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  1. Abdulsamed

    1103 Hangman Ave


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    Selling my house because of buying a new house. It's a very nice mansion in the hills for a family or some friends, there is a nice jacuzzi in the back and the view is just amazing. It has a big car garage of 8 cars and you will be able to fit all of your cars here. Looking for 4mil with the 3mil government price included HMU on email Big Smoke#6650 or text me at 250-2656

    4,000,000.00 IGC

  2. Abdulsamed



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    Selling Panto visually upgraded not internally, trying to make a buck out of it. Anything above 2k is accepted. Email Big Smoke#6650 Or text me 250-2656

    2,000.00 IGC

  3. Abdulsamed

    Fully upgraded Mercedes Benz E63 for sale

    What's the topspeed? for 7.5mil I expect atleast 200 right? SCAM
  4. Abdulsamed

    The Serpents

    We are a gang and we respect each other more than family. If you have a problem with one of us you have a problem with all of us. We will not listen to the cops and we will do whatever we want. Be aware. May God be with you whenever you see us. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This organisation has just started in the year 2019 and is already getting a lot of attention, they do not fear of anyone or anything. They're all from different countries and they can show everyone how well these countries work together. Members : Lan Sikter Billy Dzhavatkhanov Alex Grigoryan Abdulsamed Musliman  Edited 6 minutes ago by Abdulsamed
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