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  1. Silver

    Making Dark Chat more usable

    I guess I was just going from personal experience, i'v never heard of anyone getting busted from getting caught using dark chat, but then again, I wouldn't know since im not a cop, just from my experiences.
  2. Silver

    Making Dark Chat more usable

    they just dont care lol, dark chat has never been used seriously, but I feel like these changes would change that and make it fun for crims, and cops
  3. Silver

    Making Dark Chat more usable

    everyone has access to the dark chat, and the Dark chat names are just whatever people make them lol, it doesnt have to be descriptive, people are just bad criminals and chose to use that channel, u can literally use any channel u can think of, even if its just random letters
  4. Silver

    Making Dark Chat more usable

    also allow us to disable the notification sound in the dark chat, because most people dont even use dark chat just because they dont wanna get spammed by the ringing.
  5. Silver

    Making Dark Chat more usable

    a couple of ideas for dark chat to make it more viable in RP Allow people to send GPS locations in dark chats, it would allow for people to share a meeting location to multiple people while at the same time staying anonymous. Allow people to make an Alias as their dark chat username, this would allow for other people to know whos talking if u were to tell them ur alias, it would just help avoid confusion.
  6. Silver

    Silvers Car Sale

    bump, still for sale
  7. Silver

    Silvers Car Sale

    Truffade Nero Custom (cop horn) (OG)- 6 Mil Tyrant - 28M Itali GTB Custom (OG) (custom Plate: METHKING) - 6 Mil GTR (OG) - 3M Grotti Cheetah Classic - 90k Western Rat Bike (1 of 5) - (taking offers) Pfister Comet - 80k Dodge Charger - 240k Chevy Camaro - 240k Btype 2 - 70k HMU via Email: Silver#1924
  8. Silver

    Upgrading cars when mechs aren't available

    I like the idea of it being double at custom shops when mechs aren't online, because that still makes people wanna attend to mech shops, but if its a hurry for someone, and they don't mind spending the extra cash, they have the option to do so.
  9. Silver

    Upgrading cars when mechs aren't available

    u must've never been to the car meets
  10. Silver

    Upgrading cars when mechs aren't available

    lmao forget I said anything, I didnt know it was such a sensitive topic
  11. Silver

    Upgrading cars when mechs aren't available

    idgaf about the money, make it a LSC exclusive if you guys are so worried about me making money lol, I just wanna be able to upgrade at times when no one is available.
  12. Silver

    Upgrading cars when mechs aren't available

    also can we change our exhausts without going to the mech shop for it
  13. I think players should be able to upgrade vehicles at LSC and Bennys when mechs arent online, the same way people are able to use repair kits when tows aren't available.
  14. Silver

    Vulcar Nebula Turbo.

    I been waiting for this thing for the longest, hopefully they look into it, also the new Blista Kanjo and the drift yosemite that are coming to gta online soon would also be cool to see!
  15. Silver

    Additional Storage Container

    u sure the only storage containers are in the city?
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