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  1. Silver

    Additional Storage Container

    u sure the only storage containers are in the city?
  2. Silver

    Searching other players

    I think some of you misread the suggestion, so I'm just gonna clarify on a few things, it would just be a search feature meaning u cant literally take stuff from peoples inventories, another thing I stated was that both parties would have to accept for the pat down/search meaning people cant just spam search everyone they see, and their should be a 3-5 second delay/animation, and both parties have to stand still while the pat down/search is happening, hopefully this clarifies my statement.
  3. Silver

    Searching other players

    completely different mechanic.
  4. Silver

    Searching other players

    I dont really see how this could be abused if its added in correctly
  5. Silver

    Searching other players

    I think it would be cool to see a way for us to search people on the server, this would open up lots of opportunities in scenarios where u want everyone to be clean, so for example if theirs a party going on at a house, or a club, every individual would be searched before entering to make sure they aren't bring any weapons, the benefit of this is, more people leave the gun at home and less situations where someone gets shot in a big gathering because of an argument, I also think this feature would need limitations, for example the person you are searching should have to accept the search, and after accepting it should take like 3-5 seconds for the search, while at the same time he/she shouldnt move or the search will be cancelled.
  6. Silver

    Selling Mclaren P1

    Looking for Offers! HMU at 956-1295 or for a faster response on my email (discord) Silver#1924
  7. Silver

    LTB Elegy Retro Custom

    HMU if u got one for sale! Silver#1924
  8. Silver

    Car Exhaust customization

    Allow players to customize car exhausts without a mechanic, its a cosmetic for a vehicle, im sure it wasn't intentionally taken away from Bennys/LSC. Just a little annoying to have to go to a mechanic for it
  9. Silver

    Wide body kits

    im sure they're aware of this, people were asking for wider wheels on the body kits before they even came out, hopefully soon
  10. nice house, I just wish the pool area was accessible
  11. Silver

    Black Market Car Dealer.

    with the illegal mods, im not saying they could just walk into bennys and get it, they would need a connection with me, and shit like that
  12. Silver

    Black Market Car Dealer.

    as for the illegal mods, I like the idea, and I dont think it should be given to mechanics, maybe an illegal tuner shop? maybe bennys?
  13. Silver

    Black Market Car Dealer.

    its a cool idea, but it removes the whole factor of RPing with each other, people wont be making connections and communicating, everyones just gonna go on a man hunt and snipe these cars off the streets.
  14. Silver

    Black Market Car Dealer.

    agreed, every new RP opportunity seems to be grabbed by Govt and monitored, I feel like it would be cool to allow this to be ran by players, gotta trust the community too, cant just be babysat by govt, it doesn't allow for good rp like growing connections with each other, and maybe making business deals with others, and as for the dirty money I agree its been useless ever since the removal of the black market, the only thing its used for rn is buying armor.
  15. Silver

    The Revolver needs to be addressed

    what about the sniper? or the insane armor u guys get? or the damage ur vehicles can obtain before shutting down?
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