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    1. Everyone is in a rush. Immediate or instant gratification over making an RP and story. People want to get right to the climax without exploring the story. I wouldn't say we should aim for realism, nor should we aim for GTA Online. But I think the Hollywood Effect is what's best. RP should be a storyline with multiple characters playing their roles in the city. Sure a critic might say no real cop would do that or no real criminal would do this, but can anyone argue that the story is not entertaining? Another thing I think would be good is rp-scenario-creation. It use to be in this city and it allowed people to meet up and suggest storylines. It got removed because of concerns of meta gaming but at this point has anything changed? The problems I see now is that all people can talk about in city seems to be meta. And like Vexx said reporting everyone in the server leaves no one left. Nobody has a storyline that they are able to communicate instead. As a cop I expect not to be the center of attention, but as a cop your character is taken to the climax of most storylines and as far as I can tell, there is no larger story. It's the same gangs fighting over the same squabbles. Personal opinion is that these "gang wars" should be more organized and scripted instead of improvised. There should be agreements and stakes set so that both gangs know they are rping a gang war. I think honestly if more people communicated with each other, it creates the opposite effect. It creates mutual understanding of the level at play and what is to be expected. That's why I think Rp-Scenario-Creation is good.
    2. Thanks, I don't think it's an "expected" version that cops need to subscribe too, but I do believe there are a great many civilians in this city that would enjoy this type of cop. In tv shows and media, cops are often only showing catching bad guys and winning. It's hard to imagine that there's a second story going on. But as cops, we have to reward the people that are putting an honest effort in their story and do our best to sideline our own storyline to play a good supporting character in their story.
    3. It's a weird title, and by no means a suggestion or mandate. But I want to preface that I've been in this community for 3 or so years, 2 of which were in PD. In my time I have met a variety of cops. I've seen cops that were realistic down to their core, and cops that are as goofy as a Disney Channel special. When becoming a cop, the pitfall is often that you have to act and be a certain cop. This is true in some aspects, but is not a template for character or diversity. To lose as a cop is a weird mindset. But the idea is not. Often times, we are on the side of a criminal in a movie seeing them escape the police, the tension and fear comes from the chase itself and the daring escape. As a cop, we can promote the loss and escape with hints of melodrama, humor, or various other creative means that enhance the situation. But as a cop, sometimes losing is not just the situation. It is going in with a mindset that you are the supporting character in a person's story and that your interaction should be an obstacle that forces people to find nonviolent and creative solutions that delve into their own character traits and what it really means to be a citizen in a city that is constantly chasing the dollar. Step One: Know the Audience As cops, we often see ourselves like many in the city as the character of our own story. But in Hollywood, save for cop movies, police are often the extras and background characters that provide an obstacle for a situation. When your whitelisted job is to enhance rp, how do we enhance rp in a changing world? The first step is recognizing the reaction of police presence. A lot of the time, we are told to cite real-life police. However, I believe this is the fallacy. In a world meant to drive storylines and role playing, real life police and precedent is a guidebook but not the simulation. We use realistic police tactics the same way a critic will say a movie did their research on police procedure. But I feel in this server we should broaden to a variety of cop shows and popular movies involving police. The civilians we interact with want police, but not as we are viewed irl. They want us because we are a plot device. A moment in the story where the main characters (civilians) are presented with an obstacle (police). Step Two: Play Dumb In academy, we are often taught a variety of ways. With experience, we are taught even more. So to play dumb seems counter productive to effective policing. However when taking the Hollywood mind set, it is often the silly and troubled cops that make the most interesting characters. Reno 911 and Brooklyn 99 both have examples. But the main idea is arriving on a scene, and immediately going against the instinct and playing it out as if you were a rookie. Often in movies, cops will arrive and pull out their flashlights, investigating the scene and collecting clues. Here are some scenarios to go by: Scenario 1 - The Creative Drug/Burglar. You arrive to a house. You see a person that is clearly the culprit walking or running around the scene. You can walk up and begin asking questions. 'Did you see anyone here?" "You live around here?" Or perhaps make it goofy. "Citizen! Did you see a burglar? They've ransacked this house for priceless jewels. I know I'm on their tail, the sneaky devil. You can help me right?" And then let the person come up with a story. If the story shows effort, than you can act convinced and let them go as you "investigate" the scene. This creates an rp experience. The civilian or criminal realizes that they can use a creative story to get out of a situation. Scenario 2 - The Excuse that Keeps on Giving. Some people have lame excuses. They'll say they're filming a movie, or working for the SCP foundation, or they are being hired by a random person. Play along with it. But ask questions that force the person to come up with more details. As a cop, they are presented with an unprecedented obstacle. But they are now being challenged to make a convincing story. If they succeed, they should be allowed to continue with their scenario without being arrested. Scenario 3 - The Miranda Situation There are sometimes where we will arrest a person that clearly committed a crime. However, if the person tries an honest effort to come up with various excuses, or tries to act cooperative, than more verbal interaction is better than none. There are individuals that expect and want police to investigate their story. So sit them down in the interrogation room and investigate. A popular movie scene is the interrogation. The grey room and the onslaught of questions as cops try to pry open the answer from the criminal. These scenes can range from intense to silly and nonsensical. Let the criminal drive how serious they want their interrogation. Better yet, call a lawyer to sit with the criminal and be a third party to the interrogation (also important for their Miranda rights) Scenario 4 - Cop Sitcom When the patrol is slow, it is easy to only want to double up with a friend, but like many tv shows, a little friendly banter goes a long way. Reno 911 and Brooklyn 99 often focus on cops sharing their crazy and sometimes nonsensical stories in interesting dialogue. Meeting up at restaurants or mechanic shops and going into intense debate about which car is better, yo momma jokes, or even who can shoot better should build a cop sitcom and make it more interesting for patrol to meet and hang out. Scenario 5 - The Shitty Situations Robberies with hostages, shootings at legion, drivebys at Grove, self defense and shootings and harassment. These calls can be aggravating to respond to. My best response is this. If the victims are trying to give an honest effort to RP and talk to police, try to take their concerns as serious as they would in tv shows. Often in tv dramas, a friend or a family member may get shot as a climax to the show. When that happens, the characters feel they are at a loss of both their beloved and themselves. When the police arrive, there is a tension that the show has taken a dark turn. As cops, our attitude should be serious, but also attempt to bring out the character's motivations. In a point like this, challenge the witnesses on what they see. This also goes along with the fact that in this part of the storyline, the witnesses are in a period of self doubt. Being challenged now of all times will raise the stakes and bring into question the consequences of the situation. Scenario 6 - Whitelisted Tows, Lawyers, FDNY. These are privileges that help expand the story. The Tow to Share a Beer with - As cops we often get into pursuits and pursuits lead to car crashes. While it is frustrating, the chance a tow will come is an opportunity to delve into melodrama. As a cop, you can play the prideful cop who has ten reasons why the road was bad for them. You could be the apologetic cop, saying they should have done this and that, or you can be the sovereign cop, who challenges the tow that they know what they're doing and proudly declare they applied headlight fluid to their vehicle in the morning. A long drive back where you exchange stories of your hilarious arrests as well as the tow truck drivers' motivations will be one to share a beer with later. The Lawyer That Won - Lawyers are often pressured to argue an excuse. But as a cop, we often let them negotiate at the tail end. Instead, as soon as a lawyer is available, have the lawyer arrive and talk with the client before questioning. Than, pretend to go hard on the lawyer and client. Interrogate them and let the lawyer defend their client. At the end, reduce the charges and the lawyer's story is enhanced. They are now the unexpected hero in a dire situation. "Doctor, is that suppose to look like that?" - FDNY are trained experts in all parts of the human body. Therefore, puns, and often innocent questions can be a great icebreaker with EMS. Play the cop that asks EMS if a snapped femur is bad or if it could be healed overtime. Go into a long winded explanation of how you were a pro soccer player and saw injuries of this caliber. For more serious situations, create a sense of tension. Your sentences are short. You're scared. You had to fire your gun. The guy is talking but he's getting pale. FDNY is now thrown in as an unexpected hero in the story. How are they going to bridge this gap. Scenario 7 - Trivia Night Cops are viewed as the challenge. So how better to challenge someone than trivia? It often forces people to look into a topic they weren't prepared for. Plus it creates a conversation that leads to something unrelated to crime. At the end of the day, there are a variety of different cops to be and they are as diverse as the criminals we pursue. It is hard to separate one's cop from the character of their own story. We often wish for a cop oriented tv show where the police always get their man. But the better paradigm shift is to see a tv show where cops are introduced during a climatic situation. There are many movies and shows where cops are often guest stars that either make a situation more serious or more hilarious depending on the civilians that are involved. This is by no means the right way to RP. But it focuses on verbal judo. And the power of getting people to make a story and focus more on storytelling vs flight or fight responses. There is a time and place for every situation, and some situations won't apply for any of the above. So take these tips as you will.
    4. I still strongly vouch that we can def enjoy new guns/ re-skin guns that can expand rp with the gun stores. https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/glock-17-variants https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/franchi-spas-12 https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/mini-glock-glock-30 https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/glock-30-animated https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/sig-sauer-sig-516-animated-fivem-sp
    5. I feel like we could definitely add a variety of custom legal handguns to the server. Below are just some suggestions of what would be interesting to see. Tazer Skins: https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/better-stun-gun-tints Pistols: https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/walther-p88-compact-animated-4k-3-versions https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/holster-walther-p88-12-version-2k https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/shrewsbury-endurance-pistol-animated https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/shrewsbury-duty-pistol-animated https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/vom-feuer-combat-pistol-black-mesa-glock-17 https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/hawk-little-d-p-9-pistol-animated https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/hawk-little-gardone-pistol-animated Shotguns: https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/shrewsbury-sentinel-shotgun-animated
    6. LTS BMW M5 E39 Price: 3,900,000 (Bought at 4,200,000)
    7. Is there any way to get a script that allows you to move the motorcycle visor up and down?
    8. I often see a lot of people wanting to RP different companies, (Fumigators, exterminators, security guards, construction workers, metal workers, bus drivers, etc.) They're in a population of players that aren't exactly big enough to form their own organization or have it recognized by the government. Furthermore, many of them simply want to try an RP experience out and give something new to the city that probably won't last indefinitley. I think they should be given a chance to show off their RP prowess, but there are some hoops to solve. Number one, legality. Police and EMS and DOJ will be questioning if someone has the permit to be a bus driver. I believe some sort of Discord Channel should show if someone has been approved by management to act as a bus driver on that specific character. For example, Joe Bob wants to be a bus driver. He tells senior management his idea and RP that he plans to bring. He is given a license and a note is made that Joe Bob is a licensed bus driver. He has to follow the RP routes. Of course, the moment he commits a crime he will lose the license or suffer the charges, but he can for the time being act within the capacity of a bus driver. Number Two, approval by management. This is a tough one, similar to RP scenario creation. How do you know someone isn't using this for their own game? Well, I think adding on that PD will have a record of this person to affirm their status, this should be specifically given to people with granted access. Similar to how small business permits are given by DOJ, I think bus permits and construction permits should be obtainable and be easily accessed by police. Number Three, evolution. If an RP job or company evolves and gains traction, perhaps further tools can be given. But for the meantime, players should rely on their own creativity to make the RP. My biggest concern with people trying to RP their own construction worker detail or bus driver is that we have too many people that use it to mess with cops and it ends up getting taken away. Creating a list of verified drivers that want to actually do this RP will separate them from the people that should definitely be banned from driving a bus.
    9. I feel the system in place for money laundering is a bit outdated and could be fixed to make more sense. With the exception of finding a dye pack, you can't really find "dirty money" or "red money". In essence, what usually happens in money laundering is more complex but I think it could be simplified even further. Have ATMS and banks give notifications when a player deposits too much money. Most cars and other large products are already only available through through the bank account. It would also give criminals the need to establish fronts. If they are depositing tons of money, they will need a business to justify it to the police. I see this creating RP as well. All in all, it could be a better way for both cops and criminals to role play.
    10. There should be consequences if a player uses too many drugs like meth or cocaine. Sometimes smoking too much weed, may not cause death, but can cause other issues if done in excessive amounts within a short period of time. I feel this adds a risk/reward factor. Drugs can give a boost in the heat of the situation, however, if the situation prolongs itself that 50-60 drugs need to be taken, there should start being some negative connotations to it.
    11. Alfie is right. RP has been lacking lately. An Econ wipe would be a much needed attitude adjustment that is necessary for fixing this city. Suggestions have been made in DMs that I have sent to other staff members and they have been ignored or unresolved until they blow up. Alfie is one of the few managers I always trust.
    12. Can we at least get our old leg holster back? I feel there's about 5-6 slots that no one ever uses that could be replaced with more uniform options for women in PD, such as leg holsters, a duty belt like the male PD, a proper long sleeve shirt, and other options. I have asked this for 9 months and counting. I feel it would be beneficial to have these uniform options, especially since PD is being more strict on uniform policy and it makes it near impossible for me to go with any uniform except one option which is a short sleeve or jacket or wear tight pants and boots.
    13. If you wanna try something different, communicate it. RP is handled by plotting first. Any good RP has some plotting and world building. There are so many people in this city that you would ask "Hey what's your life story" and very few have one. People only want the titles, the power, or the money. But when everyone has or wants that, it's pointless. A ferrari or Lambo or other high speed car is worthless because everyone has one. Everyone wants to be Top 1% but what I think is a hard thing to learn and teach is enjoying the "unknown". The factor that you have no idea how something will end. Character background is important, so is realizing that everyone has a different standard they set for their rp. Find the people you wanna RP with and go from there. I don't see Legion or Maze going away any time soon. It's a hub for people to meet, and hopefully they leave, but any game will have the Hub whether it's Legion or Maze Bank or somewhere else.
    14. Not saying that Davis isn't amazing. But after seeing Central and Pillbox together it makes me realize that it would be nice to have options like a big Mission Row PD and Davis PD. My main issue with Vinewood is that you have to get out and teleport inside the garage, where I've ended up falling through a few times because it failed to load me in and ended up in the middle of Sandy. And we were able to fix the Pillbox issues with texture loss. I do see us using Davis more but Mission Row is also the home base department. I feel since losing Mission Row PD's larger interior, we have grown a lot as a department. I see more cops putting in work and role play, trying to build cases, have meetings, secure citizens, etc. We've used a lot of this guy's interiors in our server so I think this has the highest probability of compatibility with our other interiors. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMvU9gadrec -for Vespucci PD if no big Mission. But that's just my suggestion for the future.
    15. I think it would benefit us to have a large Mission Row PD where we can fit more than three cells worth of criminals.
    16. Drugs already give certain buffs, and med kits are the replacement at least for weed when it comes to healing. But what about speed? We have coffee in the city. Maybe a speed boost?
    17. Hmmm, I would expect this kind of post from a concerned criminal, but not from management that's trained not to pin players against each other. Why post these concerns here when you already know what's being discussed by the top admins? It sounds like you're just trying to start something and it's irresponsible of your role in the community, Poker.
    18. Snowmen outfits lead to snowmen gangs.
    19. Arrest Animation: https://forum.cfx.re/t/release-esx-advanced-arrest-animation/750551 The animation here looks neat for when cops have to arrest someone. Fire Modes: https://forum.cfx.re/t/firing-modes-single-shot-burst-mode-full-auto-safety-toggle/72538 The idea behind this is to add a safety (toggled on and off, automatically off) for all weapons as well as the option to select single fire, burst fire, and full-auto. It's been stated multiple times before about mag-dumping but I believe adding the ability of selective fire will give officers and civs a variety of ways to utilize different weapons. On top of that, it would be nice to see a broad scope of legal weapons such as more long rifles and custom pistols beyond the glock.
    20. The FDNY is one of the best medical services we have, but I'd like to give them more variety in their operations and vehicles beyond jut having an ambulance. One thing that would be nice to see again would be fire trucks and vehicles to combat fires or even offer support in medical operations. We have the firefighter uniforms, but it would be cool to have house fires that EMS can respond to in the city. Perhaps even make arson a potential crime using gasoline and equipment. I've already vouched for more police uniforms, but I'd also like more for EMS as well.
    21. I've seen it on other servers where you can leave a note that has a type mission that others can read. Could be the gateway to interesting rp.
    22. I feel by now that there's a lot of options being restricted for girls in the city. To point out, ski goggles and a few costume options that were originally available to freemode females are no longer available. I feel these customization options should be added as they were already in the vanilla GTA V and on the server. Uniforms: I think the uniform options for freemode females are heavily limited. Often times, I get asked by other officers why I don't have this new duty belt or this body vest or this holster or this badge. A lot of these options should be made available to females as well who are rping as EMS, Law Enforcement, and other whitelisted jobs. It's hard to conform to a uniform code when your wardrobe is limited to about 50% of what you could wear. Hairstyles: I've seen other servers incorporate custom hairstyles for girls. These can be found on GTA V mods. A lot of these add better hairstyles for girls and can create more diverse characters. This addition benefits everyone in the community and should be considered. These are customization options that I don't see being abused as they are either default, work with uniforms, or simply benefit rp as a whole. I'd appreciate some progress done on the first request as this already existed and of course I'd like to see the other two requests showing progress.
    23. Where are they from? Blaine County How long you been in this city? A few years What are they interested in doing here in the city? Crime Reporter For Weazel News Web Journalist for Weazel News: New York Informer Do they have a job? Currently working as a news reporter Favorite hobbies? Reporting on crime, catching criminals, finding the truth, spreading gossip. Getting higher ratings. Character Storyline? Nancy loves attention. It's one of the things she craves. As a young girl, she was an overachiever. One that wanted to impress everyone and anyone. She was an avid believer in the system. In fact, one could say the system was the only thing she trusted. She thrived on it. Until the day she saw it fail her. The real world was a far cry from the one she grew up in. It was harsh, it was evil, and it favored only a few. The American Dream was shattered in her eyes. It was flawed. And despite the plethora of people who were victims to it, no one seemed to care. It felt like everyone was a zombie. Initially, like others before her, Nancy did what she had to do to survive. It was almost symbolic to see her living in her Ferrari when she moved to the Big City. Living paycheck to paycheck in a financial crisis, she eventually realized the appeal of being a blogger. Tracking crimes, she was able to get insider information and began to routinely posting blogs as the New York Informer, based after the legends of criminal informants that operated in New York City with black market information. Eventually, her article covered a very specific case: a dual shooting of two officers. After interviewing both and writing her spotlight on it, Weazel News came to her with a proposition. She could hire her own team, get her own production team on set, and follow crime reports for all of New York City. And it was a job she worked hard to attain. And yet, to many, despite her friendly demeanor and slightly over-zealous pursuit of the truth, Nancy has been known to give off a sinister vibe. If there is one thing to be made, it is that Weazel News operates with eyes everywhere in the city, constantly searching for drama to report on.
    24. Where are they from? San Diego, near the outskirts. How long you been in this city? About a month. What are they interested in doing here in the city? Bambi McMurphy is currently enrolled as a cadet for the NYPD and is eager to start a career in Law Enforcement. She understands there may be complications along the way, but she hopes to make Do they have a job? Currently, Bambi McMurphy is a cadet for the NYPD and is preparing to go through academy and the hiring process. Favorite hobbies? When not at work, Bambi enjoys hanging out at the various night life events around New York as well as enjoying recreational shooting activities. She also enjoys traveling to the countryside as well and exploring the woods. Character Storyline? Getting her name from the popular Disney character, Bambi's parents accidentally ran over a deer on their way to the hospital. Believing in superstition, they named their daughter after the famous deer under the idea that the deer was reincarnated into their daughter. Although Bambi believes it was just her father's guilt considering he was a bad driver even back then. She had an average childhood growing up, becoming one of the few members in her family to actually support law enforcement when she grew up. Moving to New York, she ended up applying immediately for the NYPD with the hopes of making a difference in her community and making a living in the Big Apple.
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