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  1. xeon112

    Cops VS Crims Gameplay Topic

    I will attempt to explain each of your concerns from the other side along with explain somethings that are unfair to the cops side. # of units in a chase - realistically yes you would limit the number of cars you have in a pursuit and i will say this we do try our best with this. Literally over dispatch officers near by will ask how many units are responding to that call and not respond if there are too many. Realistically if a car has to drop out cause of gas/damage another car will be diverted to the situation and that should be fine. This should be done in game as long as the total number of vehicles in the pursuit itself is not over 4. Pitting - you want to limit pitting to 75mph. I can not think of one situation over the months I have been here where a criminal has committed a crime where the vehicles top speed wasn't at least 90mph. There are literally vehicles in this game that go 200mph+. We are also trained not to pit if the suspect hasn't done anything dangerous to locals/civs/cops(unless you are in ted but they are specifically trained). So if you want realistic pits your gonna need to put the top speed on vehicles at about 120mph. Air 1 - i have not used air 1 in months and i have always used my eyes for pursuits as me personally feel its easier. The inferred camera needs to stay as without metagaming we would never be able to see people in bushes, etc. Even running into the bush we can try to push the person out but still we would not be able to tell. Ramming and k9 - I agree with everything ames has stated. The server is never perfect and the k9 is fine as he is. The k9 system is very strict in who is allowed to use it and is realistic. Police vehicle durability- Again this is a pretty good idea about the vehicle durability is. Cds/wreckless/shots fired- Cds - first off I will tell you for a fact if someone tried to sell me Coriane I would call the cops so I don't see why locals wouldn't do the same Wreckless- there are cameras everywhere in nyc, im pretty sure someone is watching telling the officers when there is a sports vehicle going 200+ down a street Shots fired - there is again a system in place called shotspoter in nyc now that does this. Even if that wasn't there what person wouldn't call in shots fired. So again locals, what if civs do it. Well the argument against that is if done we would never get 1 911 about shots cause your talking about a huge city filled with 64 ppl and most civs will investigate first instead of calling 911. I'm gonna be honest your solution to remove it sounds more like you just want to win. I think i went over most of your cop concerns or other officers have went over them, let's go over your crim concerns. Oh wait there aren't any, well ill add some then. Unrealistic vehicles involved in crime. - if you can afford a 20 million dollar vehicle that goes 200mph+ why are you robbing a gas station? Police vehicles are too slow - any pursuit that goes down los santos with a vehicle that goes 200+ you are going to get lost. We do have a speed unit but its top speed is only 10 or 20 miles faster then the charger. Meanwhile there are cars going 220 down los santos. Unfair advantages in the jewelry store - there currently only needs to be 3 cops on when Robing it. The crims get to pick the time and place they can rob it with 4-5 against 3 officers. I can understand gas stations but the jewelry store should be 5 cops on duty. Listen at the end of the day both sides should know this is a game and both sides have advantages and disadvantages. Im gonna be honest tho, if all of your solutions were to be implemented this second there would be no police left as no one would find the game fun anymore as a officer.
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