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  1. TacT

    NYC Bloods

    We run grove goofy.
  2. TacT

    Grove Street Families

    Welcome around boys
  3. TacT

    Whats the ETA?

    Really excited for the Big Country RP is there a date we should be looking forward to?
  4. TacT

    Selling Flash Gt

    Selling new flash GT 3mill hmu TacT#5404
  5. TacT

    WTB OG supra

    Hmu if u have an og supra TacT#5404
  6. There’s different ways that people like to have fun i like both. I never touch anyone and simply role-play with people that want to role-play, on the other hand if u want to start something im always down for that too. I think the problem is when people try to mess with someone who is simply trying to role-play and doesn’t want a part of the gang rp.
  7. TacT

    Latin Kings

    Lmao one of ur boys got bodied At legion for acting funny and telling us to take off red, then we went to ammunition and yall ended up apologizing for talking shit lmao yall cant even say the truth among yourselves
  8. TacT

    For sale 7062 Fenora rd


    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Looking for 1.5 mill but i would also be open for trades 440-2685 TacT#5404

    1,500,000.00 IGC

  9. Gov price $500,000 looking for around $1,500,000 TacT#5404 440-2685
  10. TacT

    Latin Kings

    We’re still in brooklyn Haven’t seen any of you around, and that last thing u wrote... check ur facts
  11. TacT

    Latin Kings

    Word on the street is that bloods put y’all in your place
  12. TacT

    *OLD* JJ Snow

  13. TacT

    NYC Bloods

    The bloods are officially in NYC. Bloods ain't scared of nobody and we here to stay. PULL UP. Victor Marts Adrian Marts Chris Marts Darien Darias Andy Montero Kevin Diaz Kevin Gonzales Elver Galarga Jose Duke Oliver Oliver GANG SHIT.
  14. TacT

    Offer me on 4 "Rare" Cars

    900k supra
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