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  1. NyghtWolf20

    Skyline r34

    Ill buy it 8mil
  2. NyghtWolf20

    LTB 1970 Challenger

    Hmu Yungboiwolf#5652
  3. NyghtWolf20

    Taking offers on a Vapid Ellie

    Ill give you 15 hmu Yungboiwolf#5652
  4. NyghtWolf20

    LTB Vapid Ellie

    Hmu Yungboiwolf#5652
  5. NyghtWolf20

    Ltb 2012 Chevy Silverado

    Hmu Yungboiwolf#5652
  6. NyghtWolf20

    LTB 2 Drag bikes

  7. NyghtWolf20

    **LTS Tempesta**

    Is this still available?
  8. NyghtWolf20

    LTB Tempesta

    Hmu Yungboiwolf#5652
  9. NyghtWolf20

    Selling bunch of OG cars

    1.2 if its the drag
  10. NyghtWolf20

    LTB Droptop Lambo

    Hmu Yungboiwolf#5652
  11. NyghtWolf20

    Ltb house with Franklin interior

    Hmu Yungboiwolf#5652
  12. NyghtWolf20

    Need some help on a value

    No problem
  13. NyghtWolf20

    Need some help on a value

    Yeah mine does the same thing the car in general is broken as for price thats up to you i dont think anyone would go above and beyond on the price tho
  14. NyghtWolf20

    Need some help on a value

    Yes and you go to a mech to put the sticker on
  15. NyghtWolf20

    Need some help on a value

    Its the same as the one in store just costs less to get out of impound
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