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    1. Welcome to BigCityRP! We have a great bunch of people here, I believe thats what makes us special. But please make sure to read the rules. Role play can be extremely fun as long as all parties follow the rules and dont treat it like GTA Online! If you need help with anything, the forums are a great place to start, just know in character things can only be found in game. Thank you and have fun!
    2. Agreed! Sounds like a good idea. Anything to make it easier for players to transcend from one character to another. I will put this on the board. Thank you
    3. Download, install, start. Where make user name, connect ip is - bigcityrp.com
    4. Toko will never be an option on the public server. The WL yes, Clothes is something we are working on for both Male and Female, Car Handling, reducing the heavy guns in the city, limiting the gun play as a whole. Removing, limiting or total eliminating the shit gang RP. Focusing on the WL. In no such order, but thats the ruff.
    5. First its not possible to be in your home, because each character has its own property, which means if you dont own the same house, essentially you would spawn back in someone else home.. Also If everyone had one in a home as an option, this leave then a safe way to be chased to that home, run in side and swap characters, while cops would not know this happened and would not be able to prove it. Having a centralize location like Life Invader, makes it more of a controllable thing. If what I said happens, then they would face the consequences. So to answer your suggestion, in the current form, it would not work. But for sure appreciate it!
    6. Welcome to Big City RP Shawn! We have some great people here and good times for sure! Hope you have fun and good luck in the city! Make sure to read the server rules and you should be good to go! Have fun! Thanks
    7. I can understand the frustration police have to an extent. Let me explain. Asking permission OOC is not part of any RP that takes place. It was at one time against the rules to hold up cops, kid nap cops and after awhile. alot of police came to us asking to allow it as it can bring great RP. So we did. But no where does it suggest anyone to ever go OOC and ask permission anymore. That was the stupidest thing I have ever heard of anyone doing. The main thing in an RP server is NEVER go OOC. My announcement about the repeated hold ups, kidnapping and disregard of laws like walking around with weapons on your back or masks are our last push before we change the rules again. As frustrated as the police is with that stuff, criminals are as frustrated with police with consistent NVL situations, cops pulling guns out at gun point or just total disregard of the crime happening and just try and cowboy out of the situation. All of this stuff happens with criminals doing it as well, but this shit needs to stop. SP, PD and criminals will be banned if this NVL stuff continues to happen anymore.
    8. We will workout something this week and try and put something official together for a poll. Then once the poll determines the top 3 candidates we will hold an election. easy!
    9. The cars that were removed is only temporary, they will in fact return shortly. So watch out for price gougers. Taking advantage of misinformation is not a very nice thing.
    10. @dNStreeeet My brother, let me tell you something.. Regardless of anything that happens here, good, bad, funny or sad, this place was created with the intent to supply a place people can come and enjoy, have fun, laugh, make friends and build relationships with people. Everyone here wants the same thing and hearing how its been a positive influence in your life and how this place helps people in that way, means more to me then anything. I truly hope it helps people get away from irl stuff, get over the hard times in life and for at least the time you share here put a smile on your face and enjoyment in your heart. Good vibes only, god bless and thank you for being a part of this amazing place.
    11. I can tell you now, if we find this to continue to happen, those people will be removed from playing in this community. This is not RP anyone wants to be involved with, I will not promote it and I certainly will not allow it here. So I ask, anyone that encounters this, to report the person(s) doing it, so we can handle it swiftly. I apologize to anyone that has been caught up in that type of RP, but with your help, we can easily eliminate the problem. Thanks
    12. I mean all we do is try and accommodate the police vs civ action.. Criminals can only be in groups of 5 max. Cops 7.. Thats 12 people out of 32. The other 20 people are most likely more groups of criminals 4 x 5 as an example. So because we are limiting the amount of cops to 7, this is a good balance, but we cant allow 20 people to run crazy hitting robberies why all cops are focused at one location.. Want to raise it to 10 cops and put the timers back to 20 mins? The criminals will hate it when 10 cops show up and cops will hate it when robberies are left and right... And doing this will throw the count for civilians way off giving police way too much power in my opinion. Stuff like this will be way better and easier when we go 64+ slots.
    13. You guys really need to get together and speak as a department. You guys come to us and say.. "Oh my god, the banks are being robbed every 20 minutes, we dont finish with one robbery and another goes off, HELP!!!" We make those timers longer, longer cool down so it leaves enough time to RP out the robbery and probably chase. Then you guys come to us, "The hit a bank on one side of the map, someone else hits a store on the other side, the jewelry store getting hit in between, we cant go to all of these places with 7 cops on! HELP!!!" We make one cool down timer, so if someone hits a bank, no one can trigger another alarm, giving you guys plenty of time to interact and finish the RP, just enough so someone can trip the next alarm... Now your bored? lol I give up.
    14. Would be awesome to have this option again. Something changed awhile ago on fiveM, they have since changed how we were able to stream the vshare.ytd with NY plates. But since whatever they changed, this no longer works. So the NY plates have never been possible again. I will look and see if anything changed and if we can possible find away to do it, we will.
    15. Half the problem with people is they "think" they did nothing wrong. No interaction at all.
    16. Hey Tena, So first, you should know, anything that can help create more in depth RP, I am all for. Giving players the tools to do so, is very important to me. The issue with the additional commands we had put in on a trial basis.. /carry , /piggyback , /force , /takehostage Are afew of the things we had put in just to see how in a public environment it would be used. In the first 10 mins /piggyback was used to stack a bunch of people and run around creating zero RP and just abusing a good thing. We let it go as it just came out. But over the last 48 hours, its not new players abusing it, its players that been here along time, doing stupid shit with these commands. totally disappointed in the lack of maturity and abuse of something that could be so great. So we will put checks in to make sure nothing can be abused or exploited again and if it is, we will just punish those doing it, no matter who they are or how long they been here.
    17. Some people will never get it. Doing these things over and over is just stupid. This is most of which these so called gangs do here. I wish we had people in these gangs that can actually RP, build a storyline, create a character and crew back ground.. No, most of them are wannabe over the top try hard terrible criminals that put zero effort into any of that. And its the same people over and over that think or say they RP, but that shit is not role play.
    18. Ok first off, relax, this is not a cage match, its a community forum, no one should be attacking anyone here. If someone, cop, civ, staff, anyone at all, is not valuing life, simply continue in character with the situation, if you are recording/streaming, great, if not, you should at the minimum record. Simply tab out and report the situation and supply as much information as possible. NEVER come out of character for any reason in game while a situation is taking place, whether you agree with how it went down or not... We have absolutely no issue taking care of the situations that are reported to us. If you are going to just complain about a situation that happened in discord or on the forums, your complaint will fall on deaf ears and be blended in with a bunch of other posts. So that situation will end up with nothing happening. People will not learn and they will continue to do it. I am not here to protect ANYONE that thinks they can do whatever they want, not following community rules, total no regard for safety or loss of life, do not comply with hostage well being, fail RP, shoot to kill on sight for little to no reason and total community disrespect. If these situations dont get reported the right way, they will continue, these people will still be here repeating this bull shit over and over. I want them out and we need you guys to help put the well being of the community first and report these situations with as much info as possible. And in the long run, it will only get better.
    19. I would agree, but people complain about things and dont report them, so without these issues being reported, not much we can do to enforce it.
    20. The NYPD has just been reworked, complete new CoC, new training's, new officers. So to be fair, most of the issues are being worked on or fixed already, so lets give them time. Thank you
    21. Well now that we all talked about what PD and SP need to change. Lets talk about the Civilians and what they need to change. This is not all one sided, so to come in here saying, "Police need to do this, this and this" and think that fixed everything is just not fair. We somehow attracted a load of the BIGGEST internet gangsters around, every criminal, every gang, you guys all think you run this city. I got news for you, wake the fuck up, you dont. Your crappy gang RP sucks and is ruining more then its helping this community. Cop pulls you over (if you even stop) and here you are cursing him out, talking shit, going OOC on what the laws or rules are... This is where the problem starts here, some of the cop interactions are no better. But if you sit here saying its just the police? Then pack your shit cause you are probably part of the issue too!
    22. For the last few weeks the parks have had the same players reported on each city. Absolutely doing nothing for hours and hours on end. Making connections at the park is fine, hanging out at the park for a bit is fine. The people we are talking about are the same people that are standing in a circle doing nothing for hours right now. Pick a city, go look, check tomorrow, the next day, this weekend, all next week,, all the same people. That is not making connections, thats wasting space.
    23. I seriously could not have described it better. Thats exactly whats happening and I was planing to make an announcement about this and a few other things. So I will just link your post in the announcement. But more importantly, we will not allow this to continue. We will soon make some changes and the people that continue this crap will be the first to find out what those changes are and how it will effect them being part of this community. Thanks for expressing your concerns, they are mine as well.
    24. Our Whitelist will have all this plus more. Its based on trusting the players to use these tools the right way. Its much easier to vet how its being used in the WL, then in the public. I have seen public servers with these options and they are hardly used right, we are avoiding that here.
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