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    1. yeah litraly there is 3 parking lots so close to legion its insane . 1 behind legion bank 2 above amunation 3 other side of legion where the coffee shop used to be u could move legion to those spots . heck its realy easy moving it to there people just have to keep being there for like 1 week straight and the spot moves . its a effort made by a couple of deticated induviduals or just staff in general we seen it happen a couple of times . at one time maze bank was more popular then legion to this idea i would prefer not to have a parking spot at the already super bad
    2. can we please have the yellowe pages added . its been suggested in the past a few times but since the posts dont always gain traction they get lost. since Vexx put in allot of time to put together this post and the benefits this would give to EVERYONE in game i feel like its finaly time to update to phone many features the current system has are oudated and slowly stuff is starting to break since its not being updated . now even though this app does nto add anything on a rp lvl 9gag has been broken for wel over a year now while on other servers its stil working because its updated . as
    3. the clothing menu realy is amazing
    4. I agree with this it should be the same as food and water
    5. Hello everyone First of all i know most people not going to like the first part of what i have to say/suggest Below is a picture of a Ford Crown Victory , its a previous Police isued vehicle that is now retired and became in the hands of a civilian As u can see it hold the incredible amount of 125 pounds ( just like a small ity bity golf cart ) Below here is a Wonderfull stil police isued Ford Crown Victoria , And for reasons know within the police department it holds 500 pounds . Below is a Ford f150 Raport its from 2013 and holds a whopping 200 pounds
    6. Hello BCRP How is time depecited in the boroughs of newyork bcrp ? this question might seem simple to awnser but im finding more questions then awnsers GTA V So is it just 1 day irl is 1day ingame or is there a conversion ? because to my knowledge gta v has the following conversion : 1 day IG = 48 min irl that makes it so u have 30 ingame days for every 24 hours is that what we go by ? Police or do we go by police jail times as proper time depiction like u go to jail for 30 months its 30 min IRL personaly it sound like its off but if 30 min ingam
    7. As a formor shop owner i was seeing something that could be improved lately i have been hearing allot of people say the have been looking for mechanic XXX days and with the current way it works people tweet out Mechshop XXX is open in "manhattan" "brooklyn"....... only for it to get burried by the overwelming amount of tweets about different subjects or completely forget to do it all together what im suggesting to fix this is the following once a mechanic goes on duty with their respective shop theyre should be a way to automaticly have advertising up this can be done in ma
    8. the only thing that frustrated me about the whole trucking job was 40mph hill and once u done doing that job u have no way out of there yes taxi . but often there isnt anyone around or it wil cost as much as just "taking the truck home" other then that i love the job like it is . payment is very well balanced imo
    9. i loved these . the bad thing indeed is people making mad profit off off it ritch people get ritcher and the poor stay at the bottom and can only hope for a nice house would like to see something like this back but i totaly understand why these are no more
    10. i dont steal cars so doesnt bother me but i say keep them , most certainly keeps my speed down i would say add some sort of a redlight system
    11. it used to be its glitched atm and its has been known for a while now just give the devs a little time to sort it out
    12. after it serves as evidence what happens to it usualy ? good point to make though i dint think about that
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