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    1. doubt it will happen... "its a public server"
    2. changed email to monkey69#5392
    3. Like the title says I want this sack of shit I heard it’s 6mil in shop, I believe the one and only randy bullet also has it and I want one. Please hmu my discord (since this is all ooc and means nothing ic) is FruityPebbles#5392. Don’t give a flying ball sack if the car has insurance or is upgraded I just like how it looks now sell it to me thank you no dumb prices yes sir. Hmu
    4. selling this thing, someone stole it and changed everything, dont feel like trying to change it back to how it looks. hmu FruityPebbles#5392
    5. looking to buy this vehicle, i do not care if it has insurance, upgrades or any of that. hml FruityPebbles#5392
    6. this is cool i really like this
    7. Ltb this hmu FruityPebbles#5392
    8. They can still pull out the gun and aim it at you, which would kind of ruin the whole scenario
    9. got the evo, just looking for the bmw now
    10. got a wrx, still looking for other 2 hmu
    11. 1.5 on evo ix, 2.3 on bmw m3 e36 FruityPebbles#5392
    12. Looking for those cars in the title, hmu FruityPebbles#5392
    13. This, and the fact that when u do /hu rn im pretty sure it doesnt take weapons, so it could fix that. Also i know for some people or me atleast dont need everyones shit, i just wanna look for a couple things and move on not pocket wipe the guy and leave em stranded lol
    14. i was thinking, change it so when we do /hu, it doesnt takes everything off of them, but we can search them and take what we want, and it would give us all the money.
    16. happens on low and high settings
    17. give tony his business back
    18. i think a new loading screen would be pagman
    19. note : wifi and games, including gta online is completely fine and runs with 0 problems.
    20. https://streamable.com/c8kud0 that is whats happening, i have changed settings to low and high, messed around with new extended budget setting, i have cleared cache, i have reinstalled fivem, i have deleted mods i had on gta, i am now trying to reinstall gta. whats happening in the video is to cars, but the same thing is happening with other players too. ive tried other servers, it seems like everything is fine on other servers such as free roam, racing etc.. but when i hop on any rp server it does this. I dont know what to do anymore it is unplayable pls help,
    21. i dont see a format anywhere for them
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