However, there would have to be some way to make it so you could actually store this vehicle and make it yours after the race... But me personally I believe this is an amazing Idea... The ultimate test to see if you are a true racer Each opponent put their cars on the line in a winner takes all match. If you win you get a free car, as well as all the upgrades, installed but if you lose, you lose your car. Very risky but the reward is a free car
    9. Look I honestly doubt you guys will put this in because you guys probably don't think it's a good idea but I feel like you guys should make it so we are able to sell our vehicles to others and make it rare or I guess you could say harder to buy vehicles to the point where people would go to people's dealerships instead of the city installed one and it could make more RP If you get what I'm saying I just want it to be possible to sell vehicles to others lets say I had an Audi R8 I wanted to get rid of I would sell it to someone once they pay I'd give them the keys and pretty much you'd be able to bargain prices etc sell vehicles to stock up on more and continue selling vehicles.
    10. Crunch, sorry brother accidentally hit enter
    11. Character Name: Jose Chambers Where are they from? Miami, Florida How long you been in this city? 1 year+ What are they interested in doing here in the city? Staying neutral with everyone, become friends with as many people as I can however not only that grow with the city. Do they have a job? Jose Chambers' job is running the Chambers Favorite hobbies? Make friends, and to drive around North venturing out to meet new people and try to drive people away from the city. Character Storyline? Jose Chambers was raised in Miami Florida and as he was growing up he realized that his parents wanted him to do better than how they were doing, so he thought it was best if he moved to New York City where he could finally branch out of living back at home with his parents and find a home for himself and meet many new people along the way. However for about two months, Jose Chambers was a lost boy, he didn't knows what he was doing till he realized he should create his own organization known as The Chambers as Jose Chambers started growing as a dependent individual he started to realize that doing legal work wasn't going to pay enough to make rent or have sustainable living nevertheless he then resorted to illegal work which he then found himself hanging around with a group of people who did the same things he did which then formed The Chambers. Unfortunately, after all was said and done Jose Chambers saw himself losing a lot of money due to him getting locked up ever so often so he decided he would hire people to do all the work for him while he sat back relaxed, made friends, and when the time came to them being done he would give them a percentage of what they did which didn't just lead to the people who resorted in the organization working for him but many many other families started to tag along and start working for him. This is how Jose Chambers came to be.
    12. Me personally I believe every character should have a different phone number due to the fact me being Jose Chambers or you being who you are you are probably getting unwanted phone calls by people the current character you are on doesn't know, meaning that you can never meet any new people or take any new persons phone number down because they will already have it down as your other character. If this were to be changed as to where every character had a different number, it would stop people from metagaming and or stop the phrase "sharing a phone with my cousin".
    13. Not true Nick as a matter a fact is that it is just placing down simple coordinates of where to front door is and the exit, adding houses it doesn't take much longer or long in general its just them doing it is what will make the process faster or if its not needed right now they won't do it like how it's happening at the time is where they haven't even responded to this.
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