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    1. To attempt to redirect this post back to what I suppose was it's original intention, here are a number of things that I think could be improved upon by the criminals and/or things that I see/hear them doing, not necessarily "wrong", but there are better options. 1. This kind of falls in line of not just "criminals" but all "civilians".. is to value your life and your possessions more than you do right now. If we're going to take the overall picture and compare it to how things are in real life, you hit another vehicle head on, at 50-60 mph, almost guaranteed to have the vehicle deemed "a
    2. Alright... Where to start... I guess I will start at what has been said plenty of times in this thread, is that at the end of the day, this is a video game. There are limitations of what scripting can do, and what the game will allow... With that being said, are we a perfect community? Absolutely not. Do we have a perfect police department? Absolutely Not. There are so many areas of opportunity to expand and grow as far as roleplay goes. Both between the Criminal and the Police Departments are concerned. The limitations of some of these factor into the fact that this is a video game, and
    3. Whitelist Ideas Rob People Blacked Screen w/ Bag over head Push Vehicles Limit Ability to purchase cars. Unlockable Vehicle Slots? Driveby's Stat System Zip Ties Jerry Cans Interactive jobs (coexist with Trucking ) Car Dealer Burgershot Restraunts Clubs Hunting Clocked in businesses display on map. To Do List Clean up Blips Move Cocaine Move Meth Move Weed Move Weapon Crafting -> New Script "Part Crater" Fix carry, Piggyback to not e
    4. This is for management to track the progress of a new framework I am writing. Red indicates incomplete; Green indicates complete. Main Framework Connection Ban Check, Whitelist Check, and Steam Account Check Server Side hold account data, to interact with inventory, clothing, vehicles, etc. Have commands, able to be created, and be executed by different levels of permissions. Server Login New UI allows more than 3 characters, new way data is stored, also allows for your character to have hyphenated names, or even spaces in the name. Create Character D
    5. im disappointed im not in there
    6. I personally rebound by "Enter/Exit Vehicle" button to O, and my voice ptt to F
    7. Regardless of what I do, it seems I always choose the unpopular opinion of people. How would you go about, preventing people, from racing up and down Vespucci all day long, doing 160 mph, and doing it in a way that does not need admin intervention, as I could argue the fact that doing 160 past Legion Square in severely unrealistic.
    8. Help me understand. What should I set the prices at then? Right now, I think the highest price selling item is Crystal Meth at About 5 to 5.5K each. This is after spending at a minimum of 2k buying each one as well. Leaving a 3 to 3.5K profit.
    9. So, in the regards to the total loss idea, is it would assume that you have full coverage, and insurance would cover it 100%, ( perhaps upgrades included )?
    10. As the discussion has gone on, it's not going to be every 1.5 hours. Rather, from community input, do every week similar to that of rent.
    11. I am all for discussions, Awhile back, there was a 30 minute recurring payment for vehicles you had insured, and it was 5%. If I remember correctly, I had disabled it, as there was some issue with the loop where it wasn't resetting the value.
    12. Definitely like this idea. So, after pushing the update back a week, this is what I intend to work on. Implementing the idea above. ( Not being able to claim the car instantly ). ( Perhaps make a way to pull vehicle damage and if its too damaged, then have insurance claim it as a total loss, and require you to purchase a new one?) ( Idea? ) ( Thoughts ) ( I dunno why I am putting so many paranthesis.. ) Increase the duration from 1.5 hours, to every week. Increase the total amount to 2-3% maybe with it being every week? Thoughts? One thing that I have come to realize about grindin
    13. Additionally, I have pushed the start date of this back a week. So, Starting the 17th instead of the 10th.
    14. I am trying to create a more realistic concept of insurance, to be used in server, comparing to IRL. There are tons of loop holes and issues that I have to work around to try and make it fair for every person. One issue I am trying to keep at the front of my head while doing this, is the issue of cars despawning. I am still trying to work on finding a fix to this, but nothing successful yet. Vehicles officially have 3 different statuses. "Stored", "Missing", and "Impounded". When the status is "Impounded", then the vehicle can be found at the impound lot. If the status is missing,
    15. I don't mind implementing a way to cancel insurance. However, it will take a little longer than that because there is a potential abuse in that system. ( I buy insurance, claim my car, cancel insurance ). Avoids the payments. Let me see what I can do for that.
    16. To clarify, It would only occur while you are in city. So if you're out of city, then no money will be taken. If I go a route similar to that of rent, then it would be needed to pay, regardless of activity in the city or not.
    17. No, the hourly concept was not thrown out. In real life, you have your monthly payment that you make for car insurance. However, after further testing, and some discussion, the price has been reduced to 1%, as well as the time increasing to an hour and a half instead of every hour. Regardless of how much time I give, I always get the short end of the stick. I opted to give a couple days notice on it rather than implementing it immediately. We will be looking into the lockpicking here shortly, just have a large number of tasks on our hands, between bug fixing, glitch issues, and othe
    18. Hello All! Starting June 17th you will be charged 10% of 50% of the vehicle cost, of the vehicle from the dealership. If the vehicle cost is $100,000, then insurance is $5,000. I believe it's the same number as you pay initially when purchasing insurance. Grandpa
    19. Just to provide an update on the on-going development of the white list server, I ended up reaching the decision to rewrite our entire framework that we used. Our old framework was a framework that was written by an old developer that developed here, named Frazzle. He released some of the server files awhile back on the FiveM forums and his GitHub. Since then, other people have gotten their hands on the framework, and are using it on their own servers. Instead of making different attempts to integrate different ideas to try and make them work with our current framework, such as things like dif
    20. This is where I am going to keep track of my progress on creating our whitelist economy, and server setup. Housing Properties Purchasable & Sellable Enterable & Leavable ( Instance Based, Allowing multiple properties to use a single interior ) Money Storage Item Storage Weapon Storage Property Fee System w/ Automatic Failure to Pay removal Friend Based System w/ Multiple Permission Levels Ability to Save Clothing Ability to Store Vehicles Business Properties - Rewritten to allocate the appropriate capabilities for a more econ
    21. I would just like to remind, you, and anyone who has the same idea, THIS IS A ROLEPLAY SERVER. IF YOU WANT TO FARM MONEY GO TO TRUCKING TYCOON
    22. It takes too long? Are you freaking kidding me? This has got to be a joke. Here, Let me do this, to increase the realism, I will just straight up remove the dirty money job that you get at the docks. From now on, you HAVE to find someone who will risk their business to launder your money for you. I will reference, what Hernie Clanders said in a earlier post, It took him approximately, 4 hours to clean 1 Million dollars. If you do extremely simple math, that's roughly 250k per hour Now, you take a look at the highest paying legal job, which is a police officer, at, $7009 tops, pe
    23. Moonblaze


      Unfortunately, that script stand alone will still require us as a community to change to allow scripthook, which we will not do. I do have an idea planned to do something similar to this, but need to finish some other projects before hand.
    24. oh and you have to serve all 999,999,999 seconds while in the server
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