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    1. Welcome to the community and the world of role play! So starting out for sure is the challenge, but its like anything else we do in life, put your time in and in the long run it pays off. The goal for anyone should be to stick it out in the public servers for the time being, learning to RP will be challenging with some Randoms that just come to the publics to cause crap some times. The end goal is to get into our restricted server, with better RPers and build on your storyline for the characters you create! So happy to have you and please read the rules, best way to learn is watch some people stream RP, it can be fun, exciting when around the right people and environment! Have a great time!
    2. Its honestly disgusting to see people like this in the community. Well hopefully it was just a random and not someone that has put time in here. But regardless, no one deserves to have to deal with crap like this and the few people that do this shit need to either smarten up or we need to get rid of them. I see the future getting much better here as the days go on, the amount of bans has also increased, at some point it will show how the community members that care along with staff have cleaned this place up and turned things around for the better! Please just keep reporting and working with staff to eliminate issues such as this from ever happening again. Thank you for all you do!
    3. I think one ofd the main issues is people do not know how to do things in moderation. If you going to stick someone up cool, but going from one person to another, another anther and keep doing the same shit, is where it becomes a very shitty thing to do. Another issue is I sit here with my fingers crossed that the new people that actually want to RP and get into Brooklyn, don't give up before doing so. I ask you to stick it out, report people and do your best to stay in the lanes of RP. Hopefully the time will come quick and you will be let into Brooklyn. We are currently trying and doing the best we can with the help of the community reporting, reporting and reporting. This will take alittle time, but in the end, your help will have been the deciding factor on why the community has gotten better. So thank you all, lets keep RPing and reporting !
    4. Hmm sounds like an idea. I think if we had running stock on vehicles that would be a great addition to that idea you have. Thanks
    5. So like some here, we all have enjoyed back in the day when things were controlled by a person or group. Some went really good, some bad. Its like anything else in the world, its always a double sided knife you toss up in the air and hope you don't cut off all your fingers when you try and catch it. I honestly think the hardest thing is finding someone or a group that's going to do it right. Does it really need to just be illegal stuff controlled? I don't think so. I think we can come up with lots of fun things we can possible add to suit both agendas. Here is the main issue...... Just when you think we found a person or group to do this, something happens and it puts us 5 steps backwards. Without doing the pick me me me me , or pick us! Can we get some ideas what would be cool to add either legally or illegally controlled in game. This is not only finding the right people to RP it out, but along with lots of trust. I would like to start with 1 thing and build off that. If we can get this off the ground it would open the door for so many opportunities and things for many to look forward too in the future. This post is looking for suggestions based on the topic, leave your personal opinions of people or groups out of it please. Thank you
    6. The public servers can be shitty at times. Then other times with less assholes playing gangster, they can be really good. But Brooklyn is much better for RP. Still just dont understand why anyone with a granted access tag continues to go back into the public, then complain about these shitheads. We would love to continue to remove these people, but we need the help of credible reports so we can clean the community public servers up.
    7. Custom plates are cool I guess, its a way to make something of yours unique. But the point of this post is to help people who have plates understand how they work and avoid any issues in the future. Think of your license plate on your vehicle as an identifier. This plate is attached to your data, your steam hex and you CANNOT EVER have 2 of the same plates at the same time. If you have (2) of the SAME plates at anytime, it will trigger a ban. The system will assume you are trying to change the model of that vehicle to something else. So each person can only have (1) steam hex identifier in game, the same thing with vehicles, you can only have 1 vehicle with that plate on it. Now it is possible to see others with the same plate and that's totally fine. As long as that person does not have a duplicate plate at all. All your plates need to be unique to avoid triggering a ban and auto deleting the vehicle with the duplicate plate. All plates need to be 8 characters long. Not less then 8 and certainly not more then 8. (8 characters only) No special characters like ~`@#$%^&*()_-+={[}]|\:;"'<,>.?/ or spaces, everything needs to be CAPITAL letters/numbers only I hope this clears up some issues we recently had. Thank you
    8. We good with customizing your trucks wheels. Of Course make it make sense, something that's gonna be stupid looking/ trolly shit, don't do it. All the above I see look great. Gonna lock this, we good to go.
    9. I dont see why we cant do that. Good suggestion Thank you we will take a look
    10. Not sure what triggered this toxic behavior, it's obviously not about an application not being rushed, cause I know the sober version of you, this would not happen.. Nobody here knows your personal situation and we shouldn't, its private and no one else's business. But here is some advice, take it or leave it, that's up to you. If your in a bad mood, pissed off at your life, drunk and un-controlling of your anger and feelings, do not come into our discord, TS, server or anywhere in this community. People in staff are not your personal punching bag to relieve stress and let all your anger out on. They are members of this community just like you and I, absolutely no different, other then they sacrifice personal time helping others and they get little to no respect for doing so. I am a firm believer, you treat people how you want to be treated, I dont give a fuck who, what, where, why or how, no one is going to talk to anyone that's part of this community or staff like they are complete shit. Everyone is entitled to a bad day, so today I am hoping was yours. Sleep it off and when you wake up tomorrow, maybe you will understand what you did was completely uncalled for, moronic and stupid. Think about it and if not, then I guess you will decide where you end up, but this community will not stand for toxic bullshit towards anyone. Take care.
    11. This is an absolutely awesome post, LOTS of work in getting those links lol. Thank you makes the job much easier. So YES we can certainly add more clothes! BUT let me explain how that works. Lots of trial and error as when you add clothes, it removes clothes. I've added some hair styles one time without really checking what it was replacing lol, next day after restart general chat was full of people complaining their characters looked like Elvis Presley. But GTA has so much horrible clothing we can replace, its more just to find the file name of each piece you wanna replace with something good. So we will certainly bookmark this page when we get time and see what we can replace and add. Thank you very much for this well put together list!
    12. Closing this now . If your interesting in CID, then speak to whoever it maybe to apply for DU, not much was changed besides the name, moved to a sub-division and the people running it. Thanks
    13. Um, I mean I am just wondering, what is actually different? lol If something is different I can only think of a few things. #1 complaints we got about when it was "called" CID... CID would just go around and offer to sell guns and drugs to people, then raid them the next day. (Not interested in criminals with a badge) CID would patrol doing traffic stops in unmarked cars with machine guns on their backs. (pretty much what cops do) So after a long time of this crap going on and getting the yes yes yes we will not do this anymore, CID was moved from being by themselves to under PD. All of this stuff continued. We had requests to change the people in charge, swap some things around and rename it to focus more on detective work. As far as I know, the same issues still occur. So you think just changing the name back, turning a blind eye to allow people to do whatever they want is going to make CID Great again? Please don't be so simple minded. I would want nothing less than to have PD and whatever else department to be great, offer fun, professional, serious at times RP, but it seems the same shit constantly repeats itself over and over. Since we just had people step down in this new department and now under new leadership, I hope these things don't continue. But bringing back or changing the fucking name from what it is to CID does nothing. I would have left it as is if people didnt complain about it within that department and in the community. Now on another note, "Bring back the 9s" lol you people have corona on your brain. You complain about times in jail taking away RP, so we shorten it. We have no active DOJ or DOC so we remove the 9s (nobody to fucking RP with you in jail). Why can't detectives actually investigate shit? I mean this thread is like just reading a post about the year 2020. A bunch of angry people with pitchforks in the street and have no fucking idea why they are doing it..
    14. Agreed, Id like to see cops actually RPing it at the minimum walking the perp without holding shit. Seems like a crapping thing. So we can make this change ourselves and update the SOP. Or if not making it an animation similar to the take hostage. I would rather we cooperate and just do the right thing.
    15. So first off, the "we pay our taxes". I assume this is in reference to donations. Lets all get one thing straight, you play here cause you love this community, your friends play here, you have fun playing here. We ask 2 simple things of everyone. 1.) Follow the rules 2.) be respectful That's it. No one owes us anything, no one is expected to donate money here. If you feel the need to "contribute to this community?" The absolute BEST WAY to do this? Is not with your wallet, its with your role play period! Focus on creating role play, even if your in a gang or a cop, mechanic, store owner, truck driver, whatever your job is in game, your focus should be creating role play situations. It costs NOTHING but cooperation, dedication, creativity and relationships. So if you want to contribute something positive here, put your wallet, your guns, your attitude away and create a storyline of RP. Also when you do this, your RP in the city will dictate who you and your group of people are. They shouldn't need you to make a post about it here, it should come across naturally and earned within role play.
    16. I agree, I think alot of the issues are most people are in a rush. They want to spend least amount of time stuck out in the middle of no where, waiting for a tow or mechanic to show up. Now I am not saying they are right or wrong, but if you look at it from a distance, this is a role play community, which means, people want and need interaction, not avoid it. We need more people to cooperate and help other community members along to create RP. People invest alot of time and effort to make others experiences fun here, but we will continue to have that handful of people that want to rush, abuse and rinse and repeat everything they do, over role playing. I was also thinking about a newer more reliable system, where the job would have a service phone. get stuck, need a tow, call a mechanic or tow directly. This would also need an in service notification possibly or maybe not, just a published number for the service phone. I think this would be more reliable then the current system we have. And I am not suggesting to remove the current system, just add the service phones to the job and see if this helps. But getting back to RP, people in the Bigger city especially should NEVER, I mean NEVER avoid RP, you should be continuously creating and help develop situations and storylines. If your not willing to do this, please let us know, so we can remove your access to the bigger city and give it to someone willing to roleplay.
    17. You understand thats not as easy as you think in these servers... But the future will be different. We will certainly look at the Raptor tho.
    18. A new phone is in the works, actually even before this post was made. But certainly a much needed change. I agree!
    19. Just open a support ticket staff will help you out brother.
    20. Alot of what we see in staff are things that quickly become OOC. People get mad when they get caught by cops. People get mad when they lose a gun fight or situation vs. another group or person. I see some really stupid reports come in, things that should continue in RP but some people just dont allow that to happen. Lots of issues that should be in character and handled that way, fall on the laps of staff. Role play is not about things obtained, how much you have or how long you been here. Its about dedicating your time to creating and building around that persona. If your not willing to interact with new people or allow situations to progress and see where they go, then building something can never happen. We can remove all the money, all the cars and we will still have people attacking people OOC and not following through to RP things out. Yes lots of things need to be addressed and they will, but if you think this is as easy as twisting a few knobs, your highly mistaken. What we need is cooperation and help from the very people here. Lets start with respecting each other both in and out of character. Lets have people follow all situations completely through RP, minimizing the ooc crap and complaining, allowing things to progress in character. If no one is willing to cooperate like this as an individual or group, then we are all wasting our time.
    21. Honestly I hear this from new people all the time. Not sure why people are not open to networking. Not every new person you dont know is a shitlord or dont RP well, give people a chance.. I have many new people that come here, have nothing compared to many people here and still message saying how much fun and good interactions they have had here with some people. But the majority of people just need to be open and allow new things to happen and see where it goes. Not much you risk in giving a new person a chance.
    22. So to respond to as many of the things ive see in this thread, here goes. First no one was talking down to anyone, I was simply taken back at Alfies post as he I am sure is aware of things we talk about in TS and Discord and things we are working on. Yes many of those things have been put on the back burner, Nardah has been working on some bug fixes, more importantly things you dont get to see, like migrating the data from text format to SQL, which is a major pain in the ass. By doing this, it gives us more control and consistency on how stuff is stored and saved. Lots of people have items that have just disappeared as an example. So doing this will not only fix that issue, but also makes it easier to log, follow and see exactly what happened to the item. We are mostly adults here I hope, so if your going to respond like an asshole, dont respond at all. Also we have talked a long time about the Whitelist, over that time I have had many people come to me saying a whitelist server will make the RP just too dry, they liked the restricted servers when we first started them, I believe even Alfie was one that mentioned that along with many others, so the big push for it kinda fell off. But one of the big things for me was the best way to address the current economy fairly, its nothing to argue about, we all see it and most like me dont like the way it is, but its not as cut and dry as you think to make a community as big and diverse as this happy no matter what way you go, hard to please everyone...But I am confident we can try. On another note, having rare cars or items I guess was cool at one point, but as time went on and people starting to sell these things for crazy amounts didnt help, it started to get out of hand. As an example, lets take the P1... So it was a car that was requested to put in and I think at that time it started at about 20m, very few were sold. It was a rare car, but not many people wanted it back then. Over time, we have seen the price go from 30m, 50m, then 80m... At that point we talked about putting it into the shop, but we were met by many people that owned them, some in this thread (please dont put it in, or are you putting it in????) So we kept it out of the shop, we didnt want people to lose tens of millions from bad deals... But slowly the price climbed even further, 100m, 140m, I think currently someone told me 220m for a P1 now? Seriously? The prices are just insane, if you think we did this on purpose, you are highly mistaken. For me, at this point on these servers, an eco wipe is like putting a band-aid on a gun shot wound. People will still have millions and millions of dollars in cars and before you know it, the market will be flooded with them again selling for crazy prices and we will be back to square one. So this is not a fix. So on these servers, the answer is no a wipe will not work.. We have just as many people as you guys that come on here to RP and have fun on the current servers, that would like to continue in them as they are with few changes and adjustments which will happen shortly, we can address some of those issues and keep it going well. Someone said I been talking about 2.0 for a year? That is not true, we have talked about a WL for over a year, yes, but 2.0 is something we started talking about and taken seriously just a couple months now. It would be a clean slate, restricted server, new economy, new characters, new jobs, no community support perks, no handouts of prio for OG players, no favoritism by anyone for anything.. You want something, you work for it. Drugs and locations, illegal activity, PD,EMS,MECH jobs and some interiors and new legal jobs and activities will be much different then what we have here. Nothing you have will be transferred to these servers and everything you have will remain on the current servers.. It will be 100% based on RP and activity.. 2.0 will be based on interaction, more freedom, less restriction and will be dependent on certain players to do certain activities, legal and illegal. I am not posting this to change anyone here that has made there mind up on how they feel, this is a free country, you are not a prisoner here. But we have absolutely no issue in addressing things that need to be changed and should be changed. Alot of the concerns posted here are ours as well, so no one is far from what vision we have for the community. Nobody here, in management or myself, has anything against people of this community speaking up, but doing it respectfully, like an adult is the utmost important thing to do. Sometimes its not what you say, its how you say it. As I always have said for 5 years, my Dms are open to all, if something I can address directly, I have no issue doing so. I am closing the thread, it will be here to read, if you have a suggestion post it in that thread. If you have a concern, message me. When we are ready, everyone will be able to work with us on the final stages. An announcement will be made then. Thank you
    23. https://gyazo.com/729800e5d2c9792ccae731c9e6db77f9 Hmm Last I checked your part of staff are you not? You know we have been talking about 2.0 for a while now and the things that will be changed and addressed and how it will work. If you didnt, then maybe you have not been around idk. But clearly this is the same message thats been posted before and I have responded and explained before what our plans are. Nobody has ever been removed or punished for speaking up, the important thing is how its approached, we are adults, when you see an issue or want something to change or recommend something and want it to actually happen, you simply contact the person or people in charge and have a conversation. For the average person here, that can be challenging, but almost everyone knows my DMs are always open, I listen and I will always do whats right for the community as a whole. But you as someone of staff already know this, thats why I am wondering, why you would need to make a post about this when you can simply contact me, or how about the 20+ other people in the staff discord your in? Weird.
    24. If we cant stick to the issues on both sides and work together to talk about the best ways to make it better for all of us in the community, then please no one else post. This is not battle Royal, whoever gets the last word in wins. So lets focus on what we need to look at and change so both sides can get back to role playing, instead of he said, she said, bull shit.
    25. Absolutely, I agree with you @dNStreeeet for a long time I have always asked as well as complained that cops should never automatically go to AR's, I dont even agree with them having them. Cops have pistols and shot guns in NY. But here is part of the issue, its cops that have many friends playing as crims or people that just made friends with, when that cop rolls up and every person at the park has an AR or shot gun on his/her back, the cop says nothing and drives away. When in fact, this is not enforcing the laws your supposed to enforce, doing so would lead to people stopping the AR's or shot guns on their back, which would keep the long guns holstered on cops. But because a few cops decide to let certain people walk around like this, only to make it even harder for other police to approach and tell that person to put the gun away, to be met with fuck you, my boys a cop said I can have it on my back, or why you being an asshole, or just fuck you. But in the end, it leads to escalating a situation that leads to cops using and getting more used to carrying ARs to make them first choice. So how about we start with some of the cops enforcing the laws they supposed to no matter what? Why not make your fellow officers job easier, why not deescalate the situation before it escalates? The laws enforced from one cop to another are night and day, either retrain them or remove them. Friends do not get special treatment. ARs should be racked in the trunk or assault rifles left for special divisions, not patrol. Pistol and shotguns. But again it goes both ways Crims need to stop the bullshit crime activity like robbing a bank with a personal car. Carry around weapons on their backs out in public Respect the law, not doing 360s in front of cops of face jail time and impounded vehicles Cops need to remain fair, but firm and all abide by the laws and enforce them. Crims need to respect the law, stop thinking they are the biggest baddest criminal in town and when they get arrested pissed off cursing and going ooc that cops wanna win. How about plan shit out, be smart, do things that wont track back to you, take real hostages, not your friend. This is a two way street, if anyone really wants change, the only people that can do it are them. The other adjustments are easily made.
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