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    1. Alfie is right. RP has been lacking lately. An Econ wipe would be a much needed attitude adjustment that is necessary for fixing this city. Suggestions have been made in DMs that I have sent to other staff members and they have been ignored or unresolved until they blow up. Alfie is one of the few managers I always trust.
    2. GhastlySquash


      I miss having the larger prison interior where you could change to a prison jumpsuit in the laundry room. I also miss the larger size. The new prison feels smaller, and is missing an infirmary. I don't know how often it was used before, but seeing as one of my characters is playing a disabled mute, I feel it would add back to the RP. I'm not exactly sure why we traded the prison interior as the first one was fine.
    3. Can we at least get our old leg holster back? I feel there's about 5-6 slots that no one ever uses that could be replaced with more uniform options for women in PD, such as leg holsters, a duty belt like the male PD, a proper long sleeve shirt, and other options. I have asked this for 9 months and counting. I feel it would be beneficial to have these uniform options, especially since PD is being more strict on uniform policy and it makes it near impossible for me to go with any uniform except one option which is a short sleeve or jacket or wear tight pants and boots.
    4. If you wanna try something different, communicate it. RP is handled by plotting first. Any good RP has some plotting and world building. There are so many people in this city that you would ask "Hey what's your life story" and very few have one. People only want the titles, the power, or the money. But when everyone has or wants that, it's pointless. A ferrari or Lambo or other high speed car is worthless because everyone has one. Everyone wants to be Top 1% but what I think is a hard thing to learn and teach is enjoying the "unknown". The factor that you have no idea how somethi
    5. Not saying that Davis isn't amazing. But after seeing Central and Pillbox together it makes me realize that it would be nice to have options like a big Mission Row PD and Davis PD. My main issue with Vinewood is that you have to get out and teleport inside the garage, where I've ended up falling through a few times because it failed to load me in and ended up in the middle of Sandy. And we were able to fix the Pillbox issues with texture loss. I do see us using Davis more but Mission Row is also the home base department. I feel since losing Mission Row PD's larger interior, we have grow
    6. I think it would benefit us to have a large Mission Row PD where we can fit more than three cells worth of criminals.
    7. Drugs already give certain buffs, and med kits are the replacement at least for weed when it comes to healing. But what about speed? We have coffee in the city. Maybe a speed boost?
    8. Hmmm, I would expect this kind of post from a concerned criminal, but not from management that's trained not to pin players against each other. Why post these concerns here when you already know what's being discussed by the top admins? It sounds like you're just trying to start something and it's irresponsible of your role in the community, Poker.
    9. Snowmen outfits lead to snowmen gangs.
    10. Arrest Animation: https://forum.cfx.re/t/release-esx-advanced-arrest-animation/750551 The animation here looks neat for when cops have to arrest someone. Fire Modes: https://forum.cfx.re/t/firing-modes-single-shot-burst-mode-full-auto-safety-toggle/72538 The idea behind this is to add a safety (toggled on and off, automatically off) for all weapons as well as the option to select single fire, burst fire, and full-auto. It's been stated multiple times before about mag-dumping but I believe adding the ability of selective fire will give officers
    11. The FDNY is one of the best medical services we have, but I'd like to give them more variety in their operations and vehicles beyond jut having an ambulance. One thing that would be nice to see again would be fire trucks and vehicles to combat fires or even offer support in medical operations. We have the firefighter uniforms, but it would be cool to have house fires that EMS can respond to in the city. Perhaps even make arson a potential crime using gasoline and equipment. I've already vouched for more police uniforms, but I'd also like more for EMS as well.
    12. I've seen it on other servers where you can leave a note that has a type mission that others can read. Could be the gateway to interesting rp.
    13. I feel by now that there's a lot of options being restricted for girls in the city. To point out, ski goggles and a few costume options that were originally available to freemode females are no longer available. I feel these customization options should be added as they were already in the vanilla GTA V and on the server. Uniforms: I think the uniform options for freemode females are heavily limited. Often times, I get asked by other officers why I don't have this new duty belt or this body vest or this holster or this badge. A lot of these options should be made available to females as wel
    14. Where are they from? Blaine County How long you been in this city? A few years What are they interested in doing here in the city? Crime Reporter For Weazel News Web Journalist for Weazel News: New York Informer Do they have a job? Currently working as a news reporter Favorite hobbies? Reporting on crime, catching criminals, finding the truth, spreading gossip. Getting higher ratings. Character Storyline? Nancy loves attention. It's one of the things she craves. As a young girl, she was an
    15. Where are they from? San Diego, near the outskirts. How long you been in this city? About a month. What are they interested in doing here in the city? Bambi McMurphy is currently enrolled as a cadet for the NYPD and is eager to start a career in Law Enforcement. She understands there may be complications along the way, but she hopes to make Do they have a job? Currently, Bambi McMurphy is a cadet for the NYPD and is preparing to go through academy and the hiring process. Favorite hobbies? When not at work, Bambi enjoys hanging out at the various night life events around New
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