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    1. All the best, Borlez - thank you for showing me some real shit about BCRP and NYPD. I hope your vibes continue to resonate through our PD!
    2. C/O: 5.5m RAPTOR 2.25m CVPI 1.0m EXPLORER Will be pulling the trigger in around 6 hours fam
    3. Selling some PD vehicles! Ford Raptor Ford Explorer Ford Crown Vic (custom plate: FKNTRYIT) PD members ONLY
    4. jesseverus

      PD Cars

      4,000,000 Raptor | 3,000,000 Explorer
    5. jesseverus

      PD Cars

      3 raptor, 3 explorer
    6. jesseverus

      PD Cars

      2.7 Raptor | 3 Explorer
    7. jesseverus

      PD Cars

      2,600,001.01 for raptor
    8. jesseverus

      PD Cars

      2.6 Raptor - 3.0 Explorer
    9. jesseverus

      PD Cars

      2.5 Raptor | 3.0 Explorer - Will buyout both for 6m right now
    10. I'm honestly surprised this isn't a thing already! You guys should absolutely have everything you want/need!
    11. One of the most frustrating things is being involved in an MVA and having that awful wait for help with your siren blaring right next to you, or being involved in scene where a chase has ensued and a few officers have left their sirens going, or heads poppin' and that siren blaring for no reason! What I'm wondering, is it at possible to have the sirens switch off automatically when the driver exits the vehicle? Perhaps it could be viewed as a weight sensor in the drivers seat, and if no weight is on that sensor, the siren turns off? I'm not sure if anyone shares the f
    12. jesseverus

      PD Cars

      2.1 for Explorer
    13. jesseverus

      PD Cars

      I'll offer 2 on the Explorer!
    14. Hey! Looking to spend around 2.5m if I can get away with it - I'm an Officer! Thanks for getting back to me! Appreciate it!
    15. Looking to purchase a PD vehicle. Preferably CVPI, Raptor, Tahoe or Explorer! (but will consider all vehicles) Let me know what you've got! 3B-72 - Thomas Anderson
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