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    1. The old system, which 99% of other servers use. Drive to location A, stand and press E. Drive to location B and spam E to sell... WOW FUN!! Wait? Boring right? I can sit here at the park and tweet " Selling Coke Buy location for 25k!" ... Horrible dude This is an RP server, if your not willing to interact, explore and make connections with your character, your in the wrong community.
    2. @Crazycuba First off my dude, we do listen, but are we supposed to do what you want instantly? Because you don't like it, does not mean it don't work. Adjustments are made when they are delivered the right way. Its the very people that sit at the park trying to sell drug locations that have caused us to think outside the box. Call it what you want, but using Tony as a model to see how and what will work best to set something like this up right. The issue I see is having more then 1 server. So here is what I would purpose. Its just a suggestion. With the influx of new people and VERY long ques... Renaming the servers as areas. This will work great as well with the future of cross server communication like texts, emails, maybe calls, calls probably not lol, but messaging is possible. server 1 30150 Known as Manhattan server 2 30151 Known as Brooklyn server 3 30141 Known as Queens server 4 30142 Known as The Bronx server 5 30152 Known as Staten Island server 6 30153 Known as Long Island Each drug per server would be able to be controlled by a specific group/person. ie. Tony runs Meth, altho great idea if we had only 1 server, we dont. So if Tony is on Server 1 ( Manhattan ) no one in the other servers can buy Meth. But, if we make it server specific (one of the 5 boro's) Tony can run Meth in Manhattan, while someone else is controlling it in a different boro (server). We can do this with just some of the hard drugs like (Meth & Coke) Leaving Weed, ecstacy and also adding back moonshine public. This will help spread RP across all servers, well boros lol. Keeping everything in RP. ie." Hey this is Tony over in Manhattan, Im gonna send one of my guys over to Brooklyn to pick up some coke from the Johnson boys.." No one on server 1 (Manhattan to sell coke atm, but someone in Brooklyn is) Just an example, dont shoot me. And I know I know, Long Island is not a Boro blah blah.. I needed 6 examples!
    3. This is already be a thing guys, if you crash, you have 5 minutes to restart fivem and hop back in!. @Joey Pastrami That issue sounds like a glitch caused by the one sync beta test.
    4. The public servers in my eye will never be abandoned. The plan would be to continue to grow the PD and EMS departments consistently, to help cover all servers that are active. The same reason we continue to grow the staff team as needed to cover the live servers, the goal is to have an even keel across the public's from Staff, PD, EMS and players alike. As we move those players, Staff and departments into the WL, we use the "Next man up" attitude to continue on.
    5. I appreciate the kind words @Static.Vx but it goes way beyond me. Gramps & Nardah, the time they put in here is priceless, continued updates, changes and things to make this community better everyday. The staff that people overlook, deal with so much and dont get the credit they deserve or respect. The people running these departments and most importantly the daily players that come here to actually RP. You guys are the reason we continue to fight off the trolls, shitheads and modders to keep this place going. Thank you.
    6. WARNING Donation perks are manually added to your account by me. Staff is not here to add perks to your account. They are here to handle support issues and to help players. Do not ask staff for help with this. Instructions are posted below, please follow them and I will contact you back with a time frame for completion. We do appreciate the people that help support this community with donations, but seriously, if you want to help keep this community going, its not by making a donation. If you really want to help, you will make sure you have read and willing to follow the rules, help create RP, network with people, make connections, build a character story-line, your cooperation will absolutely be a much greater impact than a donation.... Doing these things costs zero dollars but its worth so much more to us!! Here are the community monthly donor perk levels, the perks are per donation and do not stack., They are as follows: Donation Level 1 from $5.00+ This will get you donor status on the forums and discord. *** To get these ranks you NEED to provide your discord username in the NOTE: section when donating. Total money given is 500k at this level. ------------------------------------------- ( Discord role & 500k in game funds total ) Sending Friends & Family option on PayPal will get you an additional 10% in money! ------------------------------------------- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Donation Level 2 from $15.99+ This will get you donor status on the forums and discord. *** To get these ranks you NEED to provide your discord username in the NOTE: section when donating. Total money given is 10 million at this level. ------------------------------------------- ( Discord role & 10 million in game funds total ) Sending Friends & Family option on PayPal will get you an additional 10% in money! ------------------------------------------- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Donation Level 3 from $25.00+ Gets you 20 million in game funds. Total money given is 20 million at this level. 1x - Green Gift Box Present ------------------------------------------- ( Discord role & 20 million in game funds total ) Sending Friends & Family option on PayPal will get you an additional 10% in money! ------------------------------------------- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Donation Level 4 from $37.00+ Gets you 1 custom plate and an 30 million !. Total money given is 30 million at this level. Limited Time ONLY 2x - Green Gift Box Present Included ------------------------------------------- ( Discord role & 1 custom plate + 30 million in game funds total ) Sending Friends & Family option on PayPal will get you an additional 10% in money! ------------------------------------------- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Donation Level 5 from $49.00+ Gets you 2 custom plates and an 40 million !. Total money given is 40 million at this level. Limited Time ONLY 1x - Green Gift Box Present 1x - Red Gift Box Present Included ------------------------------------------- ( Discord role & 2 custom plates + 40 million in game funds total ) Sending Friends & Family option on PayPal will get you an additional 10% in money! ------------------------------------------- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Donation Level 6 from $75.00+ Gets you 6 custom plates and 50 million !. Total money given is 50 million at this level. Limited Time ONLY 2x - Green Gift Box Present 2x - Red Gift Box Present Included ------------------------------------------- ( Discord role & 6 custom plates + 50 million in game funds total ) Sending Friends & Family option on PayPal will get you an additional 10% in money! ------------------------------------------- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Donation Level 7 from $99.00+ Gets you 10 custom plates and 60 million !. Total money given is 60 million at this level. Limited Time ONLY 3x - Green Gift Box Present 3x - Red Gift Box Present Included ------------------------------------------- ( Discord role & 10 custom plates + 60 million in game funds total ) Sending Friends & Family option on PayPal will get you an additional 10% in money! ------------------------------------------- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Donation Level 8 from $150+ Gets you 20 custom plates and 80 million !. Total money given is 80 million at this level. Limited Time ONLY 5x - Green Gift Box Present 5x - Red Gift Box Present Included ------------------------------------------- ( Discord role & 20 custom plates + 80 million in game funds total ) Sending Friends & Family option on PayPal will get you an additional 10% in money! ------------------------------------------- Higher levels will be accommodated as each level staged higher depending on the amount. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ** These community contributions are inline with the FiveM Terms of Service. Donors that help cover costs incurred by the servers are eligible for community perks. A percentage of these funds will also be donated to the FiveM project on a monthly basis which gives our community additional benefits in doing so.** All donations are non-refundable, you are NOT purchasing an item or service from us, your funds will help cover the costs of the servers expenses and maintain them..... Perks are given to those who help support this community to show our gratitude. You are not allowed to buy or sell in game items or money from anyone, if this rule is broken, automatic termination from this community.** By following through with this contribution, you accept our terms of service posted above and understand by no means are these transactions refundable. If you are banned, or just decide you are done playing here, your funds are none returnable. Limited time only, some levels will receive a GREEN or RED Gift Box in your inventory or BOTH with each donation to the community. These can be opened and a random Present will be awarded to you! Green has cool prizes, Red has more Rare prizes... Popular request, individual boxes available before we pull them. Green Gifts = $5ea (max 10 per donation) Red Gifts = $10ea (max 10 per donation) Green gives you the chance to win either some very much needed things in game or smaller amounts of cash. Red gives you a greater chance to win either extremely rare items or larger amounts of cash. But both have a little risk as well. .........How lucky are you? -PLEASE FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS- Selecting the Friends & Family option on PayPal will get you an additional 10% in money, you can do this at checkout!! Make sure to let us know that you did! PayPal Donate Link here : https://www.paypal.me/LeagueSeries For members requesting another way rather then PayPal,, the other option is crypto: BTC - 36RX2xAA5jxBThfvgsPowc45S9kuowzPFM ETH - 0x5Ef96f761958935CF23190e1857bB14CC9899b7b DOGE - DKv5JT7MPpHo5HYyUed2TfZqyLJ28M7TPd SHIB - 0x2c4B4AB18915495176DB26584E92EeE0a9312D51 If you send Crypto, please know, we do not get notified and you NEED to message us to let us know. Verify amount and coin sent. * When sending money for donations, please use the Friends & Family option on PayPal, it will be greatly appreciated. You can also add info on your payment notes at checkout. But follow up with a DM after you completed it. DM me on Discord at Crunch® #5299 or here on the forums $$ When sending payment please choose the Friends/Family option on paypal. $$ 1) Supply your paypal email address and amount donated 2) Supply your forum user name 3) Supply your steam (hex) 4) Supply your paypal email address 5) Supply characters name to add perks too. (if you are online when perks are added, it goes to whatever character your on.) ----------------------------------------------Here is how to get your hex---------------------------------------------------- If you need to send your steam hex and dont know how to get it. Simply goto your steam profile and copy the URL shown ie. URL: http://www.steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197964265196 or http://steamcommunity.com/id/bob Go to http://vacbanned.com/engine/check then paste your steam profile url in the search box.. Supply only the Steam3 ID (64bit) (Hex) .ie 1100001003d06ec (Hex) Thank you very much have fun and be safe! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HOW DO PLATES WORK? Make sure to always empty your Trunk/glove compartments, you can possibly lose items we cannot replace. 1) Supply current plate you want to change and new custom plate you want. Like this both (old/new) (ie GH65GH5A to CRAZYMAN) (it has to be 8 characters no matter what) include your hex just in case you have not provided it yet.. The hex is needed in case your offline. If your online provide what server your on and your ID. 2) Also empty any contents in the trunk and glove compartment just in case it deletes it. 3) Make sure that vehicle with the plate you want to change is stored in a garage or regular impound... This is done manually and best to set up a time to get it done that works for us. ( every plate has to be different, you cannot have the exact same plate on 2 cars.. plates need to be 8 characters long, no spaces, no special characters (!@#$%^&*()_-+=?/.>,<"':;}{][`~) numbers/letters only.
    7. Legit concerns like (main) blacklisting certain people from buying that specific drug for ooc reasons. Not being able to buy those drugs when that (main) is not around With 3 servers now, you will only be able to buy that said drug on whatever server that (main) is on. ie. Meth purchases on server 2 cause (main) is playing on that server. These are somethings that we need to address. But I agree the RP interaction is awesome. Its way better then standing in a circle to load up on said drug, then driving to another circle to sell it. That is not RP. This would also need coordination, dedication and responsibility to work on a large scale, like last night, awesome RP, but drugs were only on server 2, 1 and 3 altho had some cops, no (main) people around to sling it to others. So I think we can make it a great thing, but all hands on deck would need to work together.
    8. Yea sure just let us know what your interested in, someone is always available.
    9. No worries guys.. stay tuned
    10. Yea its cool and all but the average player will struggle with this in that area. Not worth the risk of performance.
    11. Interesting, I agree, I liked Moonshine, but yea we can do stuff like this.
    12. If they ALT F4 soon it will not matter, if you leave dead? When you come back? Guess what? Your dead.. Hopefully we do this and hopefully it will deter people from avoiding RP.
    13. I totally agree you should be able to do this. The issue is we have some asshats that buy a home and in 10 mins flip it for 3x the amount and continue to do this, they have no interest in actually having a place to RP as they own it.. The current way we have homes is and will be changed eventually and everyone will have an interior. So to protect price gouging it was done this way atm. In the future when we change they way it is, this will be adjusted.
    14. Id have to agree here with you @Kennedy Killz If your wearing a hamburger mask, gingerbread man mask, some stupid shit like that, how serious are we supposed to take your RP? So having the option to remove the mask should be used when no criminal acts are being done. Makes people here take you more serious. I personally think you should not be concealing your identity at all times and if you are, you give law enforcement to question you, possibly fine you or even worse, it can lead to you trying to resist, cause confrontation, possibly opening the door for them to search you, possibly finding drugs, illegal weapons, dirty money or other shit. All because you are walking around looking suspect asf with a mask on for no reason at all.. Ive noticed "Smart criminals" are far and few here.
    15. I agree man, We are trying to be different, more interaction and less of the crappy point A to Point B then sell shit. With trust, we need commitment and organization. We need to come together as a community and interact not avoid each other to make a few bucks. That would be defeating the sole purpose of role play.
    16. I dont see an issue with this, I think as long as people are not doing stupid shit with them.
    17. Stubbs Welcome, glad your experience has been positive! We try hard to keep the community as clean as we can and take pride in good RP and respectful people to enjoy it with! Hope to see you around! Thanks and have fun!
    18. So when you first spawn in, we have a rental car shop easy access with lots of options. As for stealing cars? Sure you can just jump in any car and steal it on most servers like GTAO. But this is not GTAO... You can in fact steal cars, you should read the information we offer in Tips when in game by pressing F11, should make things alot easier for you here.
    19. Crunch

      New Here

      Hello Kylerh15, Well I mean most public servers such as the 2 servers we have up atm, wont have those things you suggested. Certain things like zip ties and putting people in a trunk are things you want responsible, serious RP players to be able to use. So if they were readily available in a public server, that means they would be used by anyone, including the occasional troll or person that is not looking to actually RP and just abuse it. These are things that would be and could be included in our whitelist. As for what we have, its best to jump in the server, hit F11 and read some of the in game tips. Make sure to read our rules as well. Welcome to BCRP! Thanks and have fun!
    20. Glad to hear that Alucard! Have fun and hope to bump into you in the city one day!
    21. Hello Pochinki, currently we have 2 public servers ( Server 1 Public & Server 2 Public ) We do have a Whitelist server still undergoing development at the moment. But we take pride in keeping the public servers clean and fun, so you may join either of the two. Whitelist will most-likely start out as invitation only in the beginning, which is us basically hand picking players from the current public servers and bypassing the application process, this process is more of the RP and effort behind it by such a player. Thanks and hope you enjoy BCRP. Crunch
    22. Ok First why dont we do this. Each shop no matter what gets paid a percentage of the total sale which goes into a coffer. Like the businesses work, the owner can pull that money out at anytime, this mechanic shop should be (a business) It should also have a set pay check, clock on and off duty. Off duty no pay check, no menu, no options. On duty, menu access. Bring the fix command back for mechanics. Tow drivers should be a separate job sorry.. Tow drivers can pick up a car and goto any shop they want, this would work like Taxi, on/off duty with paycheck Chop shop 30 or 60 min cool down couple random spots on the map. A mechanic is not a car dealer, so importing cars should not be a thing, your welcome to sell cars you already have as usual. Way too many complaints people not getting what they pay for. Mechanics not available even with 7 different shops. And/or mechanics working or doing there own shit, when players should come first. As a business owner, you should put your business first, ive seen so much fucking around and abuse, it kinda takes the wind out of us.
    23. Who or what shop is offering free repairs? Dont seem fair to me
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