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  1. Richard Hangslow


    700k take it
  2. Richard Hangslow


    I believe 2, not sure. and yes thats the price of the dealership.ill take some off
  3. Richard Hangslow


    Never seen anyone with this. You can literally take it to the bottom of the ocean. great for "get aways" if you know what I mean $800k Discord- TonyTunes#7028
  4. Richard Hangslow

    Any BMW i8's for sale??

    hell no
  5. Richard Hangslow

    WTB i8

    Sell me it
  6. Richard Hangslow

    Live Auctions

    I'd say just keep the cars out of the game rather than auctioning someone who's banned or inactive's stuff off. Makes things even that much more rare and some people just need breaks due to personal reasons, work, health, etc. Not really fair to just dump their belongings cause they don't play as much. Just my 2 cents
  7. Richard Hangslow

    Custom Corvette (not upgraded) 400k

    Than don't buy it....rofl this guy is somethin else
  8. Richard Hangslow

    LTB BMW M6 & M3

    Dm me a # for the m6.. might be interested in selling for the right price
  9. Richard Hangslow

    The Scarpa Crime Family

    Who are you???? Entire city
  10. Richard Hangslow

    Shareable business/Houses

    I say businesses, yes. Houses, no. It can get too weird with warrants. People can store illegal things in your house and you'll be charged for it. That's just my opinion
  11. Richard Hangslow

    Bunch of ideas

    make filling the gas a different button than e so i dont keep opening the trunk
  12. Richard Hangslow

    Bunch of ideas

    maybe make it to where when your game crashes, you still have keys to the vehicle when you reconnect
  13. Richard Hangslow

    Bunch of ideas

    or having bike rentals all over the city would help too. $100 bike rental
  14. Richard Hangslow

    Bunch of ideas

    usually people are willing to give rides....might have to offer some pay but most of the times people come get me if need be
  15. Richard Hangslow

    Bunch of ideas

    YESSSS! Meant to add this to that list. Thanks
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